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Naked Girls, L-I-V-E!!!

Like I give a, flying FUCK!!!  Those of you interested in knowing, I got them TITS on top too.

So, why the FUCK (no need to pardon me still!!!), you still, comin’ on to me, huh?  And, you DO realize, that even if I were into that sort of shits, I still, wouldn’t FLASH my “needs” to the “general public”, right?  So, why you ladies, screwing your selves over like that, huh?

And, don’t you got something, better to do, than to, sit in front of that webcam, and wait, for someone, to TURN you on?  This is still, S-H-I-T, if you ask me (but HECK, W-H-O asked you???  EXACTLY!!!

like, this???查看來源圖片photo found online

Naked girls, L-I-V-E!!!  That’s what “we” (don’t ask who “We” are!!!) are, advertising, ‘cuz, we all know this, god damn, FUCKING (like I’d already said???) “market economy” way too well, ‘cuz we (more like me, myself, AND I, collectively!!!) are still, operating on the basic principles of, SUPPLY AND, D-E-M-A-N-D, and it’s just, that even as there are, NO demands, we still, supply, UN-conditionally, UN-endingly…

You have, GOT to be, shitting me here!!!

And, those of you interested in knowing, I’m a WOMAN, even though, I might have, changed my “sex” on my profiles to a D-U-D-E, ‘cuz I’m still, a BIOLOGICAL, W-O-M-A-N here, and no, for the, UMPTEENTH time, I still don’t have the “problem” of, G.I.D. (gender identity disorder anyone???)…

查看來源圖片 and, this, is ALL you’ll, EVER need, to “set up shop”!!!  Photo from online

Naked girls, L-I-V-E!!!  Wouldn’t you like, to come and watch all of us, WHORES, do our, striptease for ya, huh?  And, if you pay extra, we’ll, let you, touch (yeah right, and IN your FREAKIN’ god DAMN, dreams, L-O-S-E-R-S!)_

So, STOP soliciting S-E-X, you BITCHES and WHORES, or ELSE!!!

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Why Men Would be Interested in Porn…

Ooh, ooh, ooh, can I take a WHACK at it???  Any OTHER takers???  Fine then, you HAVE the “floor” now…

Why men would be interested in porn?  Well, let’s see, besides that FACT that you are ALL pigs, oh, and your DICKS are connected to your B-R-A-I-N-S (oh wait, my BAD, you don’t got that part, the brain, that is…).

The reason why men would be interested in porn, is still because you M***ER F***KERS (like I said, I “maxed OUT”???) are sight “creatures”, you use your eyes, and, that just gets a LOT of you in trouble.

Why men would be interested in porn?  Well, perhaps, because deep down in your way too FUCKING (oopsy!!!) tiny PEA-SIZED brains, you know damn well, that there’s NO way you will EVER win us (you know, beat us at anything???) and so, you losers would take to P-O-R-N, to “dominate” us, after all, in those pornographic videos, aren’t a LOT of the ladies submissive?  That, is W-H-Y, losers love porn, and that, is why, ALL you shady ladies out there are providing them (the pornographic photos, videos, etc., etc., etc., etc.), because of the BASIC principle of ECONOMICS: SUPPLY AND DEMAND, hello, hello, hello, hadn’t anybody BEEN listening in this lecture hall of mine, or, MUST I take my clothes off, and do you losers a STRIPTEASE (uh, you W-I-S-H!!!) to get your FULLY, and totally UNDIVIDED attention there???  F-O-C-U-S, people!!!


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The Incidences of Rape in India

This, is still a story from a WAY-TOO-BACKWARD country in a world that’s fastly moving forward, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the provinces of Northern India, in just three weeks, there had been FOUR incidences of women being kidnapped, gang raped, then, hung on the trees until they’d died, the prime minister Modi called out to the politicians, to offer protections to the women in the country.

The population of northern India had exceeded 200,000,000, it’s the most densely populated region in India, also one of the poorest provinces of the country too.  There had been multiple incidences of women who are from lower status quos getting raped, and the women had often succumbed to the pressures from the police, and these incidences are reduced because of the press, reporting on them, but, it’s not eliminated altogether.

On the northern regions, the corpse of a nineteen-year-old woman was found, hung on the trees, the family members stated that she was raped before she died, and the coroners are doing an autopsy to confirm their claims.

