Keeping the Moods Uplifted, You Won’t Age a Bit

It’s still, ALL in the A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E here, translated…

Awhile ago, I’d gone with my daughter to her middle school classmate’s wedding, it’s been a little over a decade since we’d seen one another, the bride asked me with this shocking tone in her voice, “Mrs. How come you still looked as you did when we were in middle school?  Even younger too!”, I couldn’t help but recall, last month, I’d bumped into my daughter’s elementary school piano lesson instructor, she’d said the same thing to me; on last year’s nine-in-one election, when I’d bumped into a former coworker, she’d told me the same thing too.

A few days ago, I went to get a perm, the hair stylist told me, I’m thirteen years younger than you, you don’t have that many visible wrinkles on your face, and, lines are crawling from the corners of my eyes, naturally, I need to get my face toned up!  Yesterday I’d gone to the marketplace to get some fruits, the lady that sold the radish cakes was at the fruit stands, socializing, she’d asked me too, how come you don’t age a bit?  What, is it that you’re eating, what brand of moisturizers are you using?

Actually, the greatest factor that affects how one looks are the moods.  I have a female friend, who is beautiful on the outside, when she was younger, she had a ton of suitors, in the end, she’d married someone who was rich, tall and handsome; and, back then, they’d become the envy of everybody, we’d all given them our deepest blessings.  But, the good things in their marriage didn’t last long enough, a few years after they were wed, the man started had another woman on the side, and my friend couldn’t cope with her husband’s affair, and, overnight, all her hair had, turned to white.

Awhile ago, I’d bumped into her, her cheeks are so thin, I could see her bones, and, her face was filled up by wrinkles, she’s just in her early fifties, and yet, she looked as if she’s a whole lot older, I feel really awful and sad for her.

Other than keeping the moods lifted, I’m also grateful to my parents, for giving me beautiful skin, and a body type that’s not easily fattened.  I’m naturally optimistic, think on the bright side of things always, and, wear my smiles every single day, and naturally, all the troubles would escape from my mind.  And, I would have fruits and vegetables, planted by my husband, without the agricultural pesticide; and even if I didn’t really watch what I ate, I’d still kept at one rule—eat to when I’m seventy-percent full, and must chew everything thoroughly before I swallowed.

I have the habit of having coffee every single day, but, I’d not gone overboard, plus I’d kept up with an exercise routines, my metabolism is fine, my moods are well, naturally, the years couldn’t leave their marks on my skin!

And so, this, is how one woman keeps herself looking young, by keeping a good moods, by thinking positively, and, if you can manage that, you’re half way there, and naturally, eating right, and exercising regularly is also, a MUST, for staying healthy.

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