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Their Punishments for Murdering am Officer, Go Home & Write Essays

Uh, what happened, to murdering a police officer being a CAPITAL murder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The second generation of the rich, Tseng and his girlfriend, Liu, along with members of the mob, Hsiao and others, in the night clubs of the city of Taipei, murdered the detective, Shue, the Collectivist Courts of the Taipei District yesterday set the bail for Tseng at five million dollars, for his girlfriend, at half a million dollars, and, for Wan and others, the bails had set, and, Hsiao and four others are locked up, kept away from seeing their families and friends.

After the thirteen youths, including Tseng had made bail, they were turned over to their parents, other than restricting their whereabouts, no international traveling, no going on ships, and restricted to their places of residences, the Collectivist Courts also mandated that a curfew from ten at night to six in the morning to be set for them, and that every Saturday at nine, they are to report to the bailiff’s office in Taipei District Court, and before the trial ends, thy’re not to enter the premises of nightclubs bars, or theatres, or even work; they’re also banned from threatening, harassing, or getting in contact with witnesses, victims, along with officials, handling their cases, along with members of their famiies.

And, Tseng, along with fifty-nine other who were involved, before the end of the tenth of next month, needed to write twenty essays, turn them in, to the Collectivist Courts, and the topics include, “Was I Wrong?”, “What is Backing Up a Friend?” “Am I a Good Guy, or a Bad Guy?”, to show their introspections, along with the attitudes which they carried, after commiting the crimes.

The Collectivist Courts stated, that they’d handed the defendants separate notebooks, and demanded that they wrote essays, because they hoped, that through writing about their families, their friends, along with the right behaviors, the defendants can introspect, review their own actions, and to help the Collectivist Courts to get a closer look at their separate families of origin, along with the backgrounds they were brought up in, so, the courts will take into considerations, when giving out the sentences.

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be shitting me here!!!  You killed an officer, and, as a “punishment”, you’re asked to review your own actions???  Hello, hello, hello, you’d MURDERED a MAN, what ELSE is there to consider?  And, those teens, in order to have their “get-out-of-jail-free cards”, they can damn well, BULLSHIT on their writings, can’t they???  So here, the punishment is still a long ways away, from fitting with the crimes.

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A Man Zoomed in on a Woman He Has a Crush On…the One-Sided Love Became Harassment, He’d Attacked Her Breasts, and Claimed that He Was Helping to Scratch an Itch

A story of a M***ER F***ER (b/c I “maxed out”???) on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee, had gone to his secret crush’s home to “stand guard”, he’d took her cell phone with the documentations of his bad behaviors from her, and stayed for fifty days in jail and after he was released, he still did it again, went to the woman’s home, her work, and waited for her endlessly, he’d even taped love notes to her motorcycle. The woman got so furious that she’d grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, Lee, as he broke free, touched her breasts three times, and was sentenced to five months for breaking the laws against sexual harassment, and he could pay his way out of serving time, the case is settled.

Two years ago on May 25, Lee started standing guard at the woman’s home, but, it’s one-sided, she wasn’t interested in him, and after he was found guilty for forcefully taking her phone from her, he still didn’t give up, several times, he’d gone to her home and her workplace in Hsinbei City, to stand guard, and had posted slips of notes on her motorcycle, stating he wanted to date her.

Last year on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Lee took a string of specialty food items and waited, endlessly, at her place, after she’d said “no thanks”, he still insisted on staying by her house. The woman could no longer put up with it, grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, called the cops, in order to get off, Lee told the woman, “if you don’t let me go, I’ll touch you”, and attacked her breasts twice; he was pulled down to the ground by the woman, and he’d attacked her breasts once, then, ran off.

As the courts presided the case, Lee was accused of sexual harassment, he’d claimed that his “lover” grabbed onto his hair and his clothes, that in order for her to loosen her grip, he’d tickled her under her arms, the two of them fell to the ground, and he’d tickled her again, that he never touched her breasts. But, the victim came forth and told, that after she’d reported him for sexual harassment, he’d still continued stalking her, “He really harassed me too many times, I hope the courts will give him a heavy sentence.”

The first ruling was that Lee broke the anti-sexual harassment laws, and was sentenced to five months in prison, which he could pay his way out of from serving real time; Lee was unhappy with the results, and he went for an appeal, the highest courts didn’t believe Lee’s statements, believed that he showed NO signs of remorse, maintained the rulings of the first trial.

