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Only Wanted to Have a Child


My youngest sister-in-law since she was younger, had made up her mind about having a child, after having several wrong turns, on the verge of becoming an elderly pregnant woman, had found the right man.

After she’d married, she’d severed her ties with getting offered promotions, socializing out with friends, traveling, along with other kinds of beautiful temptations, nor does she dare longed for the sweetness of the honeymoon, she’d started working hard with her husband, to have a baby, before she’s headed into menopause, so she could have the joys of being a mother.

Several years after they wed, my youngest sister-in-law had tried countless ways, and found medical help, she’d tried it all, and, from being an atheist before, she’d started going to the temples of the Goddess in charge of birth.

And still her unmoving faith didn’t move the heavens, but she’d held firm to the belief of she must worked hard, she’d finally gotten beaten by another failure, and became extremely depressed.

Her husband’s sister and sister-in-law had several children, once, the in-laws and her husband suggested that she’d take one of his nephews and love him as her own, she’d broken down, and, ever since, she’d never gone back to her husband’s house again.

Later on, my youngest sister-in-law and a friend went to volunteer at the Association for Abandoned Children, and she’d started seeing the light, and had her smiles and self-confidence slowly returned back to her.  She’s now, focused on going to the center, to help counsel and help the abandoned children as the center of her life, and it’d gotten her husband’s families doubts, that she’d shown more care and concern to strangers’ children more so than those kids who are related to her husband, and they’d all shunned her.

But I believe what she’s doing is amazing, my husband and I are both supportive of what she is doing.  I deeply understood the maternal instinct that my youngest sister-in-law has for giving to children, but, there is this unspoken mixed feelings from her husband’s household, with too much anger, jealousy, upset, and loneliness too, so she couldn’t show any love toward her husband’s nephews.

Actually, in caring for those children who really need, it’s even more so meaningful.  The shaking hands or hugging from these aunts who volunteered can change a kid’s life forever, brightening their futures, and for my youngest sister-in-law who’s had such difficulties in having babies, it’s a kind of salvation, I suppose.

After her failed attempts to have children, she’d transferred her love and wishes of having kids to kids who are strangers to her, and, it must’ve been hard for this woman, seeing how everybody is with families, imagine the pains she must’ve endured, and in the end, she’d still overcome, and gave her love to those really needing it.

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