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The Price You Pay, to Get to the Top

Let’s see, if we can, even out here…

The price you pay, to get to the top, what did it comprise of again???  It took you away from your families, when they needed you the most, you were never there, and now, in a blink of an eye, your children are, all grown up, and, you’re, NO longer as young as you once were.

The price you pay, to get to the top, and, now that you’re AT the very T-O-P, how, does it feel?  Do you feel that strong sense of having achieved something great?  Or, do you feel, that lonesome, cold chill, as the higher you climbed, the harder you are bound, to FALL!  The price you pay, to get to the top, was it, worth it?  Did you, really, RE-examine every single step you’d taken, to get to where you currently are?  What, was sacrificed, for your success, family, love, life, leisure, and, what was gained?  Reputation, a good name, money, fortune?  Was it really, worth it? The price you pay, to get to the top, you’re still paying, in this, endless pursuit, to OUTRUN your destinies, well, you KNOW what?  You can’t OUTRUN it, even IF you’re the world’s best runners!

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When Life is Measured, by the Dollars and Cents

So, how, do YOU measure UP, with this “brand new” system of “measurement”???

When life is measured, by the dollars and cents that you made, that, is what modern day man is doing, but, the measure OF a life, should be MORE than just the dollars OR the cents, shouldn’t it?  How about the difference that’s made, to someone’s life?  I mean, those random acts of kindness, they don’t cost a pretty penny now, do they?

When life is measured, by the dollars AND the cents, then, you’d MISSED out, on the MORE important matters, because you’re trapped, by the web of deceit, weaved, by the system of the dollars and cents.  When life is measured, by the dollars AND the cents, if a man’s worth is the amount s/he is able to make in her/his lifetime, then, those billionaires, millionaires, would be the firsts in line, for the stairway to heaven, won’t they?

When life is measured, by the dollars AND the cents, well, we’d ALL be in trouble, because, there’s NO enough money to go around (and we already saw how BADLY communism worked out, didn’t we all???), and, IF we’re ALL “created equal”, then, wouldn’t NOBODY work hard NO more (and your point being???), after all, we ALL have the EXACT same amount of dollars AND cents in wages, wouldn’t we???


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Price for Keeping Her Youth Intact

What’s it gonna cost me this time, an arm, AND a leg???  The “price” we pay for wanting to be young AND beautiful, translated…

After the long holidays, my book club started meeting again, the owner of a bakery, Huei asked me mysteriously, “What do you think has changed on the boss’s wife?”

Because there’s a TON of different people in our book club, we’re used to call on one another, based off of our husband’s jobs, “Is there something different about her?”

Huei answered right away, “Sure, her face looked firmer, whereas from before, it was very loose.”  I closely observed the boss’s wife, her skin does look more delicate, she DID look younger.  Turns out, she’d had work done on her, but she didn’t dare talk about it with the rest of the group, fearing that we might make fun of her.

There was once that the two of us walked together, we’d gotten into conversation, she’d told me that she’d had some “work” done on herself.  She said, that her family is in business, and when everybody got together, they’d always judge one another based off of each other’s looks, what sort of moisturizer they’re all using, which plastic surgeon they went to to get work done; or whose husband was having affairs, because the wives let their bodies slide.  At first, she didn’t take their talks seriously, but, after a short while, every time she looked at her own reflections, she’d felt that she’s NO longer young, and that the years had left their tracks on her face, and so, she’d thought about plastic surgery.  Right after work was done, she did feel a bit guilty, but slowly, she saw that all around her, people she knew are getting work done, and so, she worked up the courage, and marched into the plastic surgery clinic herself too.

“After you looked younger, do you feel happier?”  I asked her, curiously.  “Looking at how young I am now, I’d feel somewhat a sense of vanity, like I was, returned to my past.  But I also know, that the cost of keeping up with youth is huge, not only in the monetary sense, but also, the adjustments on the inside, and facing the ever-changing futures too,” she’d told me.

Based off of understanding, a year later, she’d still gone into the clinics, to get the same work done, because she’s already used to seeing her own flawless face, and, if there’s a small wrinkle, a laugh line, a blemish, she’d feel awkward, and she kept getting addicted to being young.

There IS a huge price for maintaining youth, because it is, addictive.

