The Suspect of the Dismemberment Case in Hwashan Escaped the Death Penalty, the Father of the Victim: the Government Treats Lives that Were Lost as Nothing at All

How can this man who’d, brutally murdered this woman, then, DISMEMBERED her be considered as “reformable”???  Uh, dunno, the psychiatric evaluation department is all made up of, PSYCHOS, maybe???  Punishment doesn’t seem just, NOT for the families of the victim here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The first, second, and retrial of the first try of the archery coach, Chen, murdering his female student by strangulation, dismembered her, then, dispose of her body in the unpopulated place, sentenced him to life in prison, from the death penalty sentence of the first trial, the Highest Courts tossed back the appeal yesterday from the D.A.’s office, sentenced Chen to life; the father of the victim criticized the government for doing away with the death penalty, that they’re already, siding with the devil, that the justice systems treats lives as nothing, and played with the families of the victims.

Kao’s father pointed out, he felt angry over the verdict, disappointed, that no matter how many a murderer killed, no matter how cruel the measures used, the perpetrator will not get sentenced to death, the government doesn’t say it bluntly, but, the attitude the government carried, was that it is, doing away with the death penalty, and, how come the suspects get paroled on the life-terms?

He said, the first retrial found, that Chen can still be reformed, that death penalty doesn’t need to be imposed, and for the decades of time, the government used the belief of “can be reformed” as a shield, that this was, an outrageous manipulation of the justice system, the second trial, the retrial from the first trial, found an excuse, to not sentence Chen to execution, he’d criticized that the justice systems treated human lives as, nothing at all, “playing with the families of the victims.”

And so, this is on how as the justice department wanted to do away with passing down the death sentence, how it’d, impacted the victims’ families, and it’s still, NOT just enough, not from the families of the victims’ angles, because their loved ones were, murdered, and, the harshest punishment that the murderers can receive, is life in prison, with chances of paroling out if they behaved themselves well enough, so, what if, these paroled murderers, murder again?  Then, will the government rewrite the justice systems, to include the death penalty again?  And, how many people needs to get brutally murdered (or not brutally murdered), will the government start giving justice back, to the families?

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