And, there was a forty-five year old woman who was from a lower socioeconomic status who’d gone up north to the doctors, on the evening of the tenth, she’d lost contact with her families, and her dead body was found the very next day, hung, on the trees, and was suspected of being raped, then murdered.  The police had already taken five male suspects into custody, but NO arrests had been made yet.

Even the subprecincts of the police department had sex scandals.  A woman who was victimized, went to a county jail to visit her husband who was taken into custody because of possession of weapon, she was bribed by the assistant deputy for 20,000 rupees.  She’d refused to take his bribe, and, on the early morning of the tenth, she was forcibly taken to the back of the police dorms, located behind the station, and was gang raped by the assistant deputy and two other officers for two hours.  After that, her husband was released, and the officers warned her NOT to tell what happened to her to anybody else.  The victim came out to the police chief, that, was when this got blown wide open.  The assistant deputy had already been caught, but the two officers are still at large.

The Prime Minister of India, Modi called out to the politicians to offer protection to women, that, was the very first statement he’d issued on the topic of sex violence since he took office in May.

And so, this, is HOW it works, in the “bad parts” of the world, where women are seen as items, NOT as people, and if you’re a woman from those areas, then, you got NO right, because you are seen as properties of men, and this, is still NOT isolated incidences of violence against women in India, or anywhere for that matter, and, it is going to happen again, maybe NOT in the same regions, or the same country, even, but, it WILL happen again, because the world is still NOT well aware enough yet.

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The Son of a Man in Charge of a Borough Molested a Middle School Girl, Got Five Years in Prison

Bringing shame to the family name, translated…

The son of a man, in charge of a borough in Sanchung was found guilty for attempting to molest two middle school girls, yesterday, he was charged and sentenced to five year prison term by the D.A., the D.A. also found that when the parents of the victims called the cops, the man in charge of the borough had once showed up at the police station to show his concerns for them, later, the sub precinct had charged him with a less serious sexual harassment suit, the D.A. will look into the matter to see IF the chief of police had been out of line.

Hong, the son was in college and is still in custody, and a representative showed up to show his “concern” at the city jail, stating that Hong’s examinations are coming up, hoping that they could release him back into his father’s custody so he could finish school.  Hong’s father yesterday said that he was only an assistance to the man in charge of the borough, that he couldn’t have used his relations to press the police, and that if the child had done something wrong, then, he must face the judgments of the law.

The complaint stated that at nine on February 15, the 19-year-old male had followed a middle-school girl into where she lived, forced himself on top of her, and touched her inappropriately, and said to her, “I love you”; after leaving the first scene of the crime, he followed another girl into the elevator, then, he grabbed her from behind, touching her breasts, then, he ran off.

The cops got a hold of the surveillance cameras and got him, Hung claimed that because of emotional distress, he had NO clue of what he was doing at the time.  The D.A. blamed Hung for not apologizing to the girls he had attempted to rape, his father is a public figure, and was forceful toward the police who was investigating the case, and, after considering how the perpetrator had NO sign of remorse, they’re asking for five years in prison.

The assistant police station manager Hsu said, that based off of the subprecinct manager’s words, the man had followed the girls into the stairs, hugged them from behind, then, touched their breasts and their pubic regions, and decided that it WAS against the law of forceful sexual behaviors.

As for the part where the man in charge of the borough abused his power, Hsu said that he was only showing UP at the scene as the father of the suspect, and the cops were merely asking on behalf of the man in charge of the borough if the victims were willing to settle, the victims insisted on pressing charges, and so, the precinct did so accordingly.

Another case of a man, who used his father’s position of power to rape others, and, the father had tried covering the son’s ass too, and, the perp claimed that he doesn’t know what he was doing, because he’d been under emotional duress, are you kidding me?

So, basically what this is saying is that if you had molested or raped someone, so long as you can prove that OMG, I wasn’t myself when I did it, you’d get off the hook easy, and that, is still UNJUST.

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When a Woman Tries to Get a Restraining Order from Her Husband…

From the newspapers, this, is what a woman “earns” herself when she tries to get away, translated…

After a man name Chiu separated from his wife, he’d beaten her up twice, the wife had filed for a restraining order. On the day of the court appearances, Chiu took advantage of the time that his wife was waiting for the red lights, pushed her mo-ped down, dragged her back to his place, then, raped her, and controlled her whereabouts. The wife waited until the husband drove her close to the nearby courts, she made her escape, and asked for help at the simple courts.

