Hsu, the Head of Internal Affairs, Dodged Out First

As the DDP’s lost most of the local government races, the head of internal affairs, and the rest of Tsai’s “goonies”, started, dodging O-U-T, dashing for that, E-X-I-T now! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the DDP lost out in the local offices elections, Su asked to leave Tsai’s cabinet, but she’d, asked him to stay on, this made the society shocked.  And immediately came the news of the head of internal affairs, Hsu packing up, clearing out his office, the DDP-favored press leaked, that he was going to take the position of security of the party too.  Hsu denied all of it, said that it was normal, for people in the government offices to move from one place to the next; but what was abnormal was, how he’d sent his close confidant in the office, Hsu to serve as the assistant of the offices of military recruits department.  And five days afterwards, the Executive Department confirmed that Hsu had “asked to be taken off the rosters” due to “health issues”.

It’s quite a show, how Hsu had sent in his resignation, like the twists and turns of a novel, with those on the inside, watching things in detail, those of on the out, just, seeing the actors run to and from on the stages.  As for why Hsu had selected to “make his escape first”, there are two speculations from those on the outside: one, to push Su to the guillotine, his quitting will bring about the reforms of personnel of the government offices internally, to get Su whom he’d not gotten along with; secondly, to avoid the troubles, he’d defended the mobs, had close ties with the criminals from before; this time, as the DDP was accused of using the illegally gained money from the mobs to run the country, he won’t be able to escape by relations, and so, he’d, quit ahead of times, to save his own skins.

the government officials of the DDP are now, dashing towards…

as the DDP government’s, sinking! Photo from online

And, due to how swiftly and quickly Hsu had, resigned, it’d caught the party off guard.  The legislators from the DDP stated it bluntly, that he should wait until his term was over, that would be, more fitting.  What was odd was the legislator of KMT, Yo thanked him on “giving more security to the police and fire department”, maybe, she’d been, mis-informed.

Hsu suffered from asthma, and had gotten treated in the E.R. before.  But recently, there’d been no signs of stresses from his work, or him being overworked or strained.  If his conditions got really serious, in the end, maybe, he would be, ill-fitted to take the post of the secretary of the DDP party too.  What’s worth noting was, as Hsu sent in his resignation, the unresolved gunshot case in Tainan, the police station chief, Tsai got fired.  The highest official of the police department had quickly sent in his resignation, with the entry level offices of local police departments’ titles getting pulled, this clearly showed, how there’s NO sense of responsibilities of the DDP whatsoever.

So, this is what’s happening, started at the local offices, all the way, up to, the national levels, as the DDP lost the local elections, all who’s “unimportant” (can no longer be used and don’t want to be used as scapegoats of the party), all sent in their, resignations, because they do NOT want to be the patsies anymore, they do NOT want to take the fall for this, corrupted from the top party that they’d served under, and so, there’s, that EXIT of a lot of the local and higher up government officials right now.


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