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A Teenage Girl Cussed Out a Police Officer, Got Fined $6,000N.T.,

So, the six thousand dollar fine was WAY more than worth it, wasn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Sergeant from Hsinbei Police Station, Shu stopped a female student, Yang, and her boyfriend, for running a red light, gave them both a red slip, later, Yang called Shu a bad cop on her blog, and after Shu knew, he’d sued her for libel and slander, awhile ago, they’d agreed to settle for the amount of $6,000N.T., and Shu put up $4,000N.T more, to buy MRT passes for the poor students, hoped that Yang could donate it on his behalf, to help put forth this kindness cycle.

“It’s nothing new, that cops get cussed out by the public”, Shu, who’d worked as a police officer for almost thirty years stated, she’d met a LOT of members of the public who’d cussed him out, and yet, this, was the very first time he’d decided to sue, it wasn’t for the sake of the money, but because he wanted to teach the female student a lesson.  After Yang’s parents learned about this, they kept thanking Shu.

Four years ago, Shu worked at the Pingling Subprecinct of Hsintien Police Department, he’d pulled Yang and her boyfriend who ran a red light, back then, the two were going to Pingling, other than running the red light, the boyfriend didn’t bring his license or registration, and he was ticketed for both.

Back then, Yang, who was still in high school later wrote on her blog, “Today, at Pingling, I’d met a BAD cop!”  “There are so many riders without helmets, I can’t believe that you didn’t see…Shu is such a LOUSY cop!”

Last year, Shu surfed online, and found this post, and collected the evidence, and sued the female student for libel and slander.  The judge believed, that Yang had seriously broken the libel and slander laws, but believed that she was only venting, and she was younger then, and that Shu had agreed on the six thousand dollar settlement, so, the judge didn’t let the case go to the courts.

Now, Yang, who is already in college, openly apologized to Shu, her parents were also ashamed.  Yang said, that she’s a student, and didn’t have any money, the judge agreed that she could pay the fines in six installments.  Shu also told Yang and her parents, “I will use the money to do something good.”, the parents are both very agreeing to it.

Awhile ago, Shu heard that the man in charge of the Rui-Xing Borough was giving breakfast vouchers to poor students, he’d added $4,000N.T., plus, the donations from kind people all around, two days ago, he’d bought twenty-five bus and MRT passes for the twenty-five students, and he’d also bought rice and noodles to give it to the families with low incomes.

And so, this officer truly has a heart of kindness, and, he’d used a harsh way to make a difference, and that, is what TOUGH love is all about.

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