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The Infant Girl Had a Fractured Skull & Hematoma, the Police Suspecting the Mother

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A short while ago, a two-months old baby girl was sent to the emergency room by her father, the paramedics found, that she had a skull fracture, and was bleeding internally, she’s still in a coma right now.  The police discovered, that on the day of the incident, the child was placed in her mother’s care, the mother was seemingly drunk, emotionally unstable, and, the police is checking to see if the infant had been abused.

The McKay Memorial Hospital that took the child into their care stated, that the girl is in a status three comatose, and is being resuscitated currently.  The child’s skull hadn’t formed properly yet, it still hadn’t closed completely either, that the subdural hematoma should be caused by trauma.

The pediatrician told, that a two-month old baby, the skull hadn’t harden yet or formed completely, that once subdural hematomas was discovered, so long as the bleeding is stopped quickly, it shouldn’t cause the infant into a comatose, nor is it like the adult cases where the blood clots’ pressuring the brain, causing visible after effects.  But this infant is in a stage three comatose, clearly, there’s a massive amount of blood, that she’d been physically, traumatized.

The police stated, that last month at ten o’clock, on the evening of the 25th, the infant’s father returned home, found that the baby was snoring as she slept, felt that it was not normal, took her to the doctors, and that, was when he was told, of how she was bleeding internally.

The police said, that before the infant’s mother married, she had been hospitalized for mental difficulties; and on the day of the incident, as the police went to her house, they’d found her, emotionally unstable, she’d stumbled around, was seemingly drunk.  Asked her why the child was injured?  The mother didn’t answer, and she’d become very emotionally unstable; the police will wait for the mother to feel better, then, take her statements.

And so, perhaps, the child just wouldn’t stop crying, and this mother that’s stuck with staying at home to care for her went NUTS, who knows, plus, it’s only been two months after the child was born, and, it is, right around this time, that those postpartum symptoms start to show, I’m thinkin’………

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