Childhood Flashes by

Uh-oh, there’s that FLASH FLOOD watch happenin’ again here!!!

Childhood flashes by, so quickly, and, you wouldn’t even HAVE a clue, of how, or even when it’d happened.  Childhood flashes by, and, you wouldn’t even KNOW it, until you can’t EVER get it back again, and by then, only the MOON (or not!!!) will hear your wolf howls.

Childhood flashes by, and, you can’t hold onto it, because, in a BLINK of an E-Y-E, seedlings still grow overnight into sunflowers.  Childhood flashes by, and, if you don’t take that extra careful measures, to make sure that you’d marked down every single moment, then, you will miss it, after it’s completely, and totally, gone.

Childhood flashes by, and, I grew up, mentally, and, my body caught up to my mind already, as for you?  Your childhood flashed by, just as quick as mine, and yet, your mind still lagged, way behind the developments of your bodies!

After childhood flashes by, you can only say that séance, and burn some paper money (as they did, offering to the DEAD here!), there’s simply, NOTHING MORE you can do, for those childhoods that flashed right by your sides………



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Forced to Give Up Their Childhoods

This, is what’s happenin’, ALL over, you have children, forced, to give up their childhoods, and for what?  To help their adults (who are supposed to be taking care of them, hello, hello, hello???) cope with their live.

Forced to give up their childhoods, that, is what you’d told them to do, and, when they don’t comply, you’d beaten them, into submission, and, because they feared getting beaten, therefore, they’d done what they’re told, without realizing, the seriousness of the matter, until, many, many, many years later, one morning, they woke, to the shocking realizations…

Forced to give up their childhoods, but why?  Why are children forced to grow up so fast?  Because you god damn FUCKING (oops!!!) parents still ain’t (and your point being???) got a single clue, of HOW to be fitting parents to your own offspring.

Forced to give up their childhoods, it’s too much, for a child, to bear it, and yet, because s/he relied on you (mommies and daddies) for their survival, so, it still wasn’t a hard decision, what, they had to do, when they were being asked, to relinquish the rights of their childhood years, to you.

Forced to give up their childhoods, why should they?  Because yours were taken from you, without your permissions?  Is that it?  And, who the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!!!) gave you, STUPID parents, the right, to FUCKING steal those innocence from your own offspring?  Simply because you brought them into this world?  Is that it?

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The Support for the Caretaker of Families, 6,500 Individuals Received the Assistances They Needed

A much needed assistance, for those in need, a social welfare program here, translated…

Four years ago, Mr. Song’s wife was diagnosed with a deterioration in her brain stem, at first, she could still manage to talk, to walk, and now, she’s completely, bedridden, and, the life of the family had completely gotten turned upside down because of it, in the program to offer assistance to caretakers, it’d made Mr. Song feel that he’s not all alone, in caring for his wife.

The Department of Sanitations yesterday had an exhibition of outcomes of the Family Care program of the year 2014, the person in charge of the division, Huang stated, that the city government started putting forth this social supportive network program for the families, and had already offered assistance to 6,500 individuals now, allowed the caretakers, along with the ones, needing the care, to have a better quality of life.

Mrs. Huang, who’s 67 years old, her husband had been paralyzed because of his stroke a decade ago, she said, “at the very start, I didn’t know how to care for him, I’d set my alarm for three in the morn, to check his vitals, to flip him over, and I’d feared that he might get hurt physically, if I weren’t careful enough, I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in such a long time, I’m about to crack.”

Last year, she’d applied for family support, and learned, that there are courses, offered, to caretakers, and, she’d entered into the program sponsored by the Department of Sanitations in Hsintien District.  Mrs. Huang said, “the courses are amazing, I’d learned a lot of tricks and learned a lot of the correct views to caretaking of the ailing.”

“We should learn to love ourselves, taking good care of myself, so, I can accompany my husband down the road.”  She’d said, every day, she’d taken time, to go out for exercise, to go to the libraries to read, and used the techniques she’d learned in the courses, to adjust her husband’s schedules, and used a more effective way, to take care of her better half.

This, would be a program that we’re in need more of in the world, because, the population IS aging, and even IF you’re not directly involved in the matter, you will become either the caretaker, or the one being taken care of, and, this program helps educate people on the matters of aging well.




