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A Child Lies Awake at Night

A child lies awake at night, listened, with her/his ears, GLUED to her/his bedroom walls, to hear her/his parents argue about whatever the HECK it was that they’re arguing about…

A child lies awake at night, s/he tossed, and turned, and the Sandman just isn’t coming by!!!  A child lies awake at night, hearing her/his mama cry, over her/his father’s infidelities and lies, and, the child couldn’t help the mommy feel better, for s/he is way too young, to do ANYTHING to help, and so, the child died, slowly, on the inside.

A child lies awake at night, holdin’ tight, to her Teddy bear, whispered her dreams of getting away from her parents one day.  The next morn, the child finds herself, in the body, of a GROWN up, and thinks to herself, I’m finally O-U-T!!!  But is she, really???

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