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Success, Defined…

“A successful person is not defined by how much s/he has done, but how many others s/he managed to influence”.

This, is so accurate, isn’t it?  And yet, so many people are defining success, in terms of materialistic things, like how much money one has, how big a house one own, how high-end the neighborhoods you’re living in are, but by how much good you’d done.


March 17, 2015 · 12:52 pm

The Importance of Being Self-Motivated

The importance of having an intrinsic motivation in life, beliefs of a founder of a program used in the society here.

“Learning to be self-motivated in learning is more important than what is being taught at school”.~~~Hsu.

And, he is right too!  And yet, how many of you, students, or even adults who are working in those corporations needed to have someone breathing DOWN your necks, for you to produce up-to-standard (still NOT talkin’ ‘bout exceeding the expectations that much here!) work?  This, would be a VERY big problem in the world today, because a LOT of the people out there are still having their eyes, GLUED to that clock on the walls at work, counting the seconds, until they’re able to CLOCK O-U-T, and, if all you have on your minds, is what you’re going to do after work, WHEN you’re at work, how do you suppose that the quality of your work would go???  EXACTLY!

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October 28, 2014 · 2:25 am

Lose the Self to Get Everybody to Like You

From the “lips” of Joan Erikson, the late wife of E. Erikson, the psychosocial theorist???

“Don’t, for the sake of appeasing to others, to negate the self, otherwise, you’d only be losing your sense of the self”.

And now, take a look around yourselves, and at yourselves too, how many of YOU are people-pleasers, who ended up, throwing YOUR own values away, to comply with the “wishes” and “demands” of the mass majority?  And, what DID you get out of it in the end?  Did more people like you better?  Or, do they just go on, about the rest of their lives, as if, you didn’t do ANYTHING?  So, what, DID you gain, from going along with the “mass majority”?  Absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G, and, what’s WORSE, is that you’d lost YOURSELVES, and so, the cost still beats OUT the gain, doesn’t it?










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September 4, 2014 · 1:35 am

“With the wisdo…

“With the wisdom of a philosopher, and the innocence of a child, maybe, you can become a good writer”~~~Lao She, Chinese writer, 1899~1966.

How to Become a Good Writer…

And so, by that, you MUST have that eye of the child, so you can make observations, without the adult biases, after all, the adults had already been contaminated, and, you just can’t have that innocence about you, IF you think like an adult.

And, this, is still a MAYBE, because even IF you have these two qualities, you still may NOT be a good writer, there are just a number of factors to be considered here.


June 29, 2014 · 3:30 am

“Don’t judge me…

“Don’t judge me based off of my successes, use the number of times I’d been beaten to do that”~~~N. Mandela.

Don’t judge me, because I deserve better, to be looked at under that BIG microscope, plus, I’m NOT some ants underneath some kid’s magnifying glass during a hot summer’s day.

Don’t judge me, because I don’t judge you, and, if you keep on judging me, then, I too, will start to judge you, and, when I judge someone, I NOT only judge the person, I’m also the jury AND the executioner too.

Don’t judge me, based off of the words I say, but based off of the actions I’d done, because actions always and forever WILL “speak”louder than words.

Don’t judge me, based off of what you perceive, because looks CAN be and are, and WILL be, deceiving!  Don’t judge me, because I deserve to live a “normal” life (being normal is still vastly overrated though).

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June 27, 2014 · 2:06 am

Keep Adventuring Throughout Life

“In order to live a fulfilled life, one must keep on adventuring.”~~~R. MacKie, American writer.

That, is how new experiences are all too important in our lives, because we need to find as many things that are stimulating to our minds, to keep our minds working and keep them sharp.

Keep adventuring throughout life, because life is a total trip (and no, I still didn’t just trip and bumped my head here!!!), and, IF you don’t take everything (I mean EXPERIENCES!!!) in, as they’d come to you, then, you’d end up, missing out on a L-O-T, and, when you look back (and you W-I-L-L!!!), you will be filled with those miles, and miles of regret, and could’ve’s and should’ve’s, and you’d realized, that you HAD, wasted your better years before…


June 10, 2014 · 2:00 am

“Hardships in o…

“Hardships in one’s life is what build character, it’s the highest institution of education”, the view of a current day Chinese political scientist & writer

And so, by this, you’d basically wasted ALL your hard-earned dollars, ALL of your energies, sitting in those white-washed lecture halls, with those old geezers who’d gotten so used to giving the EXACT same lectures, over, over, over and over again, it’d become A-U-T-O-M-A-T-E-D, isn’t that right?

By going through the hardships of life, by learning to cope with the issues that you face in life, by NOT trying to DODGE the consequences, that, is what builds character, and, if you hadn’t gone THROUGH all your hardships like I’d already done, and I’m still JUST thirty-two years of age (dammit!!!), I strongly suggest that you GET at it, because you’re NOT getting any younger, and, with age, comes deterioration, a slower reaction time, along with everything ELSE, slowing D-O-W-N too.

