Killing a Species, to Prevent the Extinction of Another

They’re calling this, after all, we MUST have TWO of each species, one male, one female, to ensure the survival (like how Noah did it back in the days???).

They (whoever “they” may be?  The environmentalists, the government officials, who knows???) are claiming, that a species of animal had been overhunted to near extinction, and that we should start SHOOTING the animals that feasted on the near-extinct species, are you FUCKING shitting me here?

The reason why those LOWER order species (your birds, along with other creatures that can’t T-A-L-K) hunt is for SURVIVAL’s sake, and now, you’re talking about ERADICATING an entire species, for the survival of another?  Is that even sound?  What if, by eradicating that species that preyed on the endangered species caused the ecosystems to become so totally imbalanced?  Who’s gonna end up, paying the HIGHEST prices?  Oh yeah, we A-R-E!

So, why don’t you all, just let nature run ITS own course, and STOP messing with Mother Nature, as you may have already seen HER wrath already, or, maybe, you have to be directly AFFECTED by the angers of Mother Nature “herself”, to realize the seriousness of the matter, and, here’s ANOTHER thought, why don’t you STOP eating that targeted species too, as we should ALL know, that HUMANS are

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Getting a Hang of the Environment, Getting the Attention of the Child with ADHD Back Again

On dealing with a child with special needs, translated…

It’s been two weeks since school started, did the teachers at school tell you, that your child had become a “space cadet” in class, left her/his seat during lecture, or, getting into conflicts with her/his classmates?  At home, did your child get tired easily, of playing with just one kind of toy and constantly needed to switch around, and took endless hours, to finally complete that homework assignments, or showed a lack of patience too?  All of these behaviors, are called attention-deficit, or hyperactivity.

  • The Three Signs of Children with ADHD:

  1. Difficulties Focusing: for instance, the kid would look around the classroom a lot, stared into space, or, when doing her/his assignments, s/he just couldn’t focus on the tasks.
  2. Hyperactivity: constantly running around, could not sit still to finish one thing, like s/he has never-ending energies.
  3. Has Bad Impulse Control: Constantly disrupts in class by talking incessantly, would often get into someone’s conversations that were ongoing.

Normally, we could intervene, using one of two methods, and to find out exactly, WHY the child has difficulties, focusing, first, through the environment, second, through the child.

On the environmental front, the instructors can discuss with the parents, to see if there are overly stimulating things in the child’s environment, that’s causing her/him to get distracted easily?  Or, maybe, it’s the activities that lacked attraction to the child, couldn’t keep her/his attention at all?  Or, it may be a nutrition deficiency, that’s caused the child to be lack of attention.

As for the child her/himself, many kids who were diagnosed with ADHD also exert the symptoms of lack of balance, falling down easy, and having fine motor difficulties, and using items the wrong ways, such as not holding the scissors correctly, and, these kids may be diagnosed with sensory processing disorder.

SPD means, that when the child’s brain is processing information from the outside world, s/he couldn’t find the right way to act, couldn’t effectively sort through the messages s/he receives from the outside; and, would often show impulsivity, which would easily cause them to fall over, trip, when they’re being taught a new movement.

Through the interventions of an occupational therapist, based off of the child’s conditions, offering the sensory combination, or behaviorist therapy techniques, to allow the child, to interact, under different circumstances, helping the child deal with the stimulations so they can make the right decisions on how to respond, upping the child’s attention, to allow their behaviors to match up to the environments’ requirements.

And, working alongside the doctors and the professional therapist, to find out what, exactly, IS the cause of the child’s lack of attention, and offering the child the needed treatment, and encouraging the parents to get involved in the discussions of the treatment process, to help one know one’s own child better, and to incorporate the treatment processes into the child’s daily living routines, to help the child better adapt to life in school and at home too.

And, this, would be from the PATHOLOGICAL angle, but, from the EDUCATIONAL angle (mine!!!), I still say, that the kid who’s running around like a P-S-Y-C-H-O may be too intelligent for the average kid in her/his class, and, you DO know, that there’s a BETTER way of “describing” kids with ADHD, right?  It’s called Bodily-Kinesthetic, you MORONS!  STOP labeling your children as whatever, and, just sit back, observe them a bit, and, who knows, the answers you’re searching for just might BE right in front of your noses, and you just can’t see it!  Are you FUCKING kidding me, parents???

