Where Art Thou, My Prince?

Humor me, for just this one, okay???

Where art thou, my prince, do you not KNOW how much my back hurt, having to lie, on this panel of glass coffin every single day and every single night, after I took that deadly bite from my stepmother’s poisonous TRUTH?  Why haven’t you come, and waken me up yet?

Where art thou, my prince?  Been waiting, to give myself to you (you’ve GOT to be shitting me here!!!) for since I can recall, and yet, you’re still running ‘round, LOST, trying to LOCATE the exact POINT of where my IVORY tower is.  Did your GPS fail?  Did you NOT update your APPS?  What’s happening over there?  Or, did you find, an alternative, but LOWER caste order WHORE for yourself already?  Bet she doesn’t feel as good as a VIRGIN like me!

Where art thou, my prince, won’t you come and play with my PET dragon?  I’d like to see, IF your steel armors are fire resistant, and your sword, sharpened enough.  Where art thou, my prince, I’m gettin’ super, DUPER bored (b/c I’m still extremely intelligent here???), gazing out, into the clouds (b/c I reside here, IN my IVORY tower!!!), wonderin’, did you get lost or something?  ‘cuz I’d moved, for over ten times in the last month, and now, my god DAMN ivory tower stands ERECT, on that island, where no men has ever been to, and oh yeah, one more thing, I’d just, recently TRAINED my dragons (picked up a couple MORE of those cold-blooded friends you know???) to breath fire, and that’s just ‘bout the coolest TRICK ever, anyways, let me know when you’re actually arrive, and, I’ll make sure, that I keep all my good little monster locked up, as they are all, very protective of their master: ME!








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Reason for Shooting a Police Officer

Found on MSNBC.com, written by: M. Leitsinger, with contributions from C. Vinograd, and E. Fieldstadt

A veteran police officer was shot and killed — and even run over — early Sunday in Florida by a wanted man who felt like a “caged rat” and didn’t want to go back to prison, officials said.

Tarpon Springs Officer Charles “Charlie K” Kondek, a father of five children and a former New York City police officer, was killed after responding to a noise complaint at about 2 a.m. ET in Pinellas County, some 30 miles from Tampa, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told a press conference.

The noise was music blasting from the car of the alleged shooter, Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., 23.

When Parilla, who was wanted on a probation violation, saw Kondek, he allegedly fired seven rounds at the officer from a .40-caliber gun — striking Kondek in the neck just above his bullet-resistant vest. Parilla then ran over the officer as he fled the scene, Gualtieri said, adding he was arrested after a brief pursuit ending with the suspect crashing into a truck.

Kondek, 45, had requested back-up before encountering Parilla, but it’s not clear why. Responders performed CPR, but Kondek was pronounced dead at a local hospital. An autopsy revealed he died from the gunshot, Gualtieri said. Parilla was arrested on one count of first-degree murder.

“His reason for shooting the officer was he ‘felt like a caged rat.’ Well, he’s going back to prison and he can be a caged rat in prison because that’s where he belongs,” Gualtieri said.

Kondek had more than 17 years with the Tarpon Springs force and five with the NYPD, said Police Chief Bob Kochen. Kondek mostly worked patrol.

“It is heart-wrenching to know that we have lost our brother, but we know that he served and gave his life with honor and dignity as a hero to this community,” Kochen said. “He served most of his career on the midnight shift, away from his family, allowing citizens to sleep peacefully in their bed because he faced the danger for them.”

Parilla was wanted for violating his probation on two counts of possession of amphetamines. He’d gone to the address where he shot Kondek to try to confront an individual he believed who had turned him in on the probation violation, Gualtieri said.

This, would be a man’s SORRY excuse for shooting an officer, because he felt like a caged rat?  Well, put a rat in a cage, and see if IT shoots someone for it.  Of course NOT!!!  So this, is merely someone’s SORRY excuse, to TRY to WEASEL his way from getting sent BACK into jail again, and this released convict was in possessions of illegal substances, which I imagined, violated HIS parole, and he didn’t want to get sent back to jail again, so that, is the sorry excuse he came up with, to JUSTIFY, shooting an officer who went after him.

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The Moments Had Come & Gone

The moments had come and gone, in a split-second’s time, one moment, turns into the next, and, no matter how fast you chased after those gone-forever moments, well, you ain’t NEVER gettin’ ‘em back again that’s for sure!

The moments had come and gone, just like quickly that flash flood came and, cleansed this small town with bloodshed in it.  The moments had come and gone, and, there’s just NOTHING left for us to weather together anymore.  The moments had come and gone, today became yesterday, and tomorrow, today, and, if we keep looking back at those good ol’ days, we’ll have a ton of missed out moments, and, when we’re due for that “final review” of our lives, we will look back, with regrets, surging UP from the pits of our stomachs, into our minds, and that, ain’t NO good!

The moments had come and gone, JUST let it go!  But, how can I, when I still feel something (don’t ask what!) there whenever I think about you.  The moments had come and gone, and, they are never to get returned to me, and yet, I still want them all back again, and I can’t help it………

The moments had come and gone, they all flashed right by, like that train that gained acceleration through this town of ours, and, we’d chased after them (the moments or the trains???), screamed out, “DON’T GO!!!”, but, they (moments/trains) just kept, urging forward, forward, and forward, until our legs start to feel super sore, then, we finally, stopped, chasing them (moments/trains).

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When Opinions Became Facts

Just because someone’s opinions were accepted over, over, over, over, and over again, that still don’t (and your point being???) make it into a FACT!