So, how many of you, by a “show of hands”, believe that you’d gone through the hardships of life???  Yeah, didn’t think so, and, until you had gone through EVERYTHING like I did, you don’t come talkin’ ‘round here, ‘k???

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April 16, 2014 · 2:31 am

The Key to Happ…

The Key to Happiness—Finding Ways to Benefit Others…Where can one seek out the keys of happiness for one’s life? The CEO of PXMart yesterday, shared the three “arrows”: being comfortable, being self-confident, and doing the RIGHT things.
Hsu had gone to the International Rotary Club to make the speech of “”Helping Others Out, Making This World a Better Place”, he’d shared with the audience his own experiences, because he’d done everything in terms of benefiting others, think about how to help other people out, so, he’d never OWED anybody, nor does he owe the society, that, was how he was able to feel so comfortable in the world.
And, how does one become self-confident? Hsu said, the key here, is to keep learning, finding a standard that fit with one’s own values, or to take from the big corporation’s examples, and to find a role model from one’s own field, and model after the behaviors, to learn, and, one can find one’s own direction, as well as self-confidence, in the process of learning.
The third key of happiness, to him, was “doing the right things, and NOT go against one’s own values”, Hsu said, “do what you preach”, be consistent about your speech and your actions, because if you don’t, then, you’d lost credibility.

And from this, you see, how IMPORTANT, it is, to keep the promises you’d made, to never disobey your own conscience, and to find out one’s own areas of expertise, that way, you can be of use, to those all around, and through this process, you’d also discovered what you’re about, so, it’s still two birds with just ONE stone here, isn’t it???

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April 14, 2014 · 4:34 am

When Cupid’s Arrows Hit

A tale of marriage, translated…

On a certain year, my roommate told me, with this persistence, “Before the year’s up, I shall find myself a man and marry!”

I’d treated her claims as a joke, didn’t pay it much mind. In the following days, my roommate started actively engaging herself into matchmaking activities, and she’d met someone, but, because her older sister was against him, she’d ended it with him, and later on, at a dinner party, she’d met someone whom she was truly in love with.

At the start of their relationship, in order to avoid the awkwardness, my roommate had asked a wingman, me, along, I’d agreed! On the day we’d met, “truthful and honest”, was the first impression I got of him. My roommate asked me in private what I’d thought about the two guys, “Someone you can consider”, I’d told her. Later, she’d asked me to go out again, but I felt unfitting as the wingman, and so, I’d turned her down.

My roommate who’d gotten all dolled up, radiated of beauty because she was in love, I’d thought, that the woman got dolled up, for something as miniscule as this. Date after date, they’d become steady, and, around the New Years, she DID, manage, to marry herself.

Another colleague had been single for multiple years, and once had the eyes for a male coworker, but, it was one-sided. Later, she’d changed tracks, and, her love life started blooming! Because of her running sales calls, she’d gotten so very involved with her clients, and it’d enlarged her social circles.

A friend proclaimed his love for her, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”, my colleague didn’t answer. A few days later, this friend called her up again, “Can you PLEASE be my girlfriend?”, my colleague told him, that she only wanted to be friends.

“And, was his friend also interested in you”, I’d inquired.

My colleague said, “I think so.”

A few months later, my colleague was going steady, I asked her curiously, “Which one was it?”

“The one I’m into.”, she’d replied.

Turned out, that the friend of the friend she was set up on a date with was also interested in her, and after they’d gone out a couple of times, they really connected. But, because later on, we’d lost contact, but, I’d gotten to know, that my colleague had married him. A few years later, the two of us met up once more, she’d invited me to her house. She’d NOT only found a good man, she’d also had a daughter, and is currently pregnant with her second child.

And, all I can say, is that when Cupid’s arrows HIT, you can’t DODGE it!

And that, is how THAT relationship works out, and the woman although, eager to get married, was also allowing herself the time to get to know the men she was dating, and, in the end, she was able to find the one who was a good match with her, that just still shows, that you CANNOT rush things.

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March 29, 2014 · 4:11 am

“The Closer the Words Get to the World, the More Cruel It’d Become, and the More Forgiving the Heart is”

This, is still DUE to how unhardened our hearts had become, for those of you who had the experiences, you’d KNOW what I’m talking about, because at times, you’d feel like you needed to become N-U-M-B, but, the analgesics just doesn’t SET in quickly enough, and that, is the influence that language has on people.

The closer the words get to the world, the more cruel it’d become, because words are still cutting through you like sharpened knives, and, with EACH and every single word that’s blurted out, you’d feel those words separate, and, they’d pricked into your hearts, and, eventually, AFTER you’d experienced enough “needle pricks”, you won’t even feel a thing anymore, and that, might be how you’d numbed out, or, it might be you, coming BACK to life again, but of course, you’d have to DIE, before you can fully, RISE from the dead once more, and, after that, you’d feel renewed…

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March 29, 2014 · 3:40 am