Chiu (age 60), admitted to having an argument with his wife, but denies having used physical violence against her, and said that his wife was willing to become intimate with him on her own. But the D.A. in Taipei, based off of the report of the hospitals, believed that the wife’s tear in her lower bodies, then, they took the man in for forced rape, restricting of her freedoms, and harm charged him.

The man and his wife were separated because they couldn’t get along, and from before, Chiu had a history of violence; last January, the two individuals got into it in the bathroom, Chiu got angry, started hitting his wife, causing her head to swell and redden.

Chiu’s wife feared for her life, asked the courts to give her a restraining order, the judge mandated the court appeals date a week from then. During which time, Chiu’s wife started dodging her husband, unknowingly, he used the time when his wife was tossing the trash away, ran towards her and choked her, confronted her about why she kept avoiding him.

Chiu was worried that his wife might say something that will hurt him in court, so, on the afternoon of the court appearance, he took advantage of how she was riding her mo-ped to get the kids to school, pushed the ride down, forcefully took her to his place, then, after he’d raped her, he forced her not to show up at court.

The wife had agreed, in order to save her own life, Chiu drove to the courthouse, told her to wait close to the courts, the wife ran and asked for help at the court’s domestic violence department, and with the help of the social workers, she called the cops.

This, is among the better-ending cases, I mean, at least the husband is now taken into custody, but, not all cases like this ends like so, because the abuser (mostly the husbands???) will keep on preventing the abused from trying to get help, he will most likely isolate her even more, and, make her completely dependent on him, and, cut her off from her families and friends, and, when the time comes for her to get help, she won’t have anywhere else to turn anymore.

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The Big Boy Became a Killer, a Narcissistic “Fight Back”

In light of the two Taiwanese girls getting murdered in Japan recently, translated…

The Japanese exchange student, Chang, who had killed the two female classmates, from his Facebook account, he resembles that of a “unripened” young boy, so, what had turned him into this scary killer?

This sort of violence in relationship, is a classic kind of a “narcissistic fight back”. The characteristics of the narcissistic personalities has a very weak sense of pride, often takes other people’s careless words, and see it as an insult to themselves; when it comes to love, the individual is extremely insecure, has to constantly check if the one he’s with is cheating on him, whenever there are signs, he’d think that he was being betrayed.

A narcissistic person doesn’t necessarily act as an egomaniac, his personality can also transfer into a shyness that turns him inward, seemingly harmless and mild, this, is the hardest part of prevention when it comes to violence in love. The commonality of those who are considered narcissistic is they have a strong sense of possessiveness, gets jealous easily, puts everything into pursuing after a prospect, and, afterwards, the individual becomes locked into this world of two, and needs to be considered as the other individuals center of universe.

When we’re in an intimate relationship, we subconsciously become infantile, wanting our partners to treat us the way our mothers would. A lot of people, however, can snap out of it and realize that the partners are independent individual from each other, that they couldn’t always satisfy us, but, because of this personality defect, the narcissistic person started taking in all the nutrients of the mind like a starved individual, becomes greedy, and their partners become too tired of providing.

When the partner or prospect shows sign of narcissism, one must handle the mentioning of breaking up with care. When these individuals feel that they’re being distanced, abandoned, or betrayed, they’d feel like someone cutting their hearts apart, and this may spark a kind of a narcissistic rage, causing them to take a kind of vengeance that makes them seem insane.

So, the best way of preventing yourselves from getting M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D is? Oh yeah, by NOT dating them, but, how can you tell, I mean, it’s N-O-T like they have a T-A-T-T-O-O on their heads, telling other people what kind of “personalities” they are, is it? No. So, how do we tell? Well, you tell with your experiences, with what you read up on, so you don’t even have to make the mistakes, to know that OMG, that is a mistake.

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Raped by an Older Schoolmate, Finally the Teacher Detects that Something May be Wrong

As IF our teenage years aren’t turbulent enough already??? Translated…

A second year junior high school girl last November, was tricked into going out with an older classmate and his friends, the older classmate, Hsu, along with the rest of the group took turns raping her, Hsu threatened to tell the girl’s grandmother, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, the boys took turns raping her six times in that month, her abnormal behaviors got the attention of the instructor in the cram school, upon inquiring, learned that she was raped, and the instructor called the cops.

