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The Machines of This Country Used to Cover the Misbehaviors of the Party in Power, But, Can It, Make the People, Blind?

FINALLY we’re, only, begun to, wake up, but better late, than never, right???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It took Mirror T.V. from applying for the airing licensure, to actually start broadcasting, there were the rumors of the government’s intervening with the agencies to get the process quickly done, from the recently leaked out sound files of the board of trustees’ meetings at Mirror T.V., it’d shown, the government WAS, involved.  Toward this, “Presidential GRADE” scandal, the head of State, Su tried to wave it off by saying, “no need to look into it!”, this action is hinting at the various departments, the Examination Department, the D.A.’s Offices, to drop it, to keep working as that cloth to cover up the dirty of the party.  This means of handling, it’d caused us want to question further.

The irregular operations of “Mirror T.V.” the founder, Fei is really good at the dances, other than earning over tens of millions of dollars in consulting fees per year, the company switched a total of FOUR C.E.O.s in a year that’s never even, heard of.  To this very day, Mirror T.V. burned up close to its, two billion dollars N.T.s of capital, but, still passed the airing certifications because the DDP helped it pass the NCC’s reviews, and planned to kick TVBS News out of the prime channels for the news stations, showed that the C.E.O. Pei was unafraid.  Toward the leaked sound files, Pei originally stated that it’d been altered and edited; recently however, he’d changed to how he was boasting in the board meetings.  Clearly, he saw that things burned out of control, and had to, get himself severed, to not impact the government’s offices. And yet, his behaviors constitute as his lying to the members of the board of trustees, and no matter what, the D.A. needs to work even harder, to see if it’s his personal actions of fraud, or that if there’s the political party pressuring him.

like this, cartoon from online

There was a set protocol of how the machines of a country operated, and the, red tapes that should NOT be breached.  But as Tsai took power, the party not only dipped its hands into the independent operations of the various departments of the government, the party also treated the independent agencies as the hit man of the party, and used these agencies to manipulate the voting.  As the DDP wasn’t the party in power, it’d criticized the KMYT for “playing favorites”; and now, as the DDP took power, it’d abused its powers even more, did what it wanted to.  The election of this year, from the Examination Department to the Agricultural Committee, the Department of Economics, to the district attorneys and the police investigative offices, are all involved in the campaign trails, “neutral executive departments” “independently working the cases”, etc., etc., these ideals are, completely, gone.

Based off of the voice recording that were found of Mirror Television, other than the government’s suspecting of ordering the NCC to get the station off, the political manipulations were involved too.  Not only that, with Fei still as the C.E.O. of Mirror Magazines, he’d also, gone along with the DDP’s operations, and, accused the candidates of KMT, Chang, and Kao of plagiarizing the theses and dissertations, then, had the local DDP offices, pass out the preferences shown toward Mirror Media.  This sort of a politics-media relations, already gotten to covering each other’s actions.  And because of it, after Su the head of state’s stating that there’s “no need to examine the voice recording iles”, the Justice Department immediately sent the sound files and the case to the Shihlin’s D.A.’s Office, stated how it was only an investigation of the internal conflicts on Mirror Media, and not gone after the higher up department’s illegal behaviors.  All of these, are the justice system going, backwards.

And, the multiple government units also followed the dances o the party in power.  For instance, the agricultural department entering the races on its own, claimed that more than a decade ago, when Chang started working in the research cases of ACER, there were, six of his published articles that were, repeats.

For the government to earn the people’s trusts, they need to uphold the justice, to NOT play favorites, the impartiality, quite, vital.  And yet, as the machines of the country worked their hardest, to cover up for the party in power, it will only, destroy its own, reputations.

And so, this is what this DDP government does, cover up its own, bad behaviors, and the sad part about it is we’re still, allowing this god DAMN FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) to enslave us, because we are either, too FUCKED up stupid, or that we just, know that no matter how we try hard to fight, we can’t win, so we all, throw in, that towel!


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The Only Thing that Remained of the DDP Government is, a Machine that Read Off of the Scripts

Like that, sound recording that can playback, playback, playback, playback, playback, you get the idea, right???  Playing favorites, and at the WORST, possible time too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The earthquake with the epicenter in Taidong caused multiple hit-hard regions in Taidong and Hualien.  Two nights ago, the president, Tsai went to review the damages in the central disaster response center, this was originally supposed be a time when she can help comfort the people who lives in the regions, but instead, she’d become, like that machine that read off the script pages, making the people note, how the government had, lost its passions in running the country, for the, welfare of we the people.

The media press criticized the president as being “coldblooded” as she’d finished reading from the scripts then upped and out.  But this wasn’t her first time, the “Tsai response methods” of smiling on the press’s inquiries, waving to the public, turn then leave, became the “Tsai style” already.  Had it not been the Taidong government officials’ posting the article on how shocked they were at her response, and how they’d attended “the most cold-blooded, most pointless crisis intervention conference”, Tsai may still be living in her self-made “higher-up and aloof” image.

