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They Cut You Out of Me


They cut you out of me, without MY consents, and, although I was under anesthesia, I still felt it, when they CUT you out of me, and now, I’m living, with the memories of you, who’d become a ghost, that haunts this empty space inside of my body and mind…

They cut you out of me, prevented me from holding you in my arms, they’d violated my privacy, and disregarded my right as a human being too.  They cut you out of me, and, didn’t even allow me to hold you, they just, took you away from me, because they believe that I was too young, to be able, to be a good mother, but, how would they know, that I wouldn’t be fitting enough, to take care of you?

They cut you out of me, and, although the knife wounds had healed completely, I’d still sometimes feel that emptiness, that void, that hollowness, where you used to be.  They cut you out of me, and it’d still hurt, from time to time, because I can still feel you, kicking me…

They cut you out of me, and told me, to GET over it, but, how can I?  When I’d lost my baby, because that LOSER boyfriend of mine was simply, WAY too immature, way too unready, to take on the responsibilities of being a father?  How can I get over, the loss, of my own flesh-and-blood???  I can’t, and I won’t!

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When You’d Become an Unwanted “Zygote”

First and foremost, is there ANYBODY in the “house” that don’t know what a “zygote” is?  It’s when a woman’s OVUM got “mixed” with a LOSER’s M***ER F***ING (like I’d said, “maxed OUT”!!!) T-A-D-P-O-L-E???

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, whatever are we going to do with you, not-yet-formed child?  Oh, I know, we’ll just get RID of you, and by doing so, I risk scarring my uterus, risking myself for never getting pregnant again, but hey, that’s a risk I’ll have to live with, because I do NOT want to have you!

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, then, why the FUCK did you let my biological father FUCK you?  Uh, in MY defense, I was too drunk (are you FUCKING kidding me???), and, I got TOO horny, and because he was a married man, and you ALREADY know how appealing that kind of a LOSER is to us, whores, don’t you???

When you’d become an unwanted “zygote”, boy, am I glad, that when I found out I was pregnant with you, you were NOT even into the germinal stages of life (that’s still BEFORE the FIRST trimester, y’all!!!) and so, I quickly made an appointment to get rid of Y-O-U.

And that, is how you fucking adults who FUCKED irresponsibly, that’s caused the DEATH of an innocent “child”, well, NOT exactly, because that “child” is still NOT even IN the germinal stages, and so, you CAN rationalize, that you’re NOT killing a life, but, you ARE, playing G-O-D, and, are you god?  Hell NO, as there IS no G-O-D!!!  And, feel free, to dress UP in your god DAMN KKK white hoodies, and come STICK that god DAMN fucking cross on my FRONT lawn and set THAT on fire, why don’t ya???

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A Ten-Year-Old Child Having a Child

Are they getting younger by the year or what???  Translated…

A ten-year-old young girl from Colombia awhile back, had a daughter through caesarian section.  This young girl is one of the world’s youngest mothers.

The English Daily Post reported, that the girl came from a native tribe of the northern Colombian region.  Most of the pregnant women had given birth at week 38, and when this child was admitted to the hospital, she was already in her 39th week of pregnancy, and was bleeding and was having contractions.  The doctors worked through the risks and

performed a Caesarian section, and, delivered a baby girl of 2250 grams.

The police in Colombia had charged the father of the young girl for having sex with a minor, but, the constitution allowed the self-governing tribes have their own separate set of laws that they followed, including allowing young girls to conceive and give birth.  And the tribe had been extremely quiet about the identity of the father of this baby girl, but, the local media speculated that it might be a 15-year-old boy or a thirty-year-old man.

The doctor who delivered that baby for the child said, “we saw some Wayuu girls with similar situations, at the age where they should be playing with dolls, they are taking care of real infants, this, is extremely shocking, but, we respect their tribal traditions.”

On record, the youngest mother in the world was Lina Medina from Peru, when she was only five in 1933, she’d given birth to her son.  And now, at age seventy-eight, the father of her child was still undisclosed, as for her father who was arrested of attempted rape and incest was released, due to a LACK of evidence.

So, we still have babies having babies, and, you think those babies can take care of the babies that they’re POPPING O-U-T?  And, what’s WORSE is that some of these children conceived because of RAPE, INCEST, and the like, where had their R-I-G-H-T-S gone to?

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