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An Abused Woman Turned Herself in for Murdering Her Ex-Husband by Putting Agricultural Poisons into His Milk

A tragedy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 52-year-old woman, Chang divorced seven years ago, her ex, Huang threatened that he will kill her kids, in order to protect her family, she’d still lived with her ex, and put up with his abuse, yesterday morning, Huang got angered at breakfast, threw his breakfast onto the floor, and told her to pick it up, she had had enough, she’d added half a spoonful of agricultural poison into her husband’s milk, and, Huang died instantly.

An hour later, Chang called the police and turned herself in, she’d said, in a trembling voice, “I, I, I…killed someone”, when the police were taking down her statement, she couldn’t stop crying, as she’d told them, “he’d abused me endlessly, after I married him, I just kept getting beaten up, threatened, I was truly in pain.”; the police booked Chang on murder charges yesterday, and, after the D.A. reviewed the case, they’d asked the courts for her incarceration.

The police investigated and found, that Chang and her husband were six years apart, with a son and a daughter, and the couple wasn’t getting along, seven years ago, they’d agreed on divorce.  The neighbors said, that in his earlier days, Huang was a driver, he has a bad temper, later, because he was diagnosed with diabetes and had retinal problems, and it might be because how he was ill for so long, and without a job, in recent years, his abuse on his wife exacerbated, he’d slapped her across the face, beaten her up, and use verbal abuse.  In order to protect her family, Chang didn’t ask the courts for a restraining order.

Yesterday morning, Chang was once again, grilled by her ex, she got angered, and added a half-spoonful of agricultural poison into his milk, after Huang drank it, he felt that something in the milk tasted weird, asked her, “what did you add, drink it yourself.”  Chang ignored him, shortly thereafter, Huang fell down to the ground, and started foaming at the mouth, an hour later, Chang called the police and turned herself in.

“She’s truly a nice woman, would smile at everybody”, the neighbors, after they were told of what Chang did to her ex, they were all shocked, “She’d prepared his breakfasts and lunches every single day before she heads off to work, and, after she gets off, she’d always brought two packed meals home”, but when Huang feels off, he’d beaten her up, “it’s truly awful!”

The son of the deceased told the police, that the agricultural poison was bought by his father, to poison the stray dogs; and Chang said, that the poison was found, four months earlier in the drawer, and yesterday morning when her ex threw all the breakfasts onto the ground, and told her to clean it up, she’d cracked, plus, all the sufferings that were accumulated from before all burst, that, was why she’d murdered him.

Chang’s older brother said, that after his brother-in-law fell ill, he was without a job, and his younger sister carried the household economic burdens all on her shoulders, and, when Huang couldn’t get money from her, he’d headed over to where she worked, and made a scene, and, when he couldn’t find his wife, he’d threatened to take the lives of their children, “by killing him, my sister had sacrificed herself, to save the rest of her family”, he’d sighed, “my sister never had it easy!”

Had this woman taken out a restraining order, then, maybe things would’ve been different, but, she didn’t, and, you CAN imagine how much pent-up anger, how much ABUSE she must’ve endured, for her, to finally CRACK like that, can’t you???  And now, her kids will have no parents to accompany them, it’s a tragic tale…

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Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

Finally SOMEONE has HAD enough!!!

Taking matters into her own hands, that, was what she’d decided to do, she decided, to put herself OUT of misery, the way that character in Of Mice & Men should have done, when his dog got ill?  Taking matters into her own hands, because there was NO one there who could help her, and, that restraining order she’d filed with the police is practically waste, as that loser tore through the restraining order, and still beat up on her every single night.

Taking matters into her own hands, she’d decided, to PUT herself out of her own misery, she’d stabbed her sleeping abusive husband, more than fifty times, then, pulled the trigger on herself, and, it took more than two weeks, until their corpses started rotting away, and started giving off that stench, did it alarm the neighbors.

Taking matters into her own hands, she had to, because she needed to protect her kids, and, with that abusive man around, they will NEVER be safe, because he’s a ticking TIME BOMB, and, nobody knows when the next explosion will be………

Taking matters into her own hands, she’s charged, with the MURDER of her abusive husband, but she still have NO regrets, having done what she had, after all, he did, use her as a P-U-N-C-H-I-N-G bag, for almost fifteen years…

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A Man, Displeased at How His Father Would Get Drunk Too Often, Killed Him by “Accident”

Finally someone’s HAD it here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu, was suspected of being displeased at how his father would beat up his mother after he got drunk, on the late evening of the fifth of this month, he’d once again, had an argument with his own father, he’d used lamps, fans, and beat up his father, and the very next day, he went to work, like nothing had happened, until the police showed up at his door, did he realize that he’d beaten his own father to death, and yesterday, the court mandated him to be in custody.