Although she had come in front of the press to apologize for her response, but the legislator from the party immediately helped patted things over, stating how the fault was the workers’ at the press conference.  Whether if this was scapegoating or not, even if it was a mistake in operations, had Tsai, the head of state, Su, after the major quakes, contacted the county office leaders of Taidong, of Hualien, to ask if they’re in need of assistance in their areas?  Or, is it like the party out of power’s criticisms of the DDP, that the help only arrives, when the “color was right”? 

In 2015, Tsai made the grand promise, “my government, the government of the DDP will be the most communicative of the governments in the history of Taiwan”, and now, as the earthquakes had hit, Tsai refused to connect by webcam conferences with the regions hit the hardest, because the leaders of these areas aren’t from her party, which made her a total HYPOCRITE, referring back to her statements of how her government would be the most communicative in history.

The government of Tsai had lost the care and concerns for the people, and found the “warmth she’d sought out with the party affiliated cities and counties” instead; for the sake of the election, she’d ignored how the former mayor of Hsinchu, Lin’s thesis had been confirmed by the N.T.U. for plagiarism, his degree retracted, ignored the right and wrong, with her whole party, backing Lin up, this showed, that there’s no limit to the party’s, sense of, shamelessness.

As disasters strike, the president is someone who helps keep our hearts steady.  And yet, what we see, is the president who’d feared facing up to the people’s needs, a government who’d lost the ability to communicate, and we the people can only, pray.

And yeah, the president’s got her head UP her ass here all right, only cared about the counties, cities where the DDP is more than likely to win the election at the end of year, without realizing, that hey you’re the leader of this whole country, despite what party affiliations may be ruling separately under you, and this sort of playing favorites, is really awful, because she only cared about the local areas where the DDP are in control of the governments, and not everybody else, and we’re, still, allowing for this DDP government and this @#$%ED up president, to rule over us?  Yeah, we’re, stupid all right!

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The Lives of the People, Reduced to Nothing More than the Weeds, with the Virus as, an, Alchemist

Things that are, currently, going on, in this, “free” (yeah uh, right!) country where I’m currently, residing in here, on how the government run by the DDP, had, scammed us all, of our tax dollars, and money that we’re, paying, into, everything we need, in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most tragic sight in Taiwan right now, is the E.R. of the northern region hospitals.  In the long lines, there were, members of the elderly, the weak, the children, the women, and there are those, who’d, wanted to get the confirmed diagnoses reports, to get their, insurance claim pay-offs.  The frontline of defense against MERS-CoV, isn’t impacted by the virus, but, by those who are, trying to, strike it rich, taking advantage of, the pandemic.

The head of state, Su couldn’t block the tsunami of the pandemic, declared that he was going to lead the war to fight, and yet, made us, taxpayers, stand in those, long lines, for our ration of, the quick-scan kits.  The manufacturers that Chen found, held the ordering slips tight, but couldn’t make enough supplies, and, the people had no other options, but to, rush into the E.R., to get the help they’re, in need of.  The government led by Tsai had, monopolized the resources used to defend against the spread of MERS-CoV, and, split the loot up among those in her own party, made the “bonuses from the pandemic”, and, all those, opportunists now all, want a, share of that, tasty, pie.

The insurance companies took advantage of that win-win, sold off eight million insurance policies of the pandemic, but not expected, that the government is, changing to “coexisting with the virus” currently, and, set the fifteen-percent rate of confirmed diagnoses as the bottom lines of their, policies.  And so, that chicken now lays out, the landmines, and, the insured treated contraction as winning that lotto, and, rammed into the E.R., to get their, lotto winnings, crumbling the medical resource provisions, and the insurance companies.

The financial supervisory commission approved all the problematic insurance policies first, and, as shady things happened, they’d, stated to the insurance companies, “honesty is our policies”.  What’s odd was, the policies of the government, was like that boomerang that came flying back, where’s the government’s, liabilities?  The insurance agencies got stabbed by the government in the back and they had to, take in all those, losses, but the CDC is involved in the black box operations of the purchasing of the test kits, set the prices of the kits too high, allowing the merchants to make it off rich on this, pandemic that’s, taken over the country.  And, is the DDP’s moral, equivalent to, its, immoralities? 

The world paled by comparison to Taiwan all right.  The government struck it rich on the vaccines, the quick scan kits, the locals are, gambling on the insurance pay-offs, from the tiny eatery, to the financial industries, everybody is involved in alchemy, using the virus as the golden key.  What’s sad was, a lot of the ordinary citizens in the population, are already, tried enough to make their ends meet, to buy the insurances, to get to work on time, they can only, line themselves up, to buy the quick scan kits they are required to use.  And surely, the affiliates of the DDP surely, earned their share of, the extra pay-offs from the outbreaks of MERS-CoV.

And so, this, is how this government, cheated us all, out of the money we paid in the taxes, and, these higher up officials are still pocketing these, funds, from the quick-scan kits sales, the vaccines manufactured by Medigenvac, which still hadn’t passed the second stage trial phases, and we the people, are letting the government do this shit to us?  Are we, fucking (don’t pardon me here!) retarded, or are we, fucking, stupid???

