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The Infant Abandoned in the Wilderness Survived Through the Low Temperatures

Abandoning children here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two days ago, the temperatures dropped sharply, a newborn baby girl of not yet 24-hours old was found, abandoned, outside the workers’ shack in Yunling, the woman, Hsieh went to check on her field, had found the newborn, she notified the police immediately, the infant was taken to the hospital immediately, and suffered mild hypothermia, but her vital signs are stable.

Two afternoons ago, when Hsieh went to check her land, she saw that there was a package outside the workers’ shack, she went closer, and found that it was a newborn infant girl.  Back then, the temperature was 60.8˚F, and, there was a white towel around her, without any note, or anything else that can help identify her, Hsieh worried that the infant might become hypothermic, she’d carried her to the worker’s shacks.

Hsieh said, that the moment she’ held the infant girl in her arms, she’d started to cry, she kept soothing the child, and took off her own coat, to keep the baby warm; she saw that the child is very cute, and she still hadn’t any grandkids yet, wanted to take her home quietly, but, she’d thought about the parents of the child, and, decided, “it’s best that I turn her into the police”.

The police rushed the infant to the nearby hospital, and the assistant manager of the hospital, Huang pointed out, that the child wasn’t full-term, she was about 34 or 35 weeks, weighed at 2,040 grams, a bit light, the body temperature was also, a bit low, without any fats on her, and the umbilical cord was still there, believed to be no more than 24-hours old.

Huang said, that the umbilical cord seemed to have been cut by the mother herself, and the wound had been taken care of with cotton threads; and now, the infant is very active, is placed in ICU for continued observations.

Because there was no blood on the towel that the infant came in with, the medical staff believed, that the infant had been wiped down elsewhere; based off of the temperatures of two days ago, the child was not kept warm, and could well freeze to death, “gladly, she wasn’t supposed to die, and someone came to rescue her”.

The police said, that the abandon site was at the side of the roads where the cars are speeding by, plus the infant wasn’t crying, she couldn’t be easily discovered.  The infant had a lot of hair, with a hint of brown in her longish eyebrows, without any birthmarks on her body.

And gladly, this infant girl was found in time, and, she’s a survivor, after all, she was left, in the coldness and still survived, and that may mean, that she’s destined for something great some day, who knows…

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A Father Who’d Murdered His Own Daughter, Dumped Her Body, and Now, His Son is Missing Too

Yeah, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who’s serving time for something else, Jiang yesterday confessed on how because he couldn’t manage to keep up with his own daughter from his ex-wife, he’d murdered her when she was just five, and buried her.  The police department went looking for the body, and, dug up a set of bones, and, they’d sent it into the medical examiner’s office to see if it belonged to a human being, and, they’d called in Jiang’s current wife, Yeh, to see if she knew about this matter.

And, the sons that Jiang had with his current wife, Yeh, currently, the eight-year-old eldest is registered for school, but the seven-year-old younger son is nowhere to be found.  Yeh told the police, that she’d gone into serve time for fraud back in 2008 for four months, and when she got released, she couldn’t find her own son, the husband told her he’d sold him, but, couldn’t describe the transactions in precise details.  The police feared that the child is also dead, unless he’s found again.

The entire case was reported by the young girl’s birth mother, and learned that the daughter she’d left with her ex hadn’t registered for school, and she couldn’t get in touch with her ex, and dreamed that her daughter was covered in blood, telling her, “Mom, why don’t you want me?”, she’d suspected that something awful had happened to her daughter, she’d called the police.  Based off of understanding, after Jiang (age 36) and Tsai (age 31) were divorced, he’d gotten the custody of their daughter, and married Yeh later on, had two sons by her.

This March, Jiang’s eldest son said to his teacher, “My older sister was starved to death by grandma underneath the table,” the teachers listed them as “high-risk” family, and in September, the schools reported the family, once more, as “high-risk”; this August, Jiang was imprisoned, in September, the school reported the family as high-risk again, and the police at Hsinbei city got the tip, and called up the district attorney’s office.

The District Attorney’s office at Hsinbei City found that Jiang was taken to prison in August of this year, and they’d had the police interrogated him.  Jiang claimed from before that he wasn’t well-to-do, and had an active arrest warrant on him on theft, etc., etc., etc., he’d taken his family to run, and because he couldn’t afford to keep his own daughter, he’d abandoned her at a park in 2008.

