The Bullying that’s Found All Around Us

The part, and now, look at the whole, it’s all, intermingled, and, closely related here, observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most precious value of humanity is, that it’d, evolved from “survival of the fittest” to “helping the weak”.  But, all the way here, man showed, more behaviors that exemplified survival of the fittest, rather than helping out the weaker.  Most tragically, in the past, the means are to ensure the sake of survival, and now, it’s for the sake of, gaining power.  This is an ironclad rule in the international relations, those countries with a stronger military power gets to run the world, and, is in charge of “fairness, order, and human rights.”  The authoritarianism of the stronger powers, without the means to balance it off, then, it all relies on the Judgment Day of Armageddon!

There are the means of the weak and the strong between the countries, then, how about between people?  Surely, there are the differences of stamina, of strength, and the higher and lower status quos; the former is driven by biology, the latter, the social, the two are naturally, quite, diverse, and so, those with the powers, the status quos, are not at all related with the physical body.  And yet, in a different structure, including the relations of intimacies between two persons, the groups in societies, and running of a country, we can only describe the matter as, odd and weird.

In the intimate relations, the biologically stronger can dominate, and bully the weaker, but, mostly, the couples are, equally, matched up; whether it be husband and wife, or lovers, the means of their relating to each other being dominated by either complimentary or conflict, it’s reliant on the “civilized means of behaving and moral education”.  As for the high or low of socialization, it also has that complimentary, conflicting values, some demanded marrying of the same levels in society, others had, married up, and, that’s reliant on the tolerance and empathy of both parties; if it’s in the political realms, then, the “it couple” may be relating on the terms of keeping score, calculating with each other.  Many cases of domestic violence came from the lacking in civilization and education, and the bullies of the weak by the strong always come one right after another, and another, until someone finally, SNAPS!  Recently, a female legislator had been bullied by her boyfriend, it seemed that one of them tolerated the uncivilized behaviors of another, and, the other’s uncivilized behaviors, took the tolerance of the abused for granted.

If we magnify this to a larger social relations, there’s not just the existence of the strong and the weak, and there’s also, the numbers to consider too, for instance, in school between the students, the cars on the roads, the neighbors conflicting, as well as the oppressions from the net armies too, other than having the strong bullying the weak, there’s that “crowd ganging up on the individuals”, and the net armies are, everywhere around us.  In all of this, although the human “civility and morality” are key determinants, but because it’s related to public services, which showed, of the ability to rule of a government, and institution as well.

The ability to rule is on how the government “effectively” handles this matter, and “in a timely fashion” too, if this can’t be achieved, the stronger may become rash in doing what they’re doing, and the rest of others will copy the bad behaviors too, and in the end, the silencing of the victims, the bullies getting harsher!  In other words, reason why the bad are bad, because they’d found that others will tolerate them, and how the masses are helpless toward the powers to stop them.  What’s interesting is, that the government had continually claiming its “Zero Tolerance” policy toward domestic violence, but, the government itself had, tolerated the bullying of the public systems of the weak by the strong!

To maintain the harmony of life of the group, human had set up the moral standards to keep each other in line, and set up the schemata, and the “model citizens”, through education, it makes people learn.  But with the expansions, the splitting of social organizations maintaining the moral standards became lagging in keeping a society stable, and so, we’d needed “laws”, through the public powers, to keep the rights and responsibilities of people in check.

And when, did all of these get explained as “authorities”, in the past, the civics courses, the history and cultural lessons are now, viewed as the materials which the students are “brainwashed” to learn to obey authorities; and the citizens’ refusing to follow the rules set for them to follow became interpreted as “the flag of justice to fight against authoritarianism”.

After two world wars, humans surely need to retrace the steps that they’d walked, and yet, when the educated used the western concepts to criticize, they may have ignored the misplaced structures of the systems.  And if, the party-preferences were added in, then, the beliefs of “knowing will always be opposite of power”, after the parties traded places, taking office, it will become this cover up of “we still need to work harder to bring about change to work towards equality for all”.

And, how many of the politicians now, are stuck in that chaos of the values of “today right, yesterday wrong” and “yesterday right, today wrong”, and even if the ones in power suddenly finds that the society losing order is a sign of how we need to work hard in gaining a higher moral standard, but, it can’t, get rid of that rancid scent of how it’d, used authoritarianism to enforce the rules that they believed was, correct for the rest of society to, follow.

And so, this still just showed, how when the heads of the governments aren’t acting correctly, without the higher moral standards, the right ways of doing things, not cutting the corners etc., etc., etc., etc., those who are underneath that big machine, is going to screw up, because this is still the case of, “the apple does NOT fall far from the trees”, with the corruption of a top-down process here!


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2 responses to “The Bullying that’s Found All Around Us

  1. Much is not appropriate in governance of many countries… but a slow positive is coming, I believe.😌

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