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The Pros & Cons of the Violin Lessons

Did the child show an interest in the instrument, or, were you, the parents, pushing him to take it up???  Translated…

Taking up violin, would be considered, my biggest breakthrough ever for this past year.

One day, I’d had the thought, of having my son, take up violin, and so, I’d wanted to become a role model for him, I’d picked it up first, so, when he has difficulties playing in the future, I can show him how.  Back then, I was calculating, that my son was still in kindergarten, and, he still has two more years until he’s fitting to learn the violin.  Two years should be enough, to see some results if I played, right?  Even if my son has great learning abilities, my head start of two years, that should be okay.

But, I’d never imagined, that after I’d started learning violin, within ten minutes into playing, I’d felt that my shoulder is screaming out in pain, I couldn’t even hold up my violin, and, my arm was so sore, that it just couldn’t move the bow anymore, and I’d apologized to my son on the inside through the entire class session, “I’m sorry I had the thought of making you take up the violin…”, in the end, with the instructor, helping me to pull the bow, I’d ended this first session of hardship.

The very next day when I woke, there’s this continuous odd feeling in my neck, could it be, the aftermath of having the violin between my neck and shoulders?  A little bit after my pains and discomfort felt much better, time for my second session, and, I’d forgotten how, to place the shoulder pad, the very next day, I took a blank mind, back to class.

For every class following, I’d had my instructor’s help, and, I’d rarely practiced, I only had the time of after work and before my son goes to bed.  And, even though I’d often hollered that I don’t want to take lessons anymore, but, if I’d given up so easily, how, will I be an example to my own child?  And so, I’d become a pendulum, swaying between giving up and keeping at it, until one day, because I got really stressed out, pulling the extra hours at the office, I’d taken my violin out to play, and, I’d realized that music has this stress-relief quality to it.  I couldn’t imagine, that for my son, I’d picked up the violin, and, it’d become the most special kind of reward to myself.

And so, you’d had it hard, at the start, but, after a hard day’s work, you’d picked up your musical instrument, and, strangely enough, you feel, ALL your stresses, relieved, out the window, just like that.  That, is the extra you’d gained, from taking up those lessons, isn’t it?

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