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The Mother Was Strangled to Death, the Daughter Became Incomprehensible in Her Speech

Because you bore witness to such atrocities, and it’s shocking to you, and, while you’re trying to make sense of things, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-two year old woman Fang yesterday evening, died all of a sudden in her home, her twenty-six year old daughter called 119 for assistance, claimed that they’d been poisoned with medication.  But as the paramedics arrived on scene, they’d found the woman fallen by the door, and as they rushed her to the hospital, she still didn’t make it, but there were ligature marks on her neck, the police suspected that the cause of death is not so simple, the coroners will examine the body, and they’re NOT ruling out foul play or murder.

In the preliminary investigations, the firefighters came to the rescue with the police, the moment they entered the house, they’d found the woman, Fang, down by the door, and the daughter, Hsieh, on the bed, the two were rushed to the hospital, but by the time the mother was taken into the E.R., she’d stopped breathing and died, Hsieh refused to get a doctor to check her out, she seemed all right.

The police found in the preliminary examinations, that the mother had strangle marks on her neck, and bruises on her eyes, and  highly suspected that she was strangled to death by an outside force, but her daughter started showing erratic speech when she came to the hospitals, claimed that her mother was forcing her to take her meds, and she wouldn’t, and that, was when she was bitten by her mother.

The police wanted to take Hsieh to the subprecinct to question, but Hsieh fought them hard, claimed that she needed hospitalization for treatment purposes, and said she’d taken sleeping pills, and so, the police allowed her to stay in the hospitals for observations.

The police asked the neighbors, and learned that Fang was a single mother and lived in the suite with her two daughters.

And, the only ones who know exactly what happened would be this daughter that was with her mother, and the mother who died, and, because their only WITNESS (the daughter who showed erratic speech patterns) is under great distress, there’s NO way for the police to find out, exactly WHAT, had happened to the mother.

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A Youth Misunderstood His Father, Ran Away, Walked Thirty Kilometers

See how easily they still C-R-A-C-K-E-D???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twelve-year-old boy who lives with just his father, on the afternoon of the twelfth of this month asked his father for money for his home ec class at school, the father told him “Later”, he mistook the father for saying that he won’t give him the money for it, left his house, tramped to almost thirty kilometers away from home, in the end, he got too tired and fell asleep at the parking lot of a police station, and, a patrol officer recovered him, and sent him back to his father.

The police investigated that this boy is in the first year of middle school, he got angered at how his father won’t give him the money for his school supplies, thought that if he didn’t hand in the money to his school instructor, he’ll get yelled at, and he got depressed, thinking about the matter, left home without his cell phone or money.

The child trekked from four in the afternoon on the twelfth to one o’clock in the morn on the thirteenth, from where he lived in Niaosong District, to Sanming District, and because he didn’t know the way, he’d taken a TON of wrong turns, and when he got tired, he would take a break by the side of the road, without money for food or drink, didn’t talk to anybody, and, he walked into the depth of the night, without a destination, hungry and thirsty, then, he’d stopped in front of the first subprecinct in Sanming.  The boy said, he’d wanted to ask the police for assistance, but he didn’t dare to, and in the end, he was way too tired, and fell asleep, in the parking lot on the back of the subprecinct.  The officer on duty, Lee walked to the back and saw the child, woke him up, took him into the subprecinct so he could get rested, and learned that he’d ran away from home.

The police speculated, that there was at least ten kilometers in between Niao-Song and Sanming Districts, and the boy had taken wrong turns, and, in the ten hours’ time, he’d walked over thirty kilometers.

The officer, Lee handed him some instant noodles and a drink to the boy, and asked him for his father’s cell phone number.

The father was anxious, as he came to the subprecinct, saw how tired and hungry his son was, he started crying, “How would I NOT let him pay for his school supplies, it’s just that I was way too busy, to tell him okay is all.”  The boy saw how worried his father was, and he too, felt ashamed, “Dad, I’m sorry”, and, the two of them started laughing, and held hands as they left the police subprecint together.

And so, that, is how easily they still C-R-A-C-K-E-D, because this YOUNG MAN (over age 10, hello, hello, hello???) mistook HIS father busying about as saying NO to giving him money for his school supplies, and he ran off, and what does that tell you about how much stress the children IS capable of handling these days?  Still a strawberry that went S-P-L-A-T! is what this is!

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The Murder of a Police Officer at a Night Club, “a Spoiled Rotten Brat”, His Mother Once Called Him “Well-Behaved”

So, whose F-A-U-L-T IS it, the mother’s, the father’s, the son himself’s???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The primary suspect who was responsible for beating the detective, Shue to death was a member of the “daddy’s boys club”, his father ran a company that sold grand-scale lamps, he’d gotten sent to Australia to study since his middle school years, after his return after college, he’d worked at his father’s company, in a minor position, and would often hang out at nightclubs.  The police described him as “a spoiled rotten brat”, not knowing the severity of his own actions, and suspected of placing the blames on his accomplice.

