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Married for Six Months, He Cheated on Her, and She Was Granted a Divorce by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who works at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, Huang, after he’d married for just six months, he cheated on his wife, and because of the discount coupon his wife found in his pant pocket, that, was how she came to know about his affair.  And Huang’s wife found, that the “spare” is the classmate from Huang’s graduate class, Yen, she’d sued them both of obstruction of her family, and filed for divorce.  Yen admitted to having sexual intercourse just once with Huang, and she was prosecuted by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office yesterday; and because Huang’s wife dropped the charges against him, he wasn’t indicted, but they are already divorced.

Based off of understanding, Huang and Wang were classmates from the same public university, the two of them started dating back when they were in school, they were very steady; later on, as Huang went to grad school, he’d met Yen, and, afterwards, they’d worked at the Scientific Park in Hsinchu together, and, that, was how their love got started.

Based off of understanding, at the start of last year, Huang and Wang registered for their marriage and had a banquet at the start of last year, but, not long after they wed, Huang went behind his wife’s back, and started dating Yen, not only did they have sexual intercourse, they’d gone on various outings together, and captured their happy times with their cell phones.

One day, as Wang was doing her husband’s laundry, she’d accidentally found a discount coupon for a motel inside his pant pocket, suspected that he was having an affair, and asked him if he was?  Driven by his guilt, the man admitted to cheating, and had even given the photographs he took of him and Yen to his wife, and Wang realized, that the “spare” was someone she knew, she couldn’t deal with it, got angered, and sued him.

Another loser who got caught with his PANTS down, and, they’d only BEEN married for SIX months, wow, how short lived the love is, and that still just shows, how you LOSERS just can’t KEEP your DICKS inside of your P-A-N-T-S!!!

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Before She Married Him, She Realized that He Was a Letch, But Because She Didn’t Want to Lose “Face”, She’d Put up with Him for Eight Years, and Now, She’s Finally Filing for Divorce

Was it worth it?  Of course NOT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai married eight years ago, his wife found that after they had their wedding photos, the very next day, he’d gone to a motel with another woman, and, in her friends and families urgings, she’d still followed through with the marriage, but, after they wed, the man is still uncontrolled she’d gotten so many phone calls from her husband’s whores, begging her to set him free, and, eight long years later, she’d finally filed for divorce and it was approved by the judge.

The man, Lai and his wife both worked in the technology industry, they’d met at a matchmaking party, and, before they marched down the aisle, the woman found out that the man had not been faithful to her, from the very next day after they’d had their wedding photos done, she’d found on her credit card statement that he’d gone to Kaohsiung on vacation with his whore, it’d angered her.

Lai’s wife had originally wanted to cancel the wedding, but, the families and friends from both sides all prevented her from it, believed that the date was set, the invitations printed and sent, that canceling will make them lose face, that people are going to laugh about how short-lived their love was, so, the two of them got married according to “schedule”, but, during the honeymoon phase, the woman found that her husband had been seeking out one-night stands on an online website, she’d grilled her husband about it, he’d told her it was just “for fun”, that he didn’t actually sleep with that other woman.

They’d worked up north originally, but after they married, they’d agreed to work in the southern regions, four years ago, Lai transferred first, lived in the dormitories provided by his work, and, shortly thereafter, he was caught by his wife for bringing another woman to his dorm, but Lai claimed that she was only a friend, that he’d invited her over to watch television, nothing else.

During the course of her marriage, Lai’s wife was not only harassed by just one whore that her husband had, there was also a woman who phoned her up, told her, “your husband left his clothes at my place, I’ll send it home to you.”; two years ago, the woman’s friends and relatives had found that her husband took the hands of his whore, as they strolled the night markets, and that, was when the wife broke down, decided to NOT put up with his ways anymore, moved out of their place, and asked him for a divorce, but Lai had refused to sign.

Lai’s wife this year received yet, another photograph of her husband nude from a whore, and she’d told her, that she’d been with Lai for over three years, and, she could no longer withstand the emotional tortures, asked the courts for a divorce.  Lai told the judge that what his wife said were all true, but she’d already begged for her forgiveness on his knees, and wrote out a confession, that he’s still in love with his wife, hoping that the judge won’t rule on the divorce.

The judge believed, that the two of them had separated since two years ago, and Lai’s wife still hadn’t forgiven him, and that it would be impossible, for their lives to return to the way it once was, allowed for the divorce.

So, this, is a very short-lived marriage, followed by a very long and winding divorce, and, it’s still ALL because that loser couldn’t keep his DICK inside his pants, and how his whores just won’t give up on harassing his wife, and that, just shows how long a woman had to put up with a man, until she finally realized, that hey, this marriage ain’t worth SHIT, and I’m out!  Had she signed the divorce sooner, she would’ve suffered less, but, because of the outside noises, she couldn’t, and now, it’s mandated by the judge that the divorce is final!

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