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Becoming Lethargic at Work, Getting Depressed…are You Tired Emotionally?

Call it an “informative session” if you want to, translated…

As a working class, are you mentally ill?  The doctor from Tzu-Chih Hospital in Taipei, Lai said, that modern day man worked long hours, with a TON of pressure at work, not only would the body become strained, the mind too will become burned out as well, based off of surveys conducted, twenty percent of the working class in Taiwan showed signs of “depressed moods”, lost their interests in work, lost their goals in life, which seriously affected their work performances.

Lai had gone to the field of industries, and plus, his own researches found, that those who have a lowered organization skill, with sleep difficulties, who don’t exercise regularly, along with those working in high-stress environments, are those in the high-risk group of depressed at work.  And the owners of businesses should view this group of “dissatisfied and unhappy workers” as a problem, to avoid the negative emotions from affecting the business.

Lai told, that the signs included, becoming unmotivated to get involved in activities, unwilling to participate in social events, etc., etc., etc., are all signs of work depression.  And, those who are prone to this are usually those in a power position, like a manager, or police officers, etc., or those who worked in shifts.

He’d suggested that the employer should schedule the shifts based off of how the human biological clock works, for instance, schedule the hours in three shifts, to allow the employees to take turns during the daytime, evening, and the graveyard shifts.

And, those with constantly changing tasks at work, compared to those who worked in the same tasks are more prone to show depressive symptoms.  Lai suggested that the organizations can assign the workers based off of their personality traits, or to set up trainings that are appropriate, to help lessen the stresses from work.

Lai said, that when you feel pressured at work, regular exercises, talking it out with a friend, find outside support, go to therapy, or listen to music, seeing a movie, and getting a massage, etc., etc., etc. can all alleviate the person from the stresses.  And if you’d discovered that you’re still depressed, then, you should seek out professional help.

And, a LOT of working class after work, would get hooked up on their cell phones, their I-Pads, and condensed the time of sleep and exercises, Lai also suggested that changing this sort of “can’t go to bed at night and can’t get out of bed in the morning” schedule also helps alleviate from the depressed feelings you’d get from work.

And so, the MOST important point here is still how to DE-stress, and, there’s NO course on that, you just have to find a way that works for you, whether it be exercise, listen to music, go for a walk, etc., etc., etc., find what works and just keep at it, and, you don’t even need that prescription Prozac of whatever, and, you’d be “cured”, like a M-I-R-A-C-L-E!!!

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