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Her Favorite Childhood Memories

She’d sorted through that BIG book called her “childhood”, to find her favorite childhood memories…nope, not on this page, not on this one, not on this one, after she’d flipped through at LEAST a THOUSAND pages, she still ain’t (and your point is???) found.

Her favorite childhood memories, they’re NOWHERE to be found, probably because her childhood was NEVER as “flashy”, as happy as she was misled by her mind to believe to be.  Her favorite childhood memories, had been stolen, extracted from her brains already, and, she’s still, WRECKING her brains, to find them.

Her favorite childhood memories, she’d lost them now, as she was FORCED, to leave her childish fantasies behind, in order to become a “grown up”, and, many, many, many years later, when she’d finally looked back, she’d discovered, that those favorite memories she’d once held so dear, they’re already D-E-A-D, right in front of her, and, she wasn’t even there, for the “funeral services”, and, she became overwhelmed with sadness, and she’d started to mourn, for the losses she’d suffered, as a child…

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