Waking Up into a Reality with You, Or, Keeping Living in a Fantasy with You

Two sides of a C-O-I-N here!!!  Let’s FLIP for it, shall we???

Waking up into a reality without you, or, keeping living in a fantasy with you, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what ARE the PROS and CONS?

Waking up in a reality without you, it will surely be hard, but at least, it’s something that’s REAL, isn’t it???  Now, let’s look at the OTHER side of the “coin”, in a fantasy with you, that should be oh, so amazing, but, the thing about that is that dreamers WILL wake, NO matter how much they don’t want to, they WILL wake, they will get dragged OUT of bed, kicking AND screaming.

Waking up in a reality without you, because that, is the way I will be living, because I’d dealt with the hard facts of life, and, I am still coping quite well, as for that fantasy?  Well, it’s been, uh, hmmmm, let’s see, oh yeah, put OUT of my FREAKIN’ mind!!!  Just like you had been casted away from my T-H-O-U-G-H-T-S…

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Once Trust is Broken

There’s still NO turning back, you’re WELL onto that R-O-A-D??? The path of NO return??? Once trust is broken, you will NEVER be able to establish it again, because for starters, you can NO longer trust yourselves, which is exactly W-H-Y, you are showing “off” your DISTRUST toward everyone else (that’s still T-R-A-N-S-F-E-R-E-N-C-E, you MORON!!!).

Once trust is broken, it can NEVER be repaired, because there’s just absolutely NO way you can fix that broken porcelain doll (here, the “porcelain doll” is a METAPHOR for the trust???). Once trust is broken, you will find it, shattered, all around, and you are going to walk around, barefoot, and, you will get that NASTY gnash…

Once trust is broken, yeah, it just can’t BE fixed, ain’t NO how, ain’t NO way, it’s just NOT done, because that, is NOT how the world works, and I already K-N-O-W how this world works, do you??? Yeah, you come and tell me, AFTER you’d gone through what I had, then, sure, I will, be more than happy to, LEND a helping ear…

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A Pair of Thirteen Year-Old and Ten-Year-Old Boys Was Taken by Their Mother to the Casino Where She’d Worked, a Taiwanese Man Accused His Vietnamese Wife

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsieh, four years ago, took his two sons, followed his Vietnamese wife back to Vietnam to reside, the wife not only didn’t allow their sons to go to school, she’d asked the sons to work as lookouts at a gambling ring.  Hsieh had finally managed to track down his children, and worked hard to get the money, brought his sons home to Taiwan, and filed for divorce, and the courts allowed for it.

Hsieh said, that this international marriage was a living nightmare, but thankfully, as the two kids came back, they’re getting along in school now.

As the family court held its session, Hsieh’s wife failed to show.  The judge stated, that the woman, after sending her son into the gambling ring, ran off, that the couple no longer worked as one, to make the family work, and so, the divorce was allowed.

Hsieh who worked at a paper factory, was introduced to the woman from Vietnam and got married, in 2010, the couple took the kids back to Vietnam to live.

Hsieh said, he’d worked at a fruit garden, for very little pay locally, that the over $100,000N.T. he’d brought over was kept by his wife, and they’d often spat about money.

One time, he’d gotten a fever because of pneumonia, the wife refused to get him hospitalized, told him to “stop faking it”; that if he kept whining, she’ll call up the mobs to beat him up.  Hsieh said, that his two children are worried, that “dad may be murdered by mom”>

The second year after they’d returned to Vietnam, the wife took the thirteen and ten year old children to the gambling ring operated by her own younger sister, to work as lookouts, and had took her jewelry and the money that she had, and ran off.  After Chang got home, he couldn’t find his wife, he went nuts, he wanted to go to the gambling ring to get his sons back, but, he didn’t have enough money, and the gambling ring just won’t release them.  Later, with the help of Taiwanese merchants, he was finally able to get his two children back.

He’d made up his mind about taking his kids away from Vietnam, he’d worked day and nights, and borrowed money from Taiwanese merchants there, and had finally gotten enough cash, and came back to Nantou last September.

Hsieh took his two kids to family court, asked the judge to allow their divorce quickly.  The fifteen year old eldest son said, that back in Vietnam, his mother would beat him often, there was once when he’d refused to take a shower, his mother beaten him with a stick, he ran into his bedroom, locked the doors, his mother banged on the door with a knife, he’d opened the doors, with a small crease, and his mother’s knife came towards him, there was a gnash on his right foot, and the scar was still there.

