So Long as Someone Still Cared…

If one day you woke up and found that NOBODY on this GOD DAMN planet gave a F*** (sorry, maxed out???) then, we have a HUGE problem, but, so long as someone still cared, the world is still breathing, even IF it’s on the way to D-I-E, it’s still NOT quite dead yet, and so long as there’s still a breath left, changes can be made, so, there’s still H-O-P-E!!!

So long as someone still cared, but, it seemed to me (as this is MY website and whatever I say still G-O-E-S!!!), people have taken the N.I.M.B.Y rule WAY too far, I mean, you’d seen and read, and heard those stories of how children are dying left and right, and yet, you don’t do anything to HELP stop the next similar incidence, why is that?  Oh, maybe it’s because you think, hey, what sort of a difference can I make, I’m only O-N-E, but you’re the ONE who’s going to matter, trust me.

So long as someone still cared, the world will NOT go completely to H-E-L-L, even IF it looks like it’s headed down that way right now, there’s still H-O-P-E, so long as someone (not naming any names though) can DO something about it!!!  So, DO SOMETHING already, people!!!



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Good Things Take Time


Working Hard, to Make a Difference, Feeling a Sense of Helplessness, Not Being Able to Exert Enough Power to Create Change

Originally posted on no longer silenced movement:

Sorry for the wait, but I’m back to blogging again. I had a busy couple of weeks, and I realized it’s okay to take some time to get it together, and I wish more people saw it that way.

This past year, I worked at a Charter School, and if you’ve ever seen a faulty education system, this one would top that. Kids come from many different walks of life. Some with bad homes, a bad past, others simply find learning a real challenge. Working there, I witnessed every type of kid struggle, and the real culprit, were the adults that surrounded them.

Many kids yelled at me, swore under their breathe, aggressively hit desks…and they got away with it so nobody had to deal with them. They couldn’t figure out why 1/8 was smaller than 8/1, time and time again, but we moved on in class so nobody had…

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Kept in at Home


The boy, kept in at home, his dog, kept in at home.  The whole morning, the entire night.  His older brother rode in with his girlfriend, they came.  Looking at the boy, not long thereafter, they’d started copying him, kept in at home.  His uncle, looked at them, curiously, made two turns, sat down next to the boy’s dog.  For an entire night, and the following day.

Grandma is going to work, with a bamboo carrier on her shoulders, and a heavy suitcase, passed through her two grandsons and the girl, walked right passed them, and gone around her only son and the dog too, walked out the door, she couldn’t help but look backward, and sighed, gazing at this heavy burden in her life.  Looking at them, wondering, when, would the gold from heaven finally fall off her hands.

And here, you still have sons who SUCKED their parents’ D-R-Y, and in this case, it’s the mother who’s shouldering up everything, because she’s now, taking care of her son, her grandson, AND her grandson’s girlfriend, along with a D-O-G too, when are you ALL going to GROW UP, and learn to do things on your own?  Oh yeah, until your parents had D-I-E-D, because then, you will have NO other choice BUT to stand up!!!

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The Puppets’ Father

A poem, translated…

You’d prayed to become a father

The looks of death

You said your joints are cold like the ends of the earth

And naturally

You’d feel quite ashamed

After ALL the cotton clothes are taken off

I’d tied, all your most fragile parts

After we’d hollered “One”

Then, you can begin

Tipped your toes to make a bow

The loosened strings made your hands waved

This movement that you made

Was once seen through

Once seen through by me

And the gaze, oh no

We couldn’t control that

Should we add some other strings

So you’d be able to see me better too

Clear or not

You said, that the poses of curling up would be the closest resembling

To that chest down posture in front of the doorsteps

Looking at our wooden bodies

Mimicking life

When you silently prayed to become a father

So you could approach him more and more, you’d recalled

That he had once, chosen to give up on

Singing you that sweet lullaby into your windows

And so now you sang, sang so loudly

The voice is filled with strings

Along with the clinking of the joints

The stiffened body without the companion dancer

A body, with nothing BUT solos to perform

In between graceful, beauty and crazy, kept turning over and over again

You’d faked our dances

Like how you’d made up a new way of speech

Took Over our bodies

And so, the puppet eventually gained control and started controlling others, and that, is how abuse still gets passed down, because the “father” passed down the way he was treated to his own offspring, even though he HATED being treated the way he had when he was little…