The police conducted their fifth interview yesterday, and took her to the place where he’d told them he’d lived at his family, and found that it was all bullshit; Jiang then told the police that he’d murdered his daughter, dumped her body at Taipei Juvenile Detention Hall’s backside, and took the police to dig up the bones; but the police, after examined the remains, believed that it wasn’t from humans at all.

So, this LOSER killed his own children, and lied to the cops about it, and he got caught, and he’s still doing thing his way, leading the police on a wild goose chase, thinking that he can outsmart them, well, eventually, everything he did will come BACK to him, more than tenfold that’s for sure!

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After Their Youngest Daughter Was Placed in Protective Custody, the Pair of Drug-Addicted Parents Still Kept Using and Abusing Drugs

All I can say, is that drugs still gets you SCREWED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yao and his wife, Tong got addicted to drugs, when they were both arrested back in August this year, the police found that the couple had used ALL of their money to buy drugs, but their youngest child was crying, because she was hungry; within three months time, the couple got arrested once again, for dealing drugs, Yao claimed that his wife had leukemia, and so, that, was why he’d resorted to dealing drugs, for some easy money, and he’d provided the illegal substances for his wife, to alleviate her pains.

The Detective Squad of the city of Taipei said, that the man, Yao (age 34) from Taoyuan, and his wife (age 31) were both arrested on drug possessions this August.  When the police went to their place to make an arrest, they’d discovered that he’d blown ALL his money away on drugs, while letting his young daughter cry of hunger.  The police quickly used the money they had, to buy some infant formula for the child, and called up social services.

Within just three months, the police received another tip, saying the that Yaos are dealing drugs again, the detectives started setting up a large-scale bust, awhile ago, they’d taken the arrest warrants to Taoyuan to arrest the couple; at their residence, the police found heroin, amphetamine, along with some other illegal substances, and a toy gun that looked very real.

Yao claimed that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia and couldn’t put up with the pains, and in order to help support his own wife, he’d dealt drugs, and used the earnings to keep up the family, and provided the illegal substances for his wife to use to reduce her pain.  As for the toy gun, it was for his own protection, in case someone doesn’t pay him for the illegal substances, and the gun would be on display around his waist, to get the people he was dealing with to believe that it was real so they wouldn’t do anything stupid.  After the police interrogated them, the couple was turned over to the D.A.’s office in Taoyuan to be prosecuted.

And so, you NOT only didn’t have an inkling of remorse for being caught with drugs, you’d used so many excuses, and, you were high on drugs, while your children are crying because they are hungry?  What kind of parents are you!

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A Man Abused His Girlfriend’s Young Daughter, Got a “Heavy Sentence” of Fourteen Years

Did you NOT read that last case of the newborn being COOKED by the mother’s boyfriend???  So, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is this still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou, in Yunlin two years ago, moved in with a married woman, Ke, and because of Ke’s young one-year-three months old daughter won’t stop crying, Chou had multiple times, used rulers, sticks, or cloth hanger, to beat the child, he’d even scooped up the child, and fly-kicked the child, causing her to fall to the ground, the infant, after these abuses, because of the back of her head was beaten, she’d fallen into a coma, then died.

The D.A. charged Chou and Ke together, the first trail, the courts sentenced Chou on abused to death to eleven years, eight months, and sentenced the mother on abuse for three months and she is to serve one more month in jail.  The second trials maintained the ruling toward the mother, but believed that Chou didn’t follow the payback plans, and he is without remorse, he’d charged him on abuse to death on fourteen years and a half, and, on the damages part, he could pay a fine.  The highest courts maintained the rulings of the appeal courts.

As the trial was proceeding, the grandmother of the child showed up and started wailing, screamed at Chou, called him “inhumane, I must get you back for my granddaughter’s sake.”  Even though, Chou had reached a settlement of two million dollars with the infant’s father, Chou still hadn’t paid a single dime.

The verdict pointed out, in an online game, Ke had met Chou, who fixed up the air-conditioning systems, two years ago in May, Ke took along her daughter, and moved in with Chou in Yunlin, the one year three months old daughter would cry often, and Ke would used glue sticks to beat her own daughter’s back or legs, causing the child’s back to swell and bruise.

