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A Mother Was Unhappy with the Test Scores that Her Daughter Made on Her High School Entrance Exams, She Leapt Off the Building in Front of Her Own Daughter’s Eyes

Overbearing parents, your children ARE the ones who are (or rather, should be) TROUBLED by the examinations, and you can’t handle it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An emotionally unstable woman, Liu, because her daughter performed badly on her examinations recently, she’d gone up to the twelfth floor roof yesterday morning, to jump, even though the daughter found her mother in time, but she wasn’t able to stop her, she’d still taken the leap right in front of her child, the daughter had a mental breakdown right then and there.

As the police came to understand the facts, the family told, that because Liu had been diagnosed with depression, she’d been on medication for five years, and had suicidal behaviors and thoughts from before; and recently, she was troubled by how her daughter didn’t perform well enough on her middle school exam, she got depressed again, the family was already on high alert, yesterday, when they discovered that she was not in the house, they’d gone up to the top floors of their building immediately, but, they were still, a bit too late.

Based off of understanding, early at nine in the morn, Liu walked up to the roof of the building, as the daughter found that the mother wasn’t at home, she’d gone up to the roof to find her, she’d found her mother, sitting by the fences, she’d called out to her mother, “mom, don’t jump”, the mother replied, “Don’t come any closer”.

The girl ran to call the security guard, and, as she’d climbed back up, the mother took the leap right in front of the daughter’s eyes, landed on the second floor balcony.  The fire department and the police had about to go up to try to console Liu to not jump, as they’d gotten to the top floors, the security guard told them, “She just jumped”, and, everybody who was there was so shocked, especially the adolescent girl who bore witness to her own mother’s suicide, she was so shaken up.

The school instructor mentioned, that the mother had hoped that the daughter would take the specialized examinations or to retake the exams again, but the girl wanted to go to the school she’d gotten in yesterday, the mother couldn’t accept the outcomes of the child’s scores, and, that, combined with her depression, may have been what caused her to suicide.  The female student blamed herself, just cried nonstop, this made everybody who saw her, feel the heartaches.  The school stated, that they’d already assigned professionals to her house, to counsel her, and will keep an eye on this girl in the future.

Liu’s husband is a regular nine-to-five worker, yesterday as he was called, he’d rushed home, heartbroken, thought about how broken his family became, the father and daughter held on to one another and cried.

The senior doctor of psychiatry, Su said, that this patient would think about all the negatives of life, and has a low handle on stress and pressure, even though, she was taken medications, but she’d still magnify the effects of some events.

Su believed, that the mother, taking the leap in front of the daughter, it would cause serious traumas in the child, and she’s carry the guilt inside, and that someone should show her constant concerns and guidance.

And so, what DOES this mother leave behind?  Pains, sufferings, guilt, and loss, among other things, and, because of her prior diagnosis of depression, that is probably what made this woman cracked, and this, is when a parent cared too much, so what IF your kid didn’t do well on her/his exams, it’s her/his life, let her/him handle it, STOP carrying it ALL on yourselves, STUPID parents!!!

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