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Raped by an Older Schoolmate, Finally the Teacher Detects that Something May be Wrong

As IF our teenage years aren’t turbulent enough already??? Translated…

A second year junior high school girl last November, was tricked into going out with an older classmate and his friends, the older classmate, Hsu, along with the rest of the group took turns raping her, Hsu threatened to tell the girl’s grandmother, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, the boys took turns raping her six times in that month, her abnormal behaviors got the attention of the instructor in the cram school, upon inquiring, learned that she was raped, and the instructor called the cops.

The police found, that the young girl lived with her grandmother, last November, she received a phone call late at night from Lee, to ask her out to the parks to chat, and, when she’d gotten there, she found herself to be among other older guys and a couple of classmates, drinking on the balcony, the four youths, after getting drunk, forcibly removed the girl’s underwear, the girl screamed out no, she fought them, but to no avail, Hsu got his way with her, and the rest of the other three had raped her with their hands.

A few days later, Hsu asked the girl to come to his place to chat, the girl wouldn’t, Hsu said that if she didn’t then, he’ll tell the grandmother about what they’d done to her, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, so, she complied. Upon arriving, she found that one of the guys who had raped her before was there, along with another unknown male, one of them tied her wrists up behind her with a cloth, covered her eyes. Hsu had raped her once more, the two other guys used their fingers, and had the girl guessed who did it.

Later, Hsu along with his gang had asked her out four other times, they’d gathered up at the stage at some elementary school, along with a motel, to take advantage of the girl, afterwards, they’d let her leave on her own. The girl was damaged on the inside, but, feared letting her family know, so, she didn’t call the cops, nor had she told her family.

The cram school instructor had noticed how she had a lot on her mind lately, always wore a frown, like she’s got something heavy on her mind, after talking with her, the girl finally revealed what had happened, and the instructor took the girl to the police station right away.

The cops interrogated the seven youths, Hsu admitted to raping the young girl many times, the rest of the youths said that because it was fun, so, they’d masturbated her. The cops took the seven individuals to juvenile court.

Wow, so, raping someone with your fingers had become an afterschool entertainment then? Had the instructor not discovered that something wasn’t quite right with the girl, God knows how long she’d have to carry her secrets.

This is violence against women, because those stupid losers thought that they could get away with it, because she didn’t tell anybody the time before, so, they could do it, over, over, over, and over again, until they feel satisfied.  Are you kidding me? This IS antisocial behavior, mixed with narcissistic behavior (that covers the two “male-prone “personality disorders here!!!), and, if those young males weren’t straightened out, then, guess what they’ll end up doing? Raping for the rest of their lives, thinking of women as objects, because OMG, I’d done it more than once to that girl from way back don’t recall when…are you kidding me? Where the H-E-C-K are the boys even getting this sort of behaviors? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s from their D-A-D-D-I-E-S, or from other male figures in their lives.

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