The police found, that the young girl lived with her grandmother, last November, she received a phone call late at night from Lee, to ask her out to the parks to chat, and, when she’d gotten there, she found herself to be among other older guys and a couple of classmates, drinking on the balcony, the four youths, after getting drunk, forcibly removed the girl’s underwear, the girl screamed out no, she fought them, but to no avail, Hsu got his way with her, and the rest of the other three had raped her with their hands.

A few days later, Hsu asked the girl to come to his place to chat, the girl wouldn’t, Hsu said that if she didn’t then, he’ll tell the grandmother about what they’d done to her, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, so, she complied. Upon arriving, she found that one of the guys who had raped her before was there, along with another unknown male, one of them tied her wrists up behind her with a cloth, covered her eyes. Hsu had raped her once more, the two other guys used their fingers, and had the girl guessed who did it.

Later, Hsu along with his gang had asked her out four other times, they’d gathered up at the stage at some elementary school, along with a motel, to take advantage of the girl, afterwards, they’d let her leave on her own. The girl was damaged on the inside, but, feared letting her family know, so, she didn’t call the cops, nor had she told her family.

The cram school instructor had noticed how she had a lot on her mind lately, always wore a frown, like she’s got something heavy on her mind, after talking with her, the girl finally revealed what had happened, and the instructor took the girl to the police station right away.

The cops interrogated the seven youths, Hsu admitted to raping the young girl many times, the rest of the youths said that because it was fun, so, they’d masturbated her. The cops took the seven individuals to juvenile court.

Wow, so, raping someone with your fingers had become an afterschool entertainment then? Had the instructor not discovered that something wasn’t quite right with the girl, God knows how long she’d have to carry her secrets.

This is violence against women, because those stupid losers thought that they could get away with it, because she didn’t tell anybody the time before, so, they could do it, over, over, over, and over again, until they feel satisfied.  Are you kidding me? This IS antisocial behavior, mixed with narcissistic behavior (that covers the two “male-prone “personality disorders here!!!), and, if those young males weren’t straightened out, then, guess what they’ll end up doing? Raping for the rest of their lives, thinking of women as objects, because OMG, I’d done it more than once to that girl from way back don’t recall when…are you kidding me? Where the H-E-C-K are the boys even getting this sort of behaviors? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s from their D-A-D-D-I-E-S, or from other male figures in their lives.

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Raped on a Bus Ride

LOS ANGELES (AP) — For 10 agonizing minutes, an 18-year-old mentally disabled woman was raped in the back of a Los Angeles County bus at rush hour as it rolled past a state park, shopping mall and cemetery while no one on board did anything to stop it.

Surveillance video shot on the bus showed the attack and helped deputies nab a suspect, but it also showed that the driver and all but one of the few passengers aboard didn’t seem to notice what was going on.

“The victim told our detective that she was shocked and didn’t know what to do and was in fear for her safety and for her life,” said Sgt. Dan Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The one passenger who appeared to try to get the driver’s attention in the video left the bus without saying anything and police were still trying to track him down.

Kerry Trotter, 20, was arrested thanks to an anonymous tip by someone who saw an image from the surveillance camera that was publicly released.

Trotter was booked for investigation of rape and was being held on $1 million bail, authorities said. It wasn’t immediately known if he had retained an attorney.

Given that Trotter was standing up with his back to the driver and the victim was sitting down, other passengers may not have known a rape occurred, Scott said.

“People generally think of a rape as some type of an attack where someone is thrown down. It is not always the case,” Scott said. It “seems reasonable that they would not know what was going on.”

The attack occurred Wednesday shortly after 5 p.m. as the woman, who was returning from school, boarded the bus at a stop in suburban Culver City and was followed to the back by her attacker.

There were only four or five passengers during the five-mile leg when the crime occurred and by the end there was only one remaining, who tried to get the driver’s attention. It’s unclear what the driver saw.

The victim, who has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old, did not scream for help, but she told the driver she had been raped after the assailant exited the bus, Scott said.