But, opinions get taken in as facts, because there’s NO way of validating them, because it’s the FIRST of its kind, on the subject, or, because, it sounded sensible, meaning that it seemed like what others will think, but that still doesn’t make that particular opinion into a FACT.

A fact is something that can be proven, and, just like how it is with those theories, you can ONLY disprove them, NOT prove them, so, good luck on differentiating between facts and opinions out there, and this, is still a FACT, as far as I’m aware of, as far as I know, so, feel free to challenge my ideas on here.

But, in this day and age, everybody wants some expert’s opinion on things, and, if you’re not careful, in sorting through the information that are presented to you, you will easily, mistake opinions for facts, and that, would not be good at all.



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Two Kids, One Divorce, a Failed Marriage Later…

This, is what I have, to show for it, two kids, one divorce, and a failed marriage later…

My marriage failed me, it wasn’t the other way ‘round, mind you!  I wasn’t the one who’d done anything wrong here, I was the one, holding down this “fortress” of mine.  And now, here I am, two kids, one divorce, a failed marriage later, you’d think, that I’d learned my lessons, but, I got tired, of feeling lonely on nights, and I’m now, desperate, for some company.

Two kids, one divorce, a failed marriage later, I’m still the same old me, ain’t grown up a bit at all, so, I’m bound, to repeat this same behavioral pattern over, over, over, over, AND over again, until, I finally SCREWED myself up to the point of beyond REPAIR…

Two kids, one divorce, a failed marriage later, that, is what I have to show for it, so, did I learn anything from this god DAMN life of mine, you ask?  Well, I’ll get back to you on that one.

Two kids, one divorce, a failed marriage later, you’d think, that the person would have the BRAINS to NOT repeat the same mistakes over again, but, WHAM, car CRASH!!!

Two kids, one divorce, a failed marriage later, yup, that, is what I have, to SHOW for it, and, although I’d FUCKED up the majority of the aspects in my life, I still got something to be PROUD of, at LEAST, I raised my kids up well enough…

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The Ferguson Effect Spread to New York

So, the fires still burning strong, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the 20th of this month, there was a African American shooter who used a gun and shot two officers execution style, then, committed suicide, as a revenge for what happened in Ferguson.  The twenty-eight year old suspect, Brinsley, after killing his girlfriend, ambushed two officers, believed to be getting justice for the two black men who’d died, in the white cops’ overuse of forces.

After Brinsley gunned down his girlfriend on the morning of the 20th in Baltimore, he ran to Brooklyn, New York to ambush; at around two forty-five in the afternoon, Brinsley took a silver semi-automatic, and shot at close range, a patrol car.  Then, he ran to the nearby subway station, and, committed suicide on the platforms.

The officers who’d died on duty were the forty-year-old Hispanic, Ramos, and the thirty-two year-old Asian, Liu.  Two years ago, Ramos’s dreams of becoming a police officer came true, and he’d just had his birthday on the 12th, he is survived by a thirteen-year-old son.  Liu had been an officer for seven years, he’d just gotten married two months ago.  The New York Police Chief said, “the police are looking into details, but apparently, this was, an execution style assassination.”

And so, because a black man was murdered by the cop, and we all get that it’s tragic, don’t we?  There are those who felt that justice wasn’t served, and it wasn’t, because the two officers that shot at Michael Brown only got their slaps on the wrists, and so, people want justice for what’s happened, and, when the government can’t give us the justice we deserved, we simply take matters into our own hands, and, if everybody DOES that, imagine what a mess this world would become!

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A Son Who Did Nothing All Day Long for 26 Years, His Father Finally Couldn’t Stand it Anymore, Hacked at His Drug-Addicted Son

Finally the father’s had ENOUGH!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Kuo had been abusing drugs long-term, and does nothing to make his own living, his seventy-two year old father blamed himself for not teaching his son the right kinds of values, yesterday, he’d left a note, saying that they are going to die together, used a knife, hacked up his own son, but, his daughter came home in time, called the police, after the police interrogated the elderly man, they’d booked him for attempted murder.

“There’s nothing more that I can do, just take him away, before he hurts anybody else.”, Kuo’s father blamed himself, for spoiling his own son rotten, and was angry at how his son won’t listen to him to stop using, he’s elderly, with high blood pressure, diabetes, and, the past couple of days, he’d gotten really annoyed at how his son got very loud, causing him to be unable to sleep for four days continuously, early yesterday morn, he’d written out a note, planned to murder his son first, then, commit suicide by jumping off the building.

The police said, that after the father and son had a serious argument, the father hacked the son with the knife, but in the end, he just couldn’t kill him, seeing how his son was bleeding in the head, he’d stopped hacking, but, it’d waken up his daughter and his grandson who live with him.

Kuo who was hurt refused to get treated, the officers had to tie him down to get him on the ambulance, but he’d jumped off, screamed, “I was the one cutting myself up, it has nothing to do with my father!”, after a very long time, the paramedics finally got him to Shinko Hospital for treatment, the four knife wounds from the top of his head caused his skull to fracture, but after the surgery, he’s in stable conditions.

Kuo’s father, when being interrogated, pointed out that at age seventeen, his son had started using drugs, and from his technical high school graduation to now he’s forty-three, he still doesn’t have a stable job, does nothing all day, and he’d been jailed for drug abuse multiple times and still hadn’t changed a bit.  He’d camped out on his couch for the last twenty years, fearing that his son would go out and create trouble in the middle of the night.

And so, the father had finally had it, huh?  Because this son just won’t get cleaned, and that, is just how finally the parents cracked, after putting up with a drug-addicted son for so very long.

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