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“I Was Touched Inappropriately by Someone!”, the Police Don’t Take These Claims Seriously Enough…

Violence toward women, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sexual harassment of Wei-Ting Chen had become a chain reaction, actually a lot of ladies had similar experiences, but most of them kept silent, and in the end, the experiences of them getting sexually harassed became a dark cloud that they live under for the duration of their lives.

This experience is very uncomfortable and you can NEVER forget it.

As I was in high school, on the busses, someone got close to me, and touched my buttocks, that, was the very first time something like that had happened to me, I was too shy to make a sound, and, the psycho got off the bus; another time was when I was walking on the roads in the early evenings, and, a motorist came towards me on his motorcycle and attacked my breast, and, in the shocking feelings, the motorist was already gone.

Later on, for several years on end, whenever I’d walked on the streets or taken the busses alone, I’d be overcome with fear, I’d had to keep looking behind me, and this sort of an invisible pressures kept pounding down on me, and I’d even started asking myself, “What, did I do wrong?”

Later on, as I rode the MRT, this fear grew and grew.  Every time when we go to and get off of work, is when those PSYCHOTIC losers try to find their next victims.

Once, I was wearing a skirt as I rode down the escalator, I kinda felt that someone had touched the back of my calves, and back then, I’d thought, that it was inevitable that in a crowded situation, but, as I’d turned my head around, I saw but one man behind me, standing close, behind my heels; then, I was touched once more, and I’d turned around, and there was just me and him riding on the escalators, so I’d called, “photographing!  You were trying to see my underpants!”

The wolf was caught in the act, he ran fast, but, was blocked by the transferring crowd in the MRT, I’d called out for help from the station police.

I’d told the police, “he was taking pictures of underneath my skirt!”  the officer asked the suspect, “Did you do it?”, but this psycho said as if nothing had happened, “No I wasn’t, deleted it all!”

I was so furious, I didn’t know where my courage came from, but I’d grabbed his phone from him, to prove, that he was lying.  In the end, with the mediation of the officers and attorneys, we’d settled, but I’m really afraid, of meeting up with him on the streets now, and fearing that the man would use the information that his attorney received about me, to harass me, and I’d walked on eggshells for one to two years afterwards.

Four years ago, while I was riding from Guting to Dingxi Station, I’d felt, that someone was touching my waist, and slowly, the man’s hands slid to my buttocks, then, the door of the MRT trains opened up, and I turned around, saw a middle-aged “wolf”.

He was shorter than I was, I grabbed his collar, called out, “help me catch a sexual predator, don’t let him escape!”, and, a lot of people who was witnessing this raucous just ran and hid.

Later on, a kind man waited with me for the MRT police officers to come take my statements, at first, he thought it was a “lover’s quarrel”.  I’d waited for about twenty minutes, the MRT police officers finally showed up, and they still didn’t take this matter seriously enough, they’d even set up a small room for us, wanted us to talk of the settlements.

I was totally unwilling, but the officer said that there was glass window from the room that he could monitor the goings on inside from the outside.

Later on, the “wolf” finally admitted to touching my buttocks, and he’d gotten down on his knees and begged, “I have family, children too, if I get sent to jail, I couldn’t work, and couldn’t provide for my family anymore!”

I thought that it was just an excuse, but, when he’d lifted his head, his forehead was covered with blood, and that was enough, to soften me down, in the end, I didn’t report it, I truly hope, that he’d learned his lessons.

Later on, as I recalled these sexual harassments, I’d felt, that “the only way to stop these bad actions is by getting tougher myself”.

The atmosphere of the society is all about “keeping things hushed up”, but, these “wolves” are already addicted to sexual harassments, and, a lot of them have the balls to commit the crimes, but not the balls to own up to what they’d done; if the party being harassed isn’t tough, actually, it’s feeding to the “wolves” bad behaviors.

Ladies, all we can do, is to put our armors on, and stand UP against these men, so, the justice system can do right by us!

This, is one woman’s experience, and, it’s really bad, how the society IS feeding to these M***ER F***ERS’ bad behaviors, because the cops are not taking this matter seriously enough, which gives those predators more excuse to commit these sexual assaults, and, each and every time something like this is done, the victims still suffered endlessly.

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