Writing about History

What do you hope to accomplish, by writing about history?  That people can take from the precedence, and prevent the same things from happening, over, over, and over again?  Or, do you hope, to accomplish something else?

Writing about history, why bother?  I mean, it’s all dead in the past, and so, why must we dig up ALL that dirt again?  Writing about history, there’s basically, NO need to, after all, history, had written itself in our lives, it’d left traces of the past, in us all, and that’s something that we simply can’t “shake off” that easily, don’t you know…

Writing about history, is it, really, necessary?  I mean, our stories are like those old clichés out there, that everybody’s heard of before, and so, why must we, bring it up again, if it’s an overly heard story, I mean, won’t people become super, DUPER bored, and eventually, lose interests?


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11 responses to “Writing about History

  1. What about the stories that people have not heard? There are so many important ones out there. Stories we need to hear in order to understand how to stop hurting others.

    We are who we are because of (our) history. By dismissing this, you are dismissing people’s hardships and struggles.

    History is never dead. People are always affected by history. China is still affected by the communist revolution. Indigenous people are still affected by colonialization. African Americans are still affected by the history of slavery. The list goes on.

    By learning/sharing the past, we can understand the present, and predict the future. The connection between time and events is invaluable towards making the world a better place.

    • History will ALWAYS and forever BE alive, until you’d properly walked through (the way you would when you sell your houses???), you will always carry that part of your history with you, and your past will end up, plaguing your present, and it will, affect your future as well.

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