One time, his parents were arguing, and the mother got angry, burned both his and his younger brother’s birth certificate and grade sheets, causing him not being able to go to school in Vietnam.  Later, with the help from his father’s friend from Taiwan, he was finally able, to get an education.  The children told the judge, that they wanted to live with their dad.

And so, this mother SACRIFICED her children, at the ALTAR of their marriage, and, the kids died, and, this, is the kind of EXPOSURES that we need to prevent, but we couldn’t, because by the time I read up on it, it’s already SECONDHAND, and, children are still dying, left AND right!!!

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“I Have a Curfew”, a Horny Guy Tried Convincing His Female Classmate to Stay Over

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A college student, Chen, after consoling with a female classmate who’d had a fight with her boyfriend, he’d used the excuse of how he had a curfew at home, that his family had already locked up the doors, and excused himself to sleep in her apartment; he’d agreed to sleeping on the floors, but all of a sudden, he’d climbed onto her bed, started kissing her like crazy, with the intent of rape, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, if you have sex with me, it’ll kill my child, and, you will be haunted by my child’s spirits”. And that, was when Chen gave up attempting, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s office prosecuted him based off of attempted rape.

The male college student, Chen (age 21) who studied in Yilan, in mid-March, he’d learned that a girl he was into had a fight with her boyfriend and broken up with him, wanted some company, Chen rode his motorcycle up north; they’d gone to the riverside park to chit chat, until midnight, Chen told her, “I have a curfew, the doors at my home is already locked.”

In order to gain her trust, Chen first drove her to where he’d lived in Sanchong, Hsinbei City, gone upstairs, pretended he couldn’t open the door, the girl felt bad about causing him not to be able to sleep at home, and told him that he could crash at her place for the night, that he would have to sleep on the floors, Chen agreed right away.

After the girl showered, she lay in bed, and all of a sudden, Chen jumped on her, to attempt to rape her, the girl screamed and fought, slapped him across the face, Chen punched her stomach, the girl screamed, “I’m pregnant, and having sex will kill my baby.” Chen was stunned for a short while, the girl said, “If you rape me, the spirit of my dead child will haunt you!” Chen was doubtful, and in the end, he’d rubbed his penis against her abdomen until he ejaculated.

The girl called the cops and pressed charges, Chen claimed that he’d never touched her, and accused her of blackmailing him for $50,000N.T.; and claimed that the girl has a roommate, and had she screamed, her roommate would’ve found out. The D.A. called in Chen’s parents, and proved that Chen had NO curfews, and that even IF the doors are locked, he could easily climb the windows and make his way in; the clerk screamed in the girl’s bedroom, and, from the outside, nobody heard anything, plus, there was DNA evidence from Chen on the girl, and the girl passed a polygraph, and that, is how the D.A. believed, that the college male student was indeed, involved in attempted rape.

And here, we still have??? Oh yeah, ANOTHER L-O-S-E-R who can’t keep his DICK in check, and, apparently, HIS mama still didn’t TEACH him to RESPECT women, and he’s still caught, red-handed, but, he’ll probably get away with community service hours, and mandated court appointed therapy, but that’s it, and, chance of him raping someone again is still very high!!!




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Finding the Meanings of Life in Photography

Changing tracks, translated…

My friend, A many years ago, was a marketed company’s top notch manager. He’d once commended the world. Normally, he’d dress up professionally, with slick hair, in his sensational ride, and dined on gourmet.

One day, he had a huge fight with his boss. He’d worked so very hard in the workforce, and he’d blindly believed, that his company couldn’t be without him, he’d totally disregarded the boss, in the end, he was, transferred. And A got angered, sent in his resignation, and just left the workforce.

After he’d left, he didn’t expect, that he couldn’t find a job that he was satisfied with, it’s either that the jobs he’d found didn’t pay as high as before, or that the title in the job wasn’t as namely as his was. Once, he was a somebody, and now, he’d fallen into the depth of the valleys, it’d made him depressed for a very long time. He’d become a homebody, did nothing all day long, and his wife couldn’t manage to DRAG him out of his own sense of doom.

One day, he’d thumbed across a photograph by accident, he’d recalled how he’d enjoyed taking photographs, that he’d taken his days off, to go out and shoot photos, and so, he’d decided, to give himself a one-year limit, to revisit the places he had already been, to shoot the same photographs, to try to find what he’d lost.