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Talking to Children About Death

First, you’d have to consider the age-appropriateness, along with a TON of other things, and it’s NOT an easy thing to talk about, especially when you, the adult had YET to deal with the matters, translated…

I thought, that from age eight, I’d felt strongly about death, and that was early enough, but my younger brother’s daughter, a little more than four years of age, is already worried about how her mom will go to heaven before she does.

Q, the niece was breastfed, and would become like a koala and attached herself to her mom, and even at bed time, she must have a place next to her mom too.  Q hogged her mom, believing that her mom belonged solely to her, and Q also felt the deepest kinds of emotions toward her mom too, from when she was two and still didn’t talk very well, she’d understood to hold her mom’s face in her hands and tell her, “mommy, don’t cry, you must be brave, I love you!”

Back then when I watched the namely show “the Law Net”, the story on the severing of the dead body at Jiang-Tzu-Tsuei, I’d started feeling strongly about death, and often, I’d waken up in the middle of the nights, to gaze over at my elderly grandmother, until I’d heard her snored so loud, then, I could finally, fall asleep, peacefully once more.  The topics of death infiltrated into my life by way of media unexpectedly, with no one I could talk to about it, the shadows casted over my entire childhood and adolescent years.

Until I majored in philosophy back in college, and took my lessons from the age old teachings to the modern day beliefs, and I’d finally gotten a closer look at the meanings of death, and that dark, gray cloud finally, slowly, dissipated, from the top of my head.

From when she was born, Q had been happy and upbeat, when her mother read a picture book to her about heaven, and ever since, she’d gone to her mom, to bargain, asked her if she could go to heaven later than she?

Q who doesn’t feel pleased unless she could cling on to her mom, doesn’t want to part from her mom, this is very easily understood: as for the reason for not wanting to go to heaven?  Little Q thought that she’s having so much fun, playing like she is playing all day long right now, she feared, that once she arrived in heaven, she won’t be able to be allowed to play in such a carefree manner.

I’d once met a French young mother who’d taken along her five-year-old daughter at the near-dying house in Jakarta, India, the woman had made her child service and be in contact with a group of near-dying patients, when the child has a question, she could voice her concerns, and her mom would answer it best as she could for her, and the mother didn’t taboo the topic, because she is so very young.

I believe, that this young married woman wasn’t planning on educating her daughter about life and death, she’s just leading her child in the process of their journey, to NOT hold any reserves toward anything that they may encounter.  I’d also seen this mom, arguing with an Indian, and the topics they were arguing on was that she was telling the Indian person: you should NOT be mistaken into believing that my child is still young, and that you didn’t need to show her the respect.

The kids could talk about the matters of death, there’s not the matter of exposing them too young.  Whether if it’s Q’s mom, using the story book, or the French young mother, using reality, it’s way better than how I’d exposed the process of death through the media, the stories of murders, and it would hurt them less.

So long as the adults can be truthful, the kids will eventually become fearless.

And so, how Y-O-U-N-G IS too young?  There’s NOT a set age where the topics of death is discussed, but, you’d rather talk to your kids about it, than to let them witness some atrocious murder, happening, play-by-play on the media, because kids should NOT be exposed to that sort of things, but, with so much violence in this world, it would be hard, for the children to NOT get exposed, so we still do what we can, to help the young children understand, like the mothers written about here…

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A Good Family Relationship Starts with the Mother and Daughter-in-Law Getting Along

Because let’s FACE it, you ASSHOLES (not name-calling here!!!), we women still RUN ALL our households here, translated…

Some twenty odd years ago, I, as an only daughter, married into a family with parents-in-law and an older and a younger sister-in-law, and I’d had a very long time of maladjustment there.