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Helping the Handicapped Individuals with Employment, “Their Persistence Became My Motivation”

A do-gooder, a story of inspiration, found on the papers, translated…

The twenty-nine-year-old Lu turned theories into actions, helped the people who have psychological difficulties find work, she’d accompanied them, with great patience, smiled and told, “Their persistence is my motivation”, she’d viewed the group of people she helped as a lesson in life, yesterday, she was commended for her hard work by the Labor Department.

In the six years, Lu had helped those who are emotionally troubled build up a ladder, finding a fitting job is very difficult for them, and, the regular passage to getting a job became especially difficult for these individuals, she said, “their unrelenting, never giving up spirit moved me.”

“What they need was not compassion, but a chance,” Ling, someone Lu had counseled and accompanied for over a year’s time, was matched for over ten job opportunities, even though, Ling is very active in finding work, but, because she is imbalanced in her perceptions, that’d caused her to get overly anxious, become delusional, and slow to act, she needed medications, to subdue her symptoms, and she’d gotten shot down when she’d looked for work.

The defeats that the cases met had caused Lu to feel passive, but she’d felt Ling’s persistence in working hard, to find a job, she’d helped her set a goal, which they could work towards together, and slowly, helped her, to make changes to her behaviors, and, Ling walked on eggshells, with every opportunity she helped her case get, until two years ago, she’d finally helped her case find a fitting job.

Based off of statistics, it takes 202 days for a person to go through the employment trainings, to getting a job; in the process, Lu would offer counsel step-by-step, from taking the transportation, to interview, to working at the posts, she’d did everything to show her cases herself, to help her cases become independent, “seeing how much they’re improving, it’d motivated me to work hard alongside them even more.”

When Lu was in technical high school, she’d once wanted to be a veterinarian, but, before she started help saving lives, she’d had to kill a live rooster in class, and, in order to become a veterinarian, she must first, take a life, it’d filled her up with guilt, and, she’d tossed out her dreams of becoming a vet, instead, she’d earned herself a social worker’s certification, and started working in the friends of the rehabilitated individual organization of Hsinbei City, and found a path, that’s suitable to her.

Yesterday, Lu received an award for outstanding assistance for handicapped individuals; and there were many others just like her, who’d received the awards, for helping the handicapped individuals in the population.

And so, this woman gave it her all, in helping people with disabilities, find out what they’re good at, what they can do, and assisted them in getting a job, and we need more stories like these, and more people who do this, to help inspire the world all around.

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Regurgitating the Past

Hold my hair back!!!  I’m ‘bout to…………B-A-R-F!!!

The past, regurgitated, because you couldn’t possibly DIGEST all of that SHIT properly and completely, and, besides, you’d gulfed down your pasts, way too fast, and so now, it all comes back out, from the TOP, and trust me, it does NOT feel good AT A-L-L!!!  And, how would I know???  Oh yeah, I had an ulcer, that caused me, to BARF my guts out before, uh, D-U-H!!!

The past, regurgitated, and, that, would be how the past would, work in your favors, because you didn’t allot it enough time, to get sorted out, to get fully, properly, completely, digested, because you’d not chewed on it, thoroughly, you were, in a hurry, to get it OVER with.

The pat, regurgitated, and that, is how you choose, to DEAL with it, well, I don’t, because I hate the feeling of that stomach acid, rising UP to my esophagus, into the back of my throat, burning everything along the way.

The past, regurgitated, do you, want to keep on, regurgitating your pasts, and, swallowing it back down, then, barfing it all back up again?  If you want to get out of THAT vicious cycle, then, DO something about it, do a “walk-through”, the way you would those properties you’re buying or selling, and, clean out that dirty old space already, huh???


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Relying Too Much on the Technologies and Forgot to Use the Hearts to Treat the Patients

Everything became impersonalized here, because doctors just don’t take the time, translated…

As I’d begun my training as a medical doctor, I’d heard the older generation of doctors told, that eighty-percent of the problems can be found out by interviewing the patients.   Back then, I was young, and didn’t know any better, I’d gotten too caught up in the hi-tech equipments of the major hospitals, the CT scan machines, the MRI machines, Da Vinci’s arms, along with the newest of inventions, costing up to billions of dollars, and I didn’t pay enough attention to my professor’s words at all, and I’d even believed, that he was too old school in his ways; until I’d set up my own practice, and gone to the distant regions, along with overseas, to treat people, and, all the tools I had, were my stethoscope, and that, was when I finally understood what my professor was talking about.