Trotter, who is unemployed, has previous convictions for grand theft and possession of rock cocaine, according to court records. He was previously investigated for sexual assault, but no charges were ever filed, Scott said.

Trotter and his victim do not know one another. Authorities wouldn’t say if DNA evidence had been recovered.

“We believe it was a crime of opportunity, that unfortunately she was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Scott said.

It was the third rape so far this year on county buses that annually carry millions of people.

Bus drivers are trained to call transit dispatchers when they become aware of a possible crime, said Marc Littman, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If a crime is in progress, there is a silent alarm on board that can be tripped.

“This is an extremely rare occurrence,” he said.

It was unclear if the driver saw what transpired. He was being interviewed by authorities.

“We don’t believe anybody else did anything wrong,” Scott said.

And this still occurred on a CROWDED bus too, I would assume, and yet, NOBODY spoke OUT, except for that one person, the bystander effect, the diffusion of responsibility is still “at large” here, if you ask me, but thankfully, SOMEONE noticed, otherwise, this woman’s sufferings will go unnoticed…

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Forced Abortions

INHUMANE, if you ask me, but WHO asked Y-O-U???

These are happening, in current day, in CHINA, because they have an one-offspring policy, and now, paying a fine simply won’t do.

The government officials forced a woman who’s had like three kids already to get an abortion.  The officials in China had changed the one-child policy over the years, and by one estimate, there are now, at least twenty-two ways that parents can qualify for exemptions, and yet, women are still being FORCED to have abortions.

Some of the towns’ governments’ websites even listed population control as one of their primary official goals.  And, the government officials would take bribes for women having babies, then, still make them abort in the end too.

And that, would be what’s happening, in ONE of the slowly DEVELOPED countries, because it’s already TOO over-populated, that’s why the government is controlling the birthrates, but, think about it, if the government has power over how many babies a woman has, then, wouldn’t that mean that the woman’s basic REPRODUCTIVE rights are violated?  And, in this day and age, atrocities such as this one is still occurring, believe it or not, choice is still Y-O-U-R-S!!!

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An Excuse for Rape: Writing Your Thesis Statement

What can I say, save for that there are still P-S-Y-C-H-O-S everywhere, translated…

A married American Studies assistant professor at Dan-Jiang University used the excuse of helping his students write their theses, asked his two female students to have sex with him, to give him oral sex.  The highest court found him guilty based off of “usage of

power to rape”, sentenced the instructor to two-years-four-months prison term, and a jail sentence is inevitable.

Yeo is fifty years old this year, and was once a representative for the American Taiwanese Institute here.  Based off of investigations conducted by the university, there were FOUR female students who’s had sex with him, and one of them didn’t show up in court to testify, one of them had given a sketch drawing to Yeo, said that she was going out with him, and that he did NOT rape her.

The verdict stated that from 2004, Yeo had been an assistant professor at the university, and he had been extremely hard on his students.

The two females had taken his course, wanting him to become their advisor for their theses statements; Yeo had asked to have sex with them, and they’re afraid that if they told him no, he would prevent them from graduating, so they complied.

One of them , Tseng, had had sex with Yeo four times, at his place of residence, a hotel, a motel.  Another had just signed up for his instructions, the next day, she was asked to perform a blowjob for him at a karaoke television store; Yeo even asked his students, “if they felt that they’d been taken advantage of”.  Afterwards, the girls felt taken, recorded everything on tape, turned it into the schools.

Yeo claimed that the sex was all consensual, that they’re eventually going to get married, but the tape stated differently, in the tapes, Yeo said that he had NO intentions of marrying his students, and that “if you’re willing to be in a relationship with me, I’ll help you finish school.”

Yeo defended himself, that after he’d dumped one student, he then hooked up with another.  But based off of the judge’s own investigations, Yeo had had sex with his two students in overlapping time frames, that he’d been lying.

The verdict found that because Yeo was the instructor, he took advantage of the students’ vulnerable state of mind, causing the students to be in emotional distress, with absolutely NO sense of remorse.

This is just ONE case when someone in a “position of power” uses HIS power, to take advantage of someone else, and this happens NOT only when the male is at a position of power, it happens when a female is at a position of power as well, it’s just that this time around, the professor turned out to be a male, and, this is just O-N-E of the many cases that were BLOWN, WIDE OPEN, can you imagine how many more cases like this is still being covered up???

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