Based off of understanding, Tseng’s family background is very rich, he lives in a mansion in the high-end Xinyi District with his parents, and his older brother and sister-in-law, with two rooms for the hired help too; his father had a stroke and was immobilized, he’d owned a lighting fixture company in Shijr, Hsinbei City, they own FIVE sports cars, including Benz, Bentley, Audi, and Chevrolet, which were all registered under the company.

After the murder of the police officer, the police came to visit Tseng’s home, but Tseng wasn’t there, his family members were watching television, the cops clarified, “Your son was suspected of the murder of a police officer!”, the parents didn’t believe it, the police said, “Just watch the news!”, the parents turned to the news channels, and were very stunned, still couldn’t believe, that their son would beat up a cop.

Even though, the son had committed a crime, the parents still stood by him, the mother told the officer, that her son is extremely well-behaved, and couldn’t have murdered anybody.  And, after the father dialed the son’s cell, and was rerouted to voicemail, he said that if the police can’t get in touch with his son, then just “arrest me instead”!

The girlfriend who’d dated Tseng for a year, Liu claimed to be attending a certain private university in Hsinbei City, they’d gone all over the places to hang out; the police searched their Facebook pages, there were a TON of outings of them together, and, within a few short months, they’d gone all over the world like Hong Kong, Macau, the Alps, etc., etc., etc.  The police sighed, “with the normal wages of the average younger generations, this simply couldn’t be achieved!”

The police discovered, that Tseng didn’t have ties with gangs, but because he’d gone to night clubs to party a lot, and is a huge spender, he’d met a TON of gangsters, and, the gangsters may see that he is rich, and that, was why they’d “had his back”, but, after Tseng turned himself in to the police, he’d told, that he didn’t tell his “brothers” to beat up on the officers, claimed that there were a TON of people whom he didn’t know, and they met, and started beating on one another.

The Second Generations of Yu-Chang, Large-Scale Spender, and Active

The primary suspect who was responsible for telling others to murder the police officer, Tseng, has dual citizen ship from Australia and Taiwan, is said to be from a rich family, his family manages the Yo-Chang Company, Tseng went abroad to finish his studies, then, started working for the company too.

And so, you still have this SPOILED B-R-A-T who’d MURDERED a cop, and now, he’s only starting to realize the seriousness of the matter, and, he cries, “mommy, mommy, help me, save me”, and, naturally HIS parents would still cover HIS ass, because that, was what they’d done all along, and that, would be how this LOSER was so totally, SPOILED R-O-T-T-E-N!

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A Simple Loneliness

A simple loneliness, that, is what I needed, but, loneliness, well, it’s NOT as simple, as I wanted it to be, it started simple, but, it’d always end up, being, too complicated for me to handle alone…

A simple loneliness, how can I have it?  I’m wrecking my brains here, to figure that out, and still, at the end of the nights, I still returned, empty minded.  A simple loneliness, that, is what I’m in need of, but, where, can I find that?  Anybody got a clue?

A simple loneliness, loneliness is NEVER too simple at all, because people tend to maximize its effects on their lives, and so, it becomes too complicated, and, we still don’t have a clue, that we’re the ones, complicating this simple loneliness, because we just refuse to see the truths of it all!

A simple loneliness, you will NEVER be able to have, because your hearts complicate things up, and, what used to be easy as P-I-E now takes a ROCKET scientist to solve, and, where you gonna find a rocket scientist, this LATE in life?  You can become one yourselves, you’re already O-L-D………

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No Activities

Like your BRAIN waves, when you got “stuck”, in that C-O-M-A-T-O-S-E???

There are just NO activities, I’d checked online, it’s like, you’re hibernating or something, I just can’t find you anymore, and, I’m just worryin’, and I don’t really know W-H-Y!

No activities, it’s been a very long time (it’s just been TWO days!!!), since I’d heard from you, you used to IM (instant messaging???) me every other minute, and now, I barely hear a peep from you, is that even, NORMAL???

No activities, and there is NOT a single way, you can get a reaction OUT of me, because I’m done, being PUSHED to react, and, there’s NOTHING you can do, OR say, to move me again.  No activities, what’s happening here?  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll go C-R-A-Z-Y, so, won’t you just, leave me a note online, or, say “hi” in a message, in my voicemail?  Please, that’s all I need………

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