Recently, there was a student of mine who came to see me, he said, that every afternoon at around five or six, he’d started coughing, nonstop, I was very interested in what was happening to him, I’d recalled how when I was at home, whenever my neighbor started burning the insect propelling incense, I’d start coughing hard to, and so, I’d had to close up all the windows and doors, and turn on the air-conditioning, and, his symptoms became clear to me, and so, I’d asked him, and he’d told me, that he’d rented a place on the street where there are a ton of shop fronts.

“What does your neighbor do?”, I’d asked him.

He said, that his next door was a small food shop, at five or six, they’d started cooking, I’d laughed, after I’d heard, then, the diagnosis is too clear.

The health insurance system in Taiwan forced the doctors to see too many patients, in order to make a living, otherwise, they’d get fired by the hospitals, seeing how there are hundreds of patients, lining up, outside the doctors’ offices, and, each and every patient gets no more than thirty second of the doctors’ time, the morning sessions lasted until two, three in the afternoons, it’s totally unfair to both the doctors and the patients, and it’s a complete torture too.  actually, most of the patients that are cramping up the waiting areas of the major hospitals can get properly treated at local smaller clinics, and when needed, they can then, be transferred to the major hospitals.  But, human nature is hard to understand, and this bad system, had caused the bad behaviors, and everybody became a victim of the system.

And now, I’m taking after my former professor’s ways, insisted on using my heart to treat each patient, and listen to them carefully, and find the source of their ailments, used my hand, and stethoscope to check, along with the assistance of those simple diagnosis machines, I was able to found acute diabetes, herpes, worm infestations, and even a cyst in the liver too.  The process was very intriguing, like how a detective would solve a case, but just in the medical realm.  I’d recalled how it’d taken me short time than the coroners and the detectives to discover a sudden case of shock that can lead to death.

Some say, the doctors now had forgotten how to inquire the patients about what’s up with them, they couldn’t even do the basic physicals, everything they do, they’re solely reliant on the machines.  I’d met friends who knew doctors personally, and they’d told me that the doctors only asked where they feel ill?  Didn’t even bother giving them a basic check-up, and just wrote a slip for further examinations, asked him why he’d written so many requests, he’d told me, “I’m just shooting at random, and, hopefully, I will get a hit.”  After I’d heard, I couldn’t help, but sigh.

So, this, is what’s happening with the doctors, they got so many patients they’re seeing that they just couldn’t give each and every one of the patients the one-on-one attention that the patients required, and that, is usually what happens in the major hospitals, because those doctors, they’d seen a TON of cases, and, even IF the patients thought it to be abnormal, what they’re experiencing, the doctors still wouldn’t give them the respect, or the time, to hear the patients tell them, what, they THINK is the matter!

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Says Who There’s No Solutions?

A short prose, translated…

Whenever he’d come across a hard-to-solve problem, he’d kept his head buried, trying to find a solution, believing, that somehow he’ll arrive at the right answers through his careful calculations.  In order to get his mentor’s daughter to marry him, he’d worked hard, making the equations work, how the heavens knew him so well, he was able to resolve a nearly impossible math problem, and won over her heart.  The married bliss granted him a set of twins, but life is now, pressing him, he couldn’t possibly keep his family well, on his salary of being a public school teacher.  He’d worked hard in balancing the equations, and, finally, he’d won the nationally acclaimed award, received the post as a teaching professor now.

The sons took after the father, both his sons became mathematicians as well, one chose to head abroad, the other, headed south.  Many years later, he was, all alone, withering away, passed the age of eighty, lived with his wife on their own.  The sons who had become professors as well, made a date, to visit the parents in their old home.  As they’d entered into the house, they saw the hard-to-solve math problem their father was able to solve, posted on the walls, the sons couldn’t understand how the problem was solved, they’d worked hard, to get their father to tell them how it was done, but the father said nothing.  The two sons started discussing the caretaking of the elderly parents, but, because the daughters-in-law are both disagreeing, so, no conclusions were reached.

After a year’s time, the bad news came, the parents committed suicide.  The sons went home to pay their final respect, and, found their father’s final math problem, and, there was only this, in their father’s handwriting, “I’d persistently believed that there is a right answer in math, and in life as well, who says, that they don’t have an answer for old age, we’ll give them the answers right now!”

So, this, is the TRAGIC suicide of two elderly persons, and, because this math professor is so used to having a right answer for his problems, and when he got older, he became confused, as to HOW his two sons will be taking care of him and his wife, and because their sons’ wives have some things to say, and so, the elderly person gave the answer to his sons: he and his wife killed themselves, so, their sons won’t need to worry who’s going to take care of mom and dad!

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