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A Mail Carrier Still Delivered the Mails, Despite How Ill He Was, Ended Up Dead, on His Motorcycle for the Deliveries

Worked to death, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mail carrier, Liu from the Dahu Post Office in Miaoli two days ago, on his route, died of a myocardio infarction, he was found, with his lower body, leaning against his motorcycle, with areas above the waist, limp, his head, toward the ground, someone took a picture, and posted online, his wife, Feng saw how her husband “still worked until the minute that he died”, said heartbroken, “his hard working mannerism just breaks my heart!”

The fifty-six year-old Liu, two days ago, was suffering from a cold, wasn’t feeling well, but still kept his spirits up, and went to work, rode along the Dahu Winery to deliver the mails.  At around 11:10 in the morning, he’d hopped back onto his motorcycle, ready to continue on his delivery route, but, the motorcycle won’t start, he’d straddled on his motorcycle, but his body became limp, his head, lowered, to the point of being flat onto the ground.  The worker from the Farmer’s Market of Dahu, Liu thought he was picking something up, but, he’d found him not moving, went up to him to check, he was already passed out, and, Liu rushed him to the hospital, but, he was, already dead.

Liu just became a grandfather too, his eldest grandson was born last month on the 27th, but, he never had the chance to hold him.  Two days ago, he’d gone to see his grandson, for the very first time, and it was, his very last time too.

The member of the public took down photos of how Liu grew limp, due to a myocardio infarction on his delivery motorcycle, posted onto the group of “Post Office Discussion” board, the members of the online community commented, “oh so sad”, “so heart wrenching”.  The family was ever more so heartbroken.

Liu’s younger sister, Hsieh said, that her father too, was a mail carrier, that her older brother saw how wonderful her father would ride out in his green uniform, and so, he’d become a mail carrier just like him, at the age of 23.  In the thirty-two years he’d been working, he carried that hard working mannerism, never complained to the family about how hard his work was.

“He’d dedicated his entire life to the post offices”, his wife, Feng said, he’d also taken up the extra routes on the weekends too, and, during the New Year’s holidays, he was also, on call, if there are timed deliveries that needed to be made, the office can call on him, and he’d be there.  Her husband often told, that his children are all grown, and allowed the younger carriers to accompany their kids on the weekends, “he was so very considerate of others.”

His son, Liu recalled, that his father was very passionate about what he did, he’d taken his weekends, to work the rescue teams on the mountains.  “This, was what my father enjoyed sharing the most with us on.”  His father saved up every last penny, three years ago, he’s given him a pair of sneakers, and he’d never put them on once; the raincoats, the boots, and socks, so long as there are extras, Liu would give them to the contracting mail carriers.

The manager of the Miaoli Post Office, Peng said, Liu was very healthy, and this time, his cold lasted for a week, originally he had planned to call in sick two days ago, but, because of personnel adjustments, he’d signed off on Liu’s day off yesterday, and not knowing, that he was going to die.

And so, this, IS what happens, when you are too passionate about work, like this man, I mean, sure, it IS important, to have great work ethics like this man did, but, not to the point that you have to go to work, sick as a dog, and that, is just how one man’s STRONG work ethic ended up, killing him.


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