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A Child, Waiting for Home

A child, sitting outside the group home, looks toward the road, what’s s/he waiting for, an adult asks.  “Home”, the child replies.

A child, waiting for home, and yet, how many of them actually DO get a good home, to grow up safe and sound in?  And, what of those early years of being abandoned, doesn’t that make them scarred for life already?  And, who ELSE would want someone who’s been “damaged” (for the lack of a better word)?

A child, waiting for home, s/he will keep on waiting, until s/he turns eighteen, and gets “released” back into the “wild”, and, from there, how s/he develops?  Well, it’s entirely UP to fate to make the calls here.

A child, waiting for home, how is this possible?  Aren’t ALL children born in a home?  A child, waiting for home, because mama and daddy are going through a rough time, and, they simply can’t afford to keep her/him, and so, s/he got bounced around, with absolutely NO sense of security, and, how do you think this kid will grow up?











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