And, all of this, is still due to VANITY and OUT of fear, fear of being old, of looking UGLY, wrinkled and everything like that, and, vanity, because once you’d done it, you’d felt great about yourself, and, you WILL keep on doing what makes you feel good about yourself, and, before you know it, you are constantly looking into that VAIN mirror, trying to see if there are blemishes, dark sunspots, and, if there is one, then, you’d start wanting to get it removed, lasered or whatever’d, and, you don’t even KNOW it, but, you ARE, addicted!

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Her Wedding Became a Vanity Fair

After all, a girl only gets married so many times, right???  Her wedding became a vanity fair, it started, before his proposal to her, she’d had her eyes on that huge diamond that caused an arm AND a leg (literally), she just had to have it, and, to please her, he’d gotten it FOR her, because he thought that was love.

And then came the wedding plans, he sat at the shop, watched her tried on dresses, after dresses, after MORE dresses, and she still hadn’t found one that she’d wanted.

The reception was even WORSE, as the guests rushed in, they’d all commented on how amazing she’d looked, and how they looked “just right” as a couple too.

At the day’s end, all that’s left, in the Emperor, in his OWN nudity, as he sat, reflecting, upon what’d just happened?  What’d just happened, was that flash and the thrill of a lifetime (as this SHIT should only happen ONCE in a lifetime???), then, the curtains fell, and it BROKE her back, or, was it his fists that came down too hard on her, she could NO longer recall it now………





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Being Liked

First, let me put on my VANITY “cloak”………

Wow, I can’t believe I’d become SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO extremely, completely P-O-P-U-L-A-R, I feel, oh so very special here!!!  Being liked, I’d NEVER imagined myself to be among the famous, but, what can I say?  When you’re meant to shine, you’d SHINE.

Being liked, this, had become the MOST important goal of my life, I am going to get everybody to like me, because I’m a people pleaser, and, if someone’s unhappy with me, well, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well then……

So, I must be liked, and, if I weren’t, I wouldn’t know WHAT to do with myself, after all, I live for all of y’all’s applause, and, if I’m not under the spotlight (even for JUST one minute), I wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

Being liked, but W-H-Y?  Am I really that V-A-I-N, that I am defined by how everybody perceives me?  And, must I seek approval from the outside world so much so, that I lose sight of what’s really important?  What’s on the I-N-S-I-D-E???





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Without Her Youth OR Beauty

The Evil Queen (Stepmother of Snow White???) sits in front of her magic mirror, as she asked it, once more: Who’s the most beautiful of them all?  And, the Mirror still replied, “Snow White”, and, the Queen went on a rampage, to try to find a way to make herself the “fairest maiden” in all the land…

But, without her youth (I mean, let’s face it, she IS the stepmother of Snow White, isn’t she???), she’s slimmed her own chances by more than fifty percent, as that, is how cruel the real world is: it only wants the younger people in the “workforce”.  As for beauty?  The Evil Queen is so FAR OFF “shore”, she’s NOWHERE N-E-A-R beautiful, because of her heart, getting taken over by her jealousy and hate for Snow.

Without her youth OR beauty, the Evil Queen is left with N-O-T-H-I-N-G she can count on, and so, she sleeps alone, in that big, empty castle all by herself, hearing those dried-up branches HITTING her windows, each, and every single night of her life, and, surely enough, she will die, lonely and gray one day, with NOBODY to come offer anything (flowers, fruits, along with other “goodies”???) to her graves, because, just like that speech in J. Caesar: We come to bury Caesar, NOT to praise him, ALL the evil that man do lives AFTER him, etc., etc., etc.

Without her youth OR her beauty, the Evil Queen now has, because that, had become her, and, she still doesn’t see what she’d done, to Snow. Hello, she PERSECUTED her own stepdaughter, told the Woodsman to K-I-L-L her, or that she’d be having HIS heart on her platter, remember???  And so, the Evil Queen had D-I-E-D, as an OLD H-A-G, with absolutely NO clue of what she’d done wrong, because she has NO C-O-N-S-C-I-E-N-C-E, because that “part” of her “went missing” already, since she was growing up, because she was mistreated by her own family, and, nobody’d ever shown her H-O-W to be a mother, OR a stepmother, for that matter…

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