Every time I’d gone back to my parents’ and complained to them, my mother would make delicious foods for me, to make me feel, that I have a safe harbor no matter what.  Then, the way that my mother “stood behind me” is by telling me the right ways of acting.  My mother didn’t even finish elementary school, but she’d known the values of “When the mother and daughter-in-law get along well, then, the family is well”, “We must have a great stance, put up with everything, that way, luck would be ours”, “When your in-laws are healthy, then, as the younger generations, you ARE blessed”, along with other great sayings.  And she’d constantly reminded me that if I felt my mother-in-law used words that sounded too harsh to me, to recall that “older adults are like children”, and, since it’s the words of a child, there’s NO need to take them seriously, is there?

I’m a working mom, my mother understood how I’m burning on both ends, and would prepare the foods for me to take back to my husband’s household, and told me, “The foods, you MUST take out, and serve them to your in-laws first, then, serve it to your husband who works hard, and then, get some for you and the kids”.  My mother’s kind heart, how can I NOT be moved and submit?

My mother would also tell me often, that I must thank my older and younger sisters-in-law, because my husband’s house is a farming family, and, since they were younger, they’d handled a TON of the issues regarding the planting and harvesting, and, my husband’s family is so well to do, they are given a LOT of the credits.

For multiple years, I could live under the same roof as my in-laws, and kept a wonderful interaction style with my older and younger sisters-in-law, I owe it all to my mother’s teachings.

And so, that still just shows, the IMPORTANCE of the role of the woman in a family, because we women ARE the ones running OUR separate houses, and, DO remember, that there’s only O-N-E female HEAD of the household PER house, and, when you, the mothers-in-law come over to OUR places to visit, DO remember, that you’re the visitor, you’re NOT the owners, and so, STOP meddling into OUR affairs, after all, you’d already HAD your chances, in raising Y-O-U-R offspring, so, let US, the younger generations, do OUR jobs too!!!

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Two Men in Their Midlife Years Got Jealous of a Woman in Her Sixties, and Hacked Each Other

All of that, for a woman, are you FUCKING kidding me???  From the newspapers, translated…

The forty-nine year old man, Wang, and a sixty-two year-old woman, He, after they’d broken up, he was displeased at how she’d started dating Tsai, on the evening of the 18th, he went to ambush them at Tsai’s place, and used a kitchen knife and a hammer to attack the other man, but Wang was diagnosed with cancer, and after a few strikes, he’d become weakened, and Tsai took the knife, and hacked him back, both men had bled, and was taken to the police station, where they accused one another for attempted murder, and both were booked.

The enemies in love, and everybody became intrigued at how a woman, He, could manage to get two men so roused up.  Based off of understanding, she is unemployed, slimly built, and because she’d taken good care of her body, she’d looked amazing.  After she’d learned that Tsai was beaten, she’d gone to visit him at the subprecinct.

He said, that she’d parted ways with Wang for two years already, that last year in May, he’d learned that she’d started dating Tsai (age 53), wanted her to come back to him, she’d told him no.  And, Wang got jealous, last September, he’d followed her and Tsai to a motel, and she was so scared she’d called the police.

He stated, that she believed that Wang was a violent man, and had distanced herself from him bit by bit.  Wang once told him, that he knew where Tsai lived, and that he will get even with Tsai.

The police investigated and found that the cab driver, Wang, at a little past ten in the evening on the eighteenth, gone to Tsai’s staircase and wandered.  As Tsai was turning in, he’d bumped into Wang, and Wang attacked him with a hammer and a fruit knife, and Tsai managed to get the knife and fought back, and, they’d fallen down the stairs from the fourth floor to the first.

As Wang was arrested, he’d denied having attempted murder, claimed that he was in Tsai’s building to find his friends for a chef’s position, “Wanted to bring my knife to make him a sample meal.”  Tsai said, he didn’t know Wang, just knew that he was his girlfriend’s ex, that he’d taken the knife in self-defense.

And so, this, is where jealousy and a bad break up leads, and, a woman DOES have the right to END a relationship AS she saw fit, and, so, STOP trying to get a woman back, after she’d dumped you, losers, after all, you must’ve done something wrong to PISS her off, otherwise, why would she dump you and hook up with another man?  Exactly!!!






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