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Bidding on Her Virginity

Bidding on her virginity, that, was what she’d allowed them (Satan and his “cohort”) to do…

Welcome, to the A-U-C-T-I-O-N house!!!

We have here, someone’s virginity up for grabs, let’s see what’s on the “lot” here, it’s a young soul, she’s very beautiful, a little past her puberty years, and, ready to give herself to a loving man, any takers??? Bidding on her virginity, that, was what she’d allowed them to do, even though she knew, that it’s all a huge lie, for she will NEVER willingly (meaning that it would be R-A-P-E???), give her virginity to ANY man on earth!  But those idiotic losers still fall head over heels, for the fact that she’s a V-I-R-G-I-N!  And so, she’d let them, bid on her virginity.

Bidding on her virginity, how high will it go? Well, it depends, is she as pure as she thinks she is, is she as pure as she claims herself to be?  Had she never been touched, at all?  All of these, are things to consider, when bidding on her virginity, but, only she knows of these silent “rules”, the rest of those losers who can’t stop gawking, ogling at her, have ABSOLUTELY NO clue!


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