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The Head of the Department of Education Warned, that in a Decade, There Would be More Stray Doctorates Than Stray Teachers

An EXPERT’s O-P-I-N-I-O-N, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Annually, 3000 people couldn’t put what they’d learned to good use, the black hole of employment, Wu: treat the doctoral students like treasures…not giving them enough trainings or education, the fault is with the schools.

The head of the Department of Education, Si-Hua Wu yesterday, pointed out on the “Nationally College Management Meeting” pointed out, that based off of inventories done by the Department of Education, there are about 3,000 doctoral graduates who couldn’t manage to get a teaching spot at the school’s rosters, that they must go out of their areas of expertise, or venture out into an unknown industry, to find work, that if we don’t look at the serious unemployment issues of doctorates, a decade from now, the population of “tramping doctorates” will beat out the number of “tramping school instructors.”

“Treat the doctorates as if they were treasures.”  Wu reminded the schools’ professors, that when they tried to find the doctoral students, to not treat them like their research assistants, that they should focus on the students more, and give each student the different assistance they needed individually, to allow those doctoral students to be able to become outstanding in whatever industries they choose to be in after they got out of school.

The statistical measures done by the Department of Education found, that there are about 5,000 doctoral students graduating, and, 3,500 of them had their eyes on a job; and there are only 800 teaching posts that are opened up in universities or colleges annually, and, about 300 of these spots are filled by foreigner doctorate holders; in other words, there are only one-seventh, about five hundred graduate students who would be able to get a teaching post in the universities annually, and, those other 3,000 must seek out work opportunities elsewhere.

Wu believed, that the key to improve the employment of doctorates lies in “reeducation”, how to allow what the doctorates learned in school work in the world, helping to develop new industries, this, is a problem that the schools need to give much thoughts on, “if the students didn’t get enough training or education, then, it would be the schools’ and the professors’ faults.”

Uh yeah, you have got to be shitting me!  Do you know HOW many students who’d graduated from their masters, doctors or post-docs programs are out there, and, many of them still CHOOSE (actively too!!!) to stay at home, and be a NERD that do NOTHING but play those online games, and yet, this MORON (no offense), leading the Department of Education is saying how the professors are the ones, who FAILED to prepare the students for “life afterwards”???  Are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) kidding me here!

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The Thirty-Five Year Old’s Les Miserable

On the youths of Japan, from the front pages, translated…

It’s hard to find a job, getting married and having children too, with the burdens of the household economy pounding down, some people even chose to die alone.  “The thirty-five-year-old’s Le Miserable” had become a HUGE problem in Japan’s society right now.

And, “hope” came to a small town, with less than 1,600 people…

The small town, because of the aging population, slowly facing the possibilities of it being destroyed.  When the locals finally took it into serious considerations, they’d decided to introduce some new blood into the society.  The village provided cheaper rents for the houses, along with jobs, so the younger “chunk” of the population can have an interest in settling there.

This Place of Bombs, Mostly Composed of Forested Areas

This place, of NO more than 5,800 acres, of its land makeup, ninety-five percent WAS wooded areas, the town was built on the river, and, because of the weather and the fog, it isn’t as sunny or bright as the village’s website suggested.

The population is 1,569, the aging population in this community is around thirty-three percent, the major industries there would be farming, forestry, and tourism, forestry is what brings in the most amount of income for this small town in Japan.  Back in 2004, when the former prime minister had initiated the structural revolution on a grander scale, this was the only town that said NO to joining “forces” with other small towns in the area to become a bigger city, and so, this small town had escape the fate of being “swallowed up” by a bigger town next to it.

The Biggest Problem Facing this Japanese Town is the Aging Population

But, the problem with the population aging fast is still intact.  The history books showed that during the imperial times, the population of this small town was up to 3,000, and now, there’s only half of that, and, out of the 1,500, thirty-four percent WERE the elderly.  The man leading the village stated that “we’re actually NOT some holy force that’s saved the generation of 35-year-olds, we’re just making sure our village survive, this, is a way of instilling young bloods, and, it matched up with our goals of helping people out.”

As a result, the town was able to get “new bloods”, a lot of people had moved in, the small village provided small residential place that are a HELL of a LOT cheaper to rent, compared to in places like the big cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and such, and, those individuals who “moved in” only needed to have around 20,000 Yens per month for their rents, and, they get to enjoy what those urbanites couldn’t, nature, the younger folks who had resided in the village for two years stated that “although we don’t make as much money as compared to in the cities, but, we’re happy where we are, so long as we’re able to keep ourselves fed, then, life has its meanings”.

This, is how the JAPANESE government takes an ACTIVE role in helping the redistribution of younger populations in their smaller towns, and, because the incentives were hard to resist, I mean, who would turn down the offer of renting at HALF or not even half the prices, compared to in the cities, and making only a little L-E-S-S compared to those jobs in the cities?  I mean, isn’t what we’re ALL after just a place to call our own, some place we can go to feel safe and free in?

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