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A Place Called Denial

There’s that place, beyond the rainbow (and no, you still won’t find that Pot of Gold!!!), a place called denial, where you can find that much-needed, BUT way too temporary relief from your pains.

A place called denial, I’d seen people headed in, and, they’d never come back out, and so, here I am, standing in the doorways of D-E-N-I-A-L, hesitating on IF I should go inside.

A place called denial?  Nah, been there, done that, and now, I’m OUT of the wooded regions, and, you KNOW what they (don’t ask who!!!) say about those wooded regions, don’t you?  That Big Bad Wolves (and yes, there ARE more than O-N-E!!!) are lurking there, ready, to POUNCE on their P-R-E-Y-S, and, if you want to go in, and become a prey, or rather, wolf doo-doo, then, go RIGHT ahead, but, count ME out!!!







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