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His Tear-Stained Shirt Sleeves & Collar

His shirt sleeves and collar, were stained, with his tears, he couldn’t recall how that happened, because he’d never cried once in his entire adult life!

His tear-stained shirt sleeves and collar, those were, accumulated tears of his childhood, his adolescence, his young adulthood, his adulthood, along with his own senior years, and, through the years, the tears accumulated and, became stains on his shirt sleeve and collars, and now, he just can’t clean them off anymore.

His tear-stained shirt sleeves and collar, he’d retraced his own steps, and finally, he was able, to recall the very first tear that started the entire staining process.  It was, from when he was beaten up by his parents, for doing absolutely nothing wrong, that, was the night that world came to an end for him, he’d played out passed his supper hours, and, he failed to realize how late it was, and when he realized, he ran home quick, but it was too late, his mama already told his pops, and, that night was awful, he’d endured a beating, and was sent to bed without supper too.

That, was the memory that made everything clear up, because after he’d recalled that first “injury”, he’d remembered many more that came after that one.

Now, he’d wiped his own adult tears away, because, he had, already cried for the child that lived inside of him, given that kid a peace of mind, and the child inside no longer cried nonstop, as he had done earlier on in his life………

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