The police investigated and found, that the deceased had two houses in the apartment building behind the Taoyuan back train station, his wife and his eldest son lived on the fourth floor, while he and his younger son shared the second floor.  The eldest son told, that his father is addicted to alcohol, and whenever he had the extra money, he’d spent it on booze, and would often get crazy and start throwing things and scream after he was drunk, and when the family didn’t provide him with the money for the booze, he’d hurt them physically.

Two mornings ago, the eldest called the father upstairs for breakfast, and found him lying on the floor, and even though he’d called up the emergency service vehicles, his father still died.  As the hospital was resuscitating him, they’d found blunt force trauma on the deceased’s head, and the police started investigating, and found that the younger son had returned home on the night of the fifth, and had a serious altercation with the deceased, and so, the second son was listed as a possible suspect.

The younger son told the police, that the father had gotten drunk long term, and every day when the father didn’t get the money for booze, he’d get physical, started throwing things, even beat up on his mother who’s had a stroke.  On the evening of the fifth, the son saw the house was a mess, and scolded his own father, the father punched him, and, he was angered that he picked up the fan, and fought back, just wanted to teach his father a lesson, didn’t know he’d hurt him so awfully, and so, he went to work as he usually had.

The neighbors pointed out, that the deceased had been punished for his domestic violence, afterwards, even though he didn’t get violent as much as he used to, but he still didn’t sober up, and, whenever he got drunk, he’d change, and would the neighbors would hear him, screaming out at his family, banging things, and it’s been going on for over a decade, and everybody took it to be normal now, and they didn’t expect that it would get so out of hand this time around.

And so, the abused fought back, hard, didn’t he, and, it still wasn’t from this last round of drinking and beating, it’s from the years of abuse that the son lived under, and watched his own mother get beaten up, and, all of that, pounded down on him, which made him C-R-A-C-K this time, and, this time, he finally killed his own father.

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He’d Made Abusing Her into a Habit, But This Night, She’d Fought Back with a Knife

Finally, taking matters into HER own hands, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin, with a history of domestic violence, met a woman who’s of Chinese descent at a karaoke, they’d dated, but Lin didn’t change his abusive ways, would often hit his girlfriend, two nights ago, the two got into an argument after getting drunk, the woman got furious that she’d taken up a kitchen knife, and hacked Lin over twenty times, his left arm was almost detached, the police described it as “like how you’d chop up pork at a market place, so deep”, it’d given them the quivers.

The police pointed out, that the forty-one year old woman of Chinese descent, two nights ago, was at a karaoke, drinking and singing with her boyfriend, Lin, she’d claimed that Lin had an argument with someone who was there first, and returned home, early morning yesterday, and started taking it out on her, and went to the kitchen to get a knife to hack at her, and she’d gotten the knife from him, and, hacked him down.

The woman said, that Lin was chasing after her with the kitchen knife, she ran to the stairways to hide out, told Lin, “if this is how you behave, then, let’s DIE together.”, and she’d taken the advantage and got the knife from him, and started hacking him, Lin begged, “honey, I’m real sorry”, but she’d already carried a grudge toward him, and still kept hacking at Lin nonstop.

Lin’s mother pointed out, that after her son and his girlfriend returned home, they got into an argument, she’d tried to resolve it, but to NO avail, and so, she went upstairs to sleep, ten minutes later, she’d heard her son howled, and went she’d gone downstairs, she saw his girlfriend, hacking at him in the stairways, she ran outside to call for help.

After the police arrived at the scene, they saw that there was blood everywhere, and, they rushed Lin to the hospitals right away, and his girlfriend, was dumbfounded, on the floor.  The police took her blood alcohol, it was at 0.84, and Lin’s was 1.5, “the two of them were totally wasted.” The police said, that Lin’s left hand was hacked like the way that pork’s feet was chopped up, the multiple wounds showed the bones, broken tendons, and, his scalp was lifted up too, and he is in stable conditions after he was rushed to the hospital, but still needed to stay in the hospital longer for observations.  Lin’s head, and left arm, had only minor scrapes.

Lin’s mother decided to press charges on the damages to her son; Lin’s girlfriend stated, that Lin was the one who started hitting her first, and cut her left forearm with the kitchen knife.  The police booked Lin’s girlfriend on attempted murder charges yesterday.

And so, this, is what happens, when push comes to SHOVE, and, because this woman was NOT smart enough to file a complaint with the police the first time he used violence against her, that, is why she is now, charged with attempted murder, and this still just shows how mothers will always hover OVER their sons too.

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