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A Young Child Rode Around on a Water Motorcycle, After Five to Six Times Riding, She Was Riding it for the Last Time, and She Fell into the Waters and Drowned

S-P-L-A-S-H-E-D, literally, across the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nine-year-old girl, Yang yesterday followed her family to the place where the Hualien Stream emptied out into the oceans, she and her four other cousins rode on the water motorcycles, and, as the motorcycle made a huge turn, she’d fallen into the waters, and five hours later, her body was found, and, after the family rushed her to the hospital, she’d still died.

The Grandfather’s Birthday Became the Granddaughter’s Day of Untimely Demise

Yesterday was the birthday of the little girl, Yang’s grandfather, and the whole family went out to a picnic for the occasion, and the birthday of the grandfather had become the date of death of the granddaughter, the whole family was very sad.

The place where the Hualien Stream emptied out into the oceans had always been a place where people rode on water motorcycles, and players would often come here to test ride, the oceanfront was seemingly peaceful, but, at about fifty meters offshore, there was a deeper place, and this, is where accidents happen mostly.  Last month on the tenth, the rescue team of the Hualien area held an activity, three were taken away by the waves, but gladly, NOBODY was hurt.

The Five Children Were NOT Wearing Safety Vests

At dusk, the professional rider, Wu was about to go, the four kids begged for one more last right, and the little girl, Yang was originally NOT going, but, was persuaded by her older cousins.  And the five children got on, without life vests, and, as there was a turn about fifty meters away from the shores, they’d lost foothold and four of the kids fell into the waters.

At which time, the professional rider, Wu, quickly managed to grab two of the kids who fell, another professional rider also jumped into the water and saved another, the child, Yang, couldn’t swim, and she’d gotten carried by the waves, and, nobody had spotted her until even nine in the evenings, the families started burning paper money by the shorelines and cried, “Younger sister, younger sister”.  The fire department started the search and rescue immediately, and the air rescue team also came, sent out choppers to help, and finally, they’d found her at ten nineteen at night, and when they’d pulled her up, she wasn’t breathing, and after they’d rushed her to the hospitals, she’d still died.

The child’s mother said, that the professional riders were kind enough to take the kids out, and that it was on a spur of the moment, that, was why they were NOT wearing protective vests, that she didn’t expect the accident to occur, and she didn’t blame the professional riders.

And, had this young child NOT gone, as she didn’t want to go, she may NOT have died, but, because it was her time, and that, was why this could NOT have been prevented, and, the what-ifs are of NO use at all, a life is still lost…


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