A Short Vacation

The goings-on of life, translated…

Because of work, my wife and I lived separately.  Every couple of weeks, I’d gone from the country regions of the middle to southern regions, took a train up to Taipei, to visit her.  Every time was torture, I’d had to transfer, change stations, and go from this home to that.

At first, I’d felt that it was grueling and annoying, but, I’d tried changing the way I looked at the matter, in the three days two nights, I’d moved 600 kilometers, and, it was, an amazing journey too.

Awhile ago, I was in Taipei, and the malls were having their sales, I’d gone shopping on Japanese Week with my wife at Xinyi District.  There was about a hundred square meters of place, with a dozen of stands, cramped inside, from noodles, to snacks, cookies, brown sugar, octopus meatballs, to hangers, iron pots and pans, what moved us the most were those over twenty varieties of ice cream, on the flavors of teas, it had green milk tea, raw tea.

My wife gloated, “I’d done my homework, the eight-tea combo is the best.”, and, as I’d had a taste, it was sweet, but not too sweet, there’s this aroma in the taste.  We walked on and around, before we left, I’d lined up to get octopus meatballs, but I saw a note that moved me so.

That was a shop with eighty years of history, the manager wrote in Chinese and Japanese, “We’re thankful for Taiwanese input for March 11th, the Japanese will NEVER forget the Taiwanese people’s kindness”.  It was, over three years ago, since the quakes of March 11th, and the shop owner had taken our helping them out to heart, came out of his way to Taiwan to set up shop, and even wrote a note, thanking the Taiwanese people for their assistance.

The impressions I had of Japanese was that they’re very detail-oriented, and careful, seeing how the cook would put so much focus on making the foods, the Japanese person from the coutner also hollered out to me welcomingly.  That, was their job, but, using such a strict and careful attitude to handle their assigned tasks, that kept me in awe.

We’d ended out miniature vaction of three days, on the trains back to the south, I’d reviwed the photos, promised myself, that I shall, pour so much heart and soul into work, marriage, the education of my young, and I’m looking forward to our next miniature outing.

And so, on this miniature vacation, you felt touched, by how someone could show so much gratitude toward the assistance they’d received so many years ago, and, it’s these small moments in life that makes everything light up.

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