Buying Her Affection

You CAN’T do that!!!  It’s MY job!

Buying her affection, because you couldn’t be there for her, the major events in her life (graduation, solo performances, etc., etc., etc.), because you had to work, and so now, you worked hard, to give her the things she’d asked you for… Buying her affection, you think it can be done?  What makes you think, that you can just SHOVE money UP her ass, and she’s going to forget about the promises you’d made, to show up at her school play, her music recital?

Buying her affection, that, is the only thing you KNEW how to do, as you’d LOST that connection to your child a VERY long time ago, you’d had to work, you’re a single parent, keeping up with everything, and, between work and work, and still work, there’s just NOT much time you can spare, for the only thing that SHOULD matter to you: your offspring!

Buying her affection, how much do you think it’ll cost?  A million, two million?  Try a Z-I-L-L-I-O-N, because after you’d LOST that right as a parent, you will NEVER get it back, and, in a blink of an eye, your kid is all grown up, and, they will NOT be sparing any of their precious time, to come visit you AT that nursing home, or, maybe, they’ll promise to show, but, something ALWAYS comes up…


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