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Two Myths on Getting Published

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In the American and European movies, you’d see this overly done scene: a writer, quitted his job, asked him why?  He’d replied, because he’d intended to write a novel.  His wife works outside the home, bringing in the bread and bacon every single day, while the husband stayed at home all day long, worked on that book, that only existed inside his own mind.  Short of a stamp, it can be mailed out to the publishers.  To the middle of the movie, there’s a huge twist in the story, the husband got inspired daily, and kept his fingers, flying across the keyboards.  The next scene, the writer appeared, dressed up to the nines, with his new novel published, and hitting the best seller’s lists.

Toward the publishing realm in Taiwan, this, is just a myth.  Toward my own understanding of the situation now, this, is still only a myth.

Being a writer is a career that lets most people down.  Because the writer’s work is a mythical creation.  Because even though, the writer’s heart is lonely, away from the rest of the world, her/his writing can still manage to get the public going, because nobody can clearly describe the depth of the soul, the dangers, and the excitements it has of offering you, but someone was willing to cast a line, and see what one may catch.  Used his own sorrows, to refer to the world’s sorrows.  Giving the writer a respect, and imagining what a wonderful life the writer has, this, may be the feedback the writer receives, from the hardships of her/his own life, the return of morale.  And so, when someone congratulated me on publishing a book and how I should take everybody out to celebrate, I’d felt gratitude toward the caller, and, in my heart, I’d felt that I’d let her/him down once more.

Writing in Taiwan can only become a secondary job.  Like in the olden days, when the men would head out to work, while women picked up the spare jobs of handiwork to make the extra money, to help make ends meet.  There’s nothing wrong with that, being a writer is kind of a handiwork too.

In order to cast her/his line lower, a writer must have a larger reader pool.  And, for the sake of this unknown, but supposedly fruitful venture, the writer is willing to give up a steady job, for the sake of writing a book.  But, it may not proven to be fruitful in the end, because there are a TON of writers, competing here, in Taiwan.  Writing, is not measured by the monetary gains, besides, there are a lot of “selfish” writers, the completions of their novels are for solely themselves, not to appease the readers.

The writers had not met up to the mass public’s expectations.  This, is a vanishing myth.

There are more, readers and nonreaders in China more than in Taiwan, apparently, when the writers from Taiwan get their books over the straight, of course, it’s to appease to those who would read them.  I once had the chance, of publishing my writings abroad too, but, I’d offended the officials because my book talked about the war of Kinmen with China.  And this, is also, another weird trend in publishing.

The myths got destroyed one by one.  But not yet given up on, selling merely one hundred, two hundred books, I’ll still write, because myths are extremely rare, and I only wanted to be human.

And so, what motivated this person to keep on writing, and not cared about whether or not his books sold out is this sense of duty, he felt compelled, to pass the knowledge he has, down, to someone else, and that, is the true heart of a writer.







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