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What One-Hundred Percent Happiness Looks Like


I thumbed across the article, “A Hard-to-Forget Self-Help Trip to Japan with the Family”, it’d made me want to write something, to jot down the things we, as a family, encountered on the trip to Hokkaido in July.

After my father followed the nationals to Taiwan, he’d found his home in a city up north, and married my mother who was born and raised in the small northern town, and took up a newspaper delivery job in the town, the newspaper, for 365 days a year, must deliver the newest stories to the subscribers daily.  My father was more relaxed, and would head abroad, and my mother, took over everything big AND small in the newspaper agency.

Two years ago, because my father had gotten old, after he’d transferred his newspaper business he’d had for fifty years, my mother had become a “geek”, especially since last year when she’d fallen from the stairs, broken her hips, traveling abroad became an impossibility for her.  So, when I’d heard that my eldest sister had convinced my mother to go on this trip to Hokkaido, all of us, her daughters, are very excited for her, and started planning the trip right away, and, we’d taken into consideration my parents physical abilities.

Other than borrowing a wheelchair, the airlines also kindly provided the wheelchair services at the airports in both places, so my parents didn’t need to stand in line to get through the customs.  This trip of fifteen to Hokkaido, we’d rented three SUVs, with the four drivers, taking turns, driving, and, the cars had Chinese navigation systems and WIFI, which makes it easier to navigate and communicate on the road, and the assistant to the drivers other than helping to watch the roads, also needed to give the drivers snacks from time to time, in case they doze off.

My father, being a serviceman, is very well-adapted, but my mother, this, was her first trip abroad, she’d looked out the airplane windows, along with the windows of the SUV, and she was so excited she couldn’t sleep.

The four little boys of the third generation, because they had each other’s company, they’d stuck together from dawn ‘til dusk, and became the grandparents’ happiness, and the older siblings would help with the wheelchairs, or act as top-notch photographers, in the land of the lavenders, the straits, the canal, along with the lovers of white, managed to capture the love that my parents shared.

After our return, I chatted with my parents, and recalled the funs we’d had on the trip, and I’d thought to myself, I must remind my sisters, to start planning our next family vacations!

And so, this, is a vacation of a family who got along with one another, and, as the parents aged, they have limited number of days left, and so, you MUST take advantage of the time you have right now, to spend time with them, because each minute would be too precious to be missed.

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