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As She Saw Their Bodies Floated Across the Waters

She’d grabbed on, to what she could, to help herself surface, and, she was the sole survivor, of this tragic “accident” of fate.

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, she couldn’t help, but feel that chill down her spine, she looked around, for another person who had survived just as she, and listened real close, to hear the other person’s calls for S.O.S., but, there was, just nothing, but this, deafening silence, that surrounded her…

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, there was, nothing she could do, as she felt death, tightening its grips, around her body, as well as her neck, she sank down, took a few gulps of that salty seawater, then, she’d resurfaced, and, this time, there was, NO dead bodies, it was just her there, sinking, and floating, in this vast ocean, and, she distinctively recalls, traveling with her family, on that family vacation…

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, there was nothing she could’ve done, to save anybody else, her life was spared, and she couldn’t understand why, because everything, everybody that ever meant something to her, is all gone…

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The Woman Whose Face Was Cut Off: He Was Nice to Me

Are you FUCKING shitting me, this would be, a CLASSIC case of identifying WITH the abuser, from the Front Page Sections, a “follow-up” from yesterday’s news here…

The woman whose nose, lips, and ears got cut off by her boyfriend, Huang in his late seventies, Chu, after emergency resuscitation along with sutures to patch her face up, yesterday, she’d still told the paramedics, “He’s truly very nice to me,” it’d made the paramedics feel even sorrier for her.

Chu told the paramedics, that Huang had splashed an unknown liquid onto her face, tied her wrists and ankles up, she couldn’t move, she felt the pains, and so, she’d closed her eyes, then, felt Huang using a knife to cut off her nose, followed by insurmountable pains, then, she couldn’t recall what had happened to her next.

The manager of the psychiatric center of justice, Wang claimed that Chu had gone through too much shock, and too much trauma, she’d shown signs of the classic PTSD, and would selectively recall certain events, and forgetting others that are more painful, so that, was why she couldn’t recall the details when she was being mutilated.

The plastic surgery department doctor, Shi said, that Chu’s lips, nose, eyes, and ears all had wounds and are now, wrapped up with bandages, and it felt incomplete, and Chu was probably aware of herself being hurt, but couldn’t know the extent of the damages, and, gladly, her eyesight wasn’t damaged too much, she could still see light and shadows of people yesterday.

“The lips active muscles are completely damaged, it would be hard, for her, to flash her smiles from here on out.”  Shi stated, that the muscles around the lips are tied to the action of smiling; and there are multiple wounds on her face, that it would be very hard, for the team of doctors to reconstruct it back, the major repairs, he’d estimated, would be from five to ten times, and the more delicate work, about ten times, and, this sort of a serious injury, no matter how good the plastic surgery work, there would be permanent scars, and, she will no longer look natural anymore.

Chu kept herself well regularly, she looked younger than her real age, two days ago in the afternoon when she woke, she’d cared about the scars, and the paramedics and her family member didn’t tell her the extent of the damages on her face, they’d all told her to rest up.

The paramedics started asking her how she was yesterday, she’d told them of how she’d interacted with Huang daily, she’d said to them calmly, “He’s nice to me”, then she’d inquired on how the patching up of her face and the scars, and the paramedics felt NO animosities toward Huang that she should be feeling, her family, although hated the extreme measures that Huang had taken, but they worried that if they got too worked up, it might affect Chu and made her realize the seriousness of the extent of her injuries, they’d all managed to keep their calm.

Wang claimed, that Chu hadn’t realized the seriousness of the extent of the damages on her face, and is now, worried about the scars left by the surgical measures, that she hadn’t felt that strong hatred toward Huang yet, and this, is good for her, hopes and a positive outlook on life will make her recoveries quicker.

But this is because she still doesn’t know the EXTENT of her injuries, and imagine how much SHOCK she will have to deal with, when she realized, that the extent of her injuries are way more serious than the families and the paramedics or the hospital staff’s letting on?


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