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After the Critters Were Blamed, Next Comes, the Virus

How the DDP is, abusing power, and ruining WE the people’s lives, and we the people, are still, enslaved, and equally to blame, for allowing the political party to do this to this god DAMN country that I’m currently, residing in right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The strongest abilities of the government led by Tsai, other than the massive use of propagandas, she’s also, very good, at, evading responsibilities as well.  From before, the frequent outages by the Taipower Company, all the culprits were, found, including, birds, squirrels, snakes, monkey, and other critters from the wild.  And yet, as we’d, thought, that this was it, and, yet, these past couple of days, Chen’s, “You want something to blame, blame the virus”!, it’d put the Taipower Company’s claims, to shame.

As the number of confirmed contractions surpassed the 10,000s, the locals are in a panic.  The quick scan system of purchase came, and yet, a lot of us can’t get the test kits; some worried that they may have contracted the virus, and the CPR reports is still, stalled, can’t get through to 1922, it’s a, total, mess.  Toward all of these messy situations, Chen lightly, summed it up with, “blame the virus!”, wow, he really, is good, dodging his, responsibilities as the head of the CDC.  If we can only blame the virus, then, what the HECK do we need our government for?

If it wasn’t, sarcastic enough, blaming the lacking of electricity onto the critters in the wild.  And now, as the lacking of the medical supplies, the policies being not quite there for the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, he’d, blamed it on the “virus”, an even, lesser, living organism.  We have the legislation, passing the help bills in the outbreaks with over 800 billion dollars to be used, the officials, the heads of departments have absolute power in allocating these, resources, including punishing the “noncompliant” citizens.  And now, as the government officials misjudged the situations, the policies gone bust, people don’t know what to do; and then, the head of the CDD, waved his, big arms said, “blame it on the virus!”, and how are we, the people, supposed to, take that?

There’s that red light in electricity provisions these past few days, and it had NOTHING to do with those, wildlife creatures, and everybody who can SEE, knows that the problem lies in the policies.  And, this is the same, for the massive numbers of outbreaks happening right now.  And, here’s, the food for thought: when the critters of the forests, the virus all got, blamed for the mistakes in the policies by the government, who shall become, the next, scapegoat when something else go wrong?

And this still just showed, how this god damn government that’s, ruining this country, is still not, manning up, shouldering ITS responsibilities, admitting that it’d made the miscalculations in the policies, and making the changes, so the means of defense against MERS-CoV, the power outage is, resolved.

Because the DDP only cares about keeping its own party members in office, it does NOT give a flying FUCK if the people’s lives are, ruined, and it still feels so good about itself too!

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The Government “with the Mouths But No Ears”

So, it’s the ADULTS that runs this, god damn, government of ours then, because, the Taiwanese idiom stated, “Children have no mouths, only ears”, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The few policies made by the CDC had all been, “passed upward the chain of command”, no “horizontal contacts”, let alone, listening to the voices of, we the, people.  And the end result, the authoritarian decisions upset the people completely.  And so, this is what Tsai called, “the most interactive, communicative, government”?

For instance, the three-dose mandates, for those who are going on the tour groups, it’d caused a ton of troublesome refund issues for the travel agencies, hotels, as well as the tourists too, and, the estimated loss of business is past a hundred billion dollars N.T.  The head of transportation said it wasn’t his fault, stated, that “I’d only known about this mandate after it was in effect on the following day on the newspapers.”; turns out, Chen, the head of CDC only reported to Su, the head of state, and not even, gotten the perspectives from the Department of Transportation at all.  And, after the upsets came, the government started, finding the holes, said, that those who’d been vaccinated with their second dose who’d not made the twelve-week period, can get into the tour groups, that those with the physicians’ notes, stating they’re unfitting for the vaccinations can also, tour with the groups as well; totally, making troubles, for themselves!

And, the same, “Three-Dose Mandate” hit, were the gyms, as well as those who exercise in the gyms, everybody was upset, that the gyms are seen as the “eight major occupations”.  And, as expected, the Department of Education hadn’t been notified beforehand; the officials of the kinesiology department told, that they’d “received their orders at the same time those gyms got their, notices”.  The officials of the Department of Sanitation and Welfares claimed” we’re NOT the management units of the gyms; then, why had NOT the officials, communicated with the managerial department before setting up these, policies?

From the curves that showed how the epidemic is starting back up again, Chen took up the role of “outrageous head of C.D.C.”  For two and a half years on end, he’d, turned the world with his loud mouth, and, we the people, dared NOT defied his, authorities.  But now, as the epidemic is out of control once more, he’d still sat up high and mighty, not listened to the advice of experts, and the opinions of we the people, is he totally, oblivious, that he could, keep us hovered up, and blind?

Now, what’s left of the C.D.C, is only, that blabbing mouth, with nobody’s else’s opinions coming into the ears, and this, was the summation of the government, led by, Tsai.

And so, this is we (collectively speaking, that is) the people, suffering the long-term consequences, for voting an INCOMPETENT president into office, and the president still, thinks she couldn’t be touched, because, that, is how the DDP works, with, a long, list of, dummy scapegoats, so the high up officials, can’t be, touched!

And, we are all, ruled, by this SHIT right now too.

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