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A “Cougar” from Malaysia Came to Taiwan to be with Her Boyfriend, Got Trash Talked by His Mother

Look AT how much love cost here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Malaysian woman of forty-two years of age, Lee, flew across the oceans, to be with her younger male friend whom she met online, by eighteen years of age, in the airports, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d screamed at her, “How OLD are you?  Do you know how old my son is!?”, then, the mother took her son, and left, Lee didn’t have enough money, to travel back home again, Wu called up the airport police department to report the situation, and asked for help on Lee’s behalf, Lee’s family in Malaysia wired the money for her to buy the tickets, and last night, she was successfully, on the plane back home again.

Before Lee boarded the flight, she refused to blame Wu and her mother, Wu, who is currently unemployed, because of his mother’s being against it, didn’t get a chance, to take Lee home with him, but he’d promised that he’ll work hard, to make enough money, after he’d had enough saved up, he will fly Lee back to Taiwan again, and, be together with her.

The Airport Police Department received a call, late night two nights ago from Wu, said that a Malaysian woman was stagnant in the first terminal of the Taoyuan Airport, and was in need of assistance, the patrol officers spent three hours, looking, and finally found Lee, who was sitting, all alone on the benches.  Lee wasn’t wearing enough clothes, with a small bag, with her cell phone, and some other simple items, shaking like a leaf, and the police took her, to find a place for her for the night.

The forty-two year-old Lee is fluent in Chinese, she said, that she was married at eighteen, has five children, ages ten to nineteen, she’d been living under the violence of her husband, had filed for divorce.  A year ago, she’d gotten online, where she met the twenty-four year-old, Wu, they hit it off, she’d only asked him, if he’d minded that she was married before, and with children, Wu didn’t mind, wanted her to bring nothing, to fly to Taiwan to meet, promised that he’ll take care of her.

She’d spent over six months, finally saved up $6,000N.T.s, bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan, two afternoons ago, arrived here, in Taoyuan Airport, Wu promised that he was meeting her at the entrance halls.  But, Wu, being unemployed, didn’t have any money on him, and Lee had less than $1,000N.T.s, they couldn’t even afford the bus fares.

Wu called his mother in Kaohsiung for help, Wu’s mother and her family drove up north, but, when Wu’s mother saw Lee, she’d grilled her hard, “How old are you?  Do you know how old my son is?”, she’d dragged her son away, leaving Lee, all alone, in the airport.

After the airport patrol officer heard her story, he’d tried to contact Lee’s family in Malaysia, for them, to wire the money to the airport, so she could buy her ticket back, and, Lee was finally, able to get on the flight back home again.

Apparently, this, is what NOT thinking things through can get you, this woman thought that she was set to meet up with love, without realizing, that love had a fine print, and, because the man is still living at home, relying on HIS own mother, unemployed, he had to follow his own mother’s orders, and that just shows, how those LOSERS still RELIED on their mamas, and that still also shows, that LOVE is nothing, that love conquers NADA!

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A Relationship of an Older Woman with a Younger Man Should Also be Blessed, on Marriage


My friend, Hahn, is thirty-three, she’s getting married, with her fiancée who’s six years her junior next year.

They’d dated for five years, and finally, they get to start a family together.  I’m truly in awe with Hahn, because from the start of her relationship with her fiancée, the parents, the relatives, the friends, even their next-door neighbors all, “kindly” told them it wouldn’t last, with endless number of reasons, they’d bombarded Hahn about it.

“Women age faster, and you want to be with someone who’s six years younger than you?”  “When he’s ready to marry you, you won’t be fertile anymore!”  “You’re the one, supporting him financially, not the other way around.”

That, is how this society works, when people dish out their judgments, they’d turned on the powers, and, they knew that their words are hurtful, and yet, they just couldn’t stop themselves, and, they’d all added, “I know you may not like what you’re about to hear…”, and, they are just, unwilling to give the blessings.

I give my blessings to Hahn, and felt glad for her, for finding a man who loved her enough, whom she loved as well, and that, is enough, their courage should be blessed as well!

So, it’s still okay, for those seventy, eighty year old geezers to marry young women in their thirties, but NOT okay for us ladies, to hook up with a man who’s just SIX years younger?  What the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is all that about?  Because we are hearing that biological clock of ours ticking away, is that it?  Because there IS that deadline for our reproductivity, because once we hit menopause, it’s GAME over, is that it???


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