Chou claimed he was a psychic, claimed that the infant was possessed, not only had he used the punishment toys, rulers, to beat her up, he’d also burned the child with incense and beat her body with a clothe hanger, last June, he’d even fly kicked the child, the child flew across the living room, fell beneath the sofa, and, went into shock, thankfully, a friend of Chou’s performed CPR, to help save the child’s life.

A few days later, the young girl had her bottle, and as sitting on the toy car, Chou, all of a sudden, started hitting the child on the back of the head, the child cried two loud cries, then, fell into a coma, Chou once again, ask his friends to perform CPR, and lifted her to the hospital, the child never woke up again, she’d died six months later.  Chou claimed that he’d only lightly hit the child as a disciplinary method, and Ke claimed that she wasn’t there, but the courts didn’t believe them.

And there are still a TON of parents who are NOT supposed be parents, in this case, the man has emotional problems, and he took his anger of whatever out on the girlfriend’s young daughter, and, fourteen years is still too lenient, these sort of LOSERS should be locked away for L-I-F-E, if you ask me!

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Fit to Raise a Child

You can’t even take care of yourself, and you want to be “fit” to raise a child?  How will you feed your kid?  By sending her/him out in the yard, to GRAZE up the weeds like them cows?

Fit to raise a child, you’re NOT, and you will NEVER be good enough, for the role of a parent, after all, you didn’t have ANY parental models to look up to, and, you wouldn’t KNOW how to act around a kid, so, you can’t blame me, for placing your kid into foster care, because I know that that, is what’s best for her.

Fit to raise a child, I am (oh wait, I’d already RAISED a TON, still an UNDERSTATMENT, children), and, all of MY kids, they’re still growing taller, by the nanosecond here.  Fit to raise a child, what, would be considered as that?  Having money, to send the kid off into some high-end boarding school?  The ability to give her/him a TON of name-brand clothes, shoes, bags, etc., etc., etc.?  Of course N-O-T!!!

Fit to raise a child, you never were, you were too caught UP in your pains, to even realize that I needed you before, but hey, I’m all grown up now (just like Little Red!!!), and I’m a M-O-T-H-E-R, to nobody specific, besides, MY (as she will always AND forever BE!!!) Emily is already D-E-A-D, and yeah, I’m still MORE fitting, than the MAJORITY of you, parents, out there, to RAISE a child, as I KNOW I’d done an amazing job, raising MYSELF here!!!

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A Swollen Head, with Scars All Over the Body, Did the Mother Kill the Six-Year-Old Child?

What kind of a MOTHER ARE you?  From the FRONT PAGES, translated…

A six-year-old girl, Hsu, was taken into the emergency room of a hospital for emergency resuscitation, but, she still died, the doctors found that the child had ceased breathing before she arrived at the hospital, and that there were bruises on her head, that seemed like a blunt force trauma, and, all over her body, the doctors discovered, are the markings of the cloth hangers, the pipes, and, there are old AND new wounds; the D.A. suspected that the mother had been physically abusing her, so, they took her into custody.

Chen (age 30), has two other sons, ages five and four, and they were taken into custody by the Social Services of Chang-Hwa city government for emergency placements, the two boys didn’t have any scars on their bodies.  The D.A. will be autopsying the girl, to decide what, exactly had caused her to die.

Based off of police investigations, Chen and Hsu had three children, a daughter and two sons, and two years ago, Hsu got into a car accident, became a vegetable, after Chen had met up with an iron smith, Chih, who was already married, she moved in with him and his own son.

Chen said that her daughter has a history of epilepsy, that yesterday morn at around six o’clock, she’d found her daughter’s mouth foaming up, body stiff, she’d carried her daughter, and, rode in the car, driving by Chih to the hospital for emergency rescue, the doctor called the social workers and the cops.

Chen admitted, that two months ago, because the girl was crying, she had used a pipe to spank her bottom, and Chih had also slapped the girl across the face, but, they NEVER abused her; Chih said that he loved the little girl as if she were his own, that he hadn’t beaten her.

The D.A. believed that the girl was being abused long-term, took the mother in on manslaughter charges, but because there was a LACK of evidence of Chih’s participation, so, the cops took him back to his home.

Just because a kid cries, that still does NOT give you the rights to beat the SHIT out of her, to the point she became a V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E, does it?  That just shows Y-O-U, how LOW the E.Q’s on modern-day parents are getting, and there was still NOTHING we COULD’VE done, to help save this one, is there?  Of course not, because by tomorrow, this news, will become Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y’s N-E-W-S!!!

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