Are you FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!!!) shitting me here? And that, just shows how LENIENT the laws still is, regarding the punishment of sex offenders, and, this man will keep on harassing the woman, until something even WORSE happened, and, the woman does NOT love you, she’d told you FLAT out, so, what the FUCK is your problem?

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A Man Abused His Girlfriend’s Young Daughter, Got a “Heavy Sentence” of Fourteen Years

Did you NOT read that last case of the newborn being COOKED by the mother’s boyfriend???  So, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is this still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou, in Yunlin two years ago, moved in with a married woman, Ke, and because of Ke’s young one-year-three months old daughter won’t stop crying, Chou had multiple times, used rulers, sticks, or cloth hanger, to beat the child, he’d even scooped up the child, and fly-kicked the child, causing her to fall to the ground, the infant, after these abuses, because of the back of her head was beaten, she’d fallen into a coma, then died.

The D.A. charged Chou and Ke together, the first trail, the courts sentenced Chou on abused to death to eleven years, eight months, and sentenced the mother on abuse for three months and she is to serve one more month in jail.  The second trials maintained the ruling toward the mother, but believed that Chou didn’t follow the payback plans, and he is without remorse, he’d charged him on abuse to death on fourteen years and a half, and, on the damages part, he could pay a fine.  The highest courts maintained the rulings of the appeal courts.

As the trial was proceeding, the grandmother of the child showed up and started wailing, screamed at Chou, called him “inhumane, I must get you back for my granddaughter’s sake.”  Even though, Chou had reached a settlement of two million dollars with the infant’s father, Chou still hadn’t paid a single dime.

The verdict pointed out, in an online game, Ke had met Chou, who fixed up the air-conditioning systems, two years ago in May, Ke took along her daughter, and moved in with Chou in Yunlin, the one year three months old daughter would cry often, and Ke would used glue sticks to beat her own daughter’s back or legs, causing the child’s back to swell and bruise.

Chou claimed he was a psychic, claimed that the infant was possessed, not only had he used the punishment toys, rulers, to beat her up, he’d also burned the child with incense and beat her body with a clothe hanger, last June, he’d even fly kicked the child, the child flew across the living room, fell beneath the sofa, and, went into shock, thankfully, a friend of Chou’s performed CPR, to help save the child’s life.

A few days later, the young girl had her bottle, and as sitting on the toy car, Chou, all of a sudden, started hitting the child on the back of the head, the child cried two loud cries, then, fell into a coma, Chou once again, ask his friends to perform CPR, and lifted her to the hospital, the child never woke up again, she’d died six months later.  Chou claimed that he’d only lightly hit the child as a disciplinary method, and Ke claimed that she wasn’t there, but the courts didn’t believe them.

And there are still a TON of parents who are NOT supposed be parents, in this case, the man has emotional problems, and he took his anger of whatever out on the girlfriend’s young daughter, and, fourteen years is still too lenient, these sort of LOSERS should be locked away for L-I-F-E, if you ask me!

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A Man Who HACKED His Girlfriend Seventy-Three Times Got Life in Prison Instead of the Death Penalty Because He Showed Remorse

And, simply because the LOSER showed REMORSE, he’d DODGED his own DEATH penalty??? Is that FAIR, to the victim, I mean, she WAS hacked, with a knife, for SEVENTY-THREE times here!!! Translated…
A man, Liu, suspected that his girlfriend, Feng took up with a brand new love, after they got into a fierce argument, he’d stabbed her seventy-three times, then, tasered her breasts SIX times, then, he’d duct taped her mouth and nose, tied up her wrists and ankle too; after Feng stopped breathing, he’d put on red clothes, and went up to the top floor of a building, and tried to commit suicide by jumping off, and was arrested by the police. The Hsinbei District Court gave him a LIFE sentence based off of charges of murder; the family of the woman had asked for a payment of nearly ten million dollars for the losses, and the payment court case is sent to the civil courts.
The forty-four year old Liu admitted to hacking up his girlfriend, and had multiple times begged the judge to allow him to go to the shrine, to offer his apologies, and, even though the family of the woman refused his requests, the judge saw his actions as sign of remorse, and that, was how he managed to escape the death penalty.
And, after this CASE worked out damn well, I mean, the man DID have his life spared, guess what’ll happen next? People who DESERVE to sit on that ELECTRIC chair or to get SHOT or even, lethal injected are going to use that same old trick to weasel, after all, it would be, quite easily, to FAKE sincerity AND remorse too.

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