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Face-to-Face, with the Man Who Killed My Family

Someone had, took my beloved family members from me, and, can’t stop hating him for it, he’d taken someone I loved away.

And now, I’m face-to-face, with the man who killed my family, and I have a gun.  I have a decision to make, to either take matters into my own hands, shoot him, kill him, or let the law take its course, and he will get convicted, and, serve his hard time for what he’d taken from me.

I’d struggled, really hard, to make this decisions, I mean, if I were to kill him, nobody would see my behaviors as bad, and I had, really, wanted to, take vengeance into my own hands.  Face-to-face, with the man who killed my family, I thought I could remain calm and collected, like I’d rehearsed over a million times already, but, when I saw him, that suppressed rage, it all, flowed back up to the surface, and, I felt such strong anger………





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