During that time, he’d accidentally realized, that from before, he’d always worn a frown, his lips were curled downward, and he’d kept a poker face. His forceful nature is clearly shown on the photographs.

And ever since, he’d decided to let go, to make peace with himself, and had seriously, looked into, the broken relationships he had with his family members. He’d picked up his camera, and started using the truest, the most honest shots, and posted his own work on his blog, along with write about what he’d gone through in life.

After many years of “planting”, now, he is an entrepreneur online, not only does he teach his classes, he’d also called the members who’d subscribed to him, along with those with shared interests, to go out for photo shoots, and his photography business is very well established.

A few days ago, I went to A’s place, I saw that he was dressed in casual clothes, his baseball cap, with his proper hiking shoes, and hauled along his professional photography equipment, it’s like he is a different person./

Comparing the photos of him from before, I’d asked him, “Are you more handsome now, or back then?”, he’d started laughing, with a TON of self-confidence, replied, “What do you think?”

And this, is how a man worked out and worked through HIS midlife crisis, he’d quit his job, because he’d gotten that wake UP call, and, started doing something he really enjoyed, and that, is the MOST important thing in one’s life, and he’s now, making a living using and doing what he loved, and maybe, the pay is a HELL of a LOT less than his last job, but at least, he’s satisfied psychologically.

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The Gifts Left Behind

Say your farewells, this, is how it is done, by someone, someone’s FINAL rites!!!  Translated…

He left, in silence, and only comes back to me in my dreams.

Over ten years ago, my husband had an accidental fell in the bathroom, and he’d stopped moving, I’d called an ambulance, they’d rushed him to the hospitals, and, they just couldn’t resuscitate him, he’d left me, and gone on his way.  My children are all grown and flown, they’re NOT around me, I couldn’t even find the tears to cry, I’d forced myself back up, called my children home, to help me plan his funeral.

My husband is deaf, and he was really clingy toward me, and would tag around me wherever I’d gone, I’m his ears, his secretary, his nurse, his mom.  He hated going to the doctors, and refused to take his meds, had he not been like that, he could’ve had a few extra years.  He feared death, feared getting incinerated, but, a month before his passing, he told me seriously, “You can cremate me too if you want to.”  Could it be, that he knew, he was going to die soon?  Before this, he’d never talked about how he wanted to be “handled” afterwards.

The rain was pouring like hell, my children’s and my tears fell nonstop like the rain.  He is a rule-book government worker, didn’t leave ANY extra money behind, only the photographs, the letters, the books, along with about a hundred potted plants, and these, had become priceless treasures.

After his body was cremated, I’d taken his ashes to Chiayi, and placed it in “Up-Chao Ting”.  And my kids had also prepared a spot for me there too, for me, to join him after a hundred years, so he wouldn’t feel lonely.  I’d often dreamed of him, like he was still very much alive, passionate, kind, loved all his friends, loved his family, a standardized great husband, I have NO regrets, marrying him this life.

I’d kept all the photographs of our wedding, engagement, love letters, our wedding notice, along with of our travels together, along with my children’s photographs from when they were still quite young, through the ages, along with the writings I’d sent into the papers for over forty years, these, would be the precious remains I’d leave for my offspring, and I want my funeral to be simple and plain, and not calling up everybody to come.

And so, you started thinking about death, because you’re getting older, and you’d lost someone dear, and, his death had pained you, and, your kids are all grown, and, you look back, and see NO regrets, that, is the way to “go”…

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See Their Jaws Drop

Did you see, their jaws drop, when Lady Godiva rode out in the morning, NAKED, on her white stallion? And, did you see how those men’s eyes rolled to the back of their heads, as they started whistling at her, and a few of them even had those hard-to-come-by erections, that they were NEVER able to get with their wives?

See their jaws drop, see their eyes, rolled to the back of their heads, see them turn into wolves and start howling at us, and, all we need to do, is keep holding hands, keep ignoring those outside white noises, and NOT let them get to us, don’t even talk to any of them, because if you do, they’ll have you for sure.

See their jaws drop, as I STRUT my “stuff” (what “stuff”???) across their ways, see me walk, tall and proud. See their jaws drop, and their flies getting opened ONE by one, and, before they start “spitting”, just CUT them all off!!!

See their jaws drop, but why bother, I mean, it’s NOT like I ain’t seen that before either, after all, I still KNOW what I am “made” of, and, I’m still NOT just a set of large TITS and long legs here, I still have my BIG, OVER-SIZED B-R-A-I-N, “connected” to the REST of my body here…

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