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Not Quite Old Enough Yet


Often felt that there are still too much fun to be had

Even though, I had been crushed by the years, to the point that I couldn’t even stand up straight anymore

But I still feel

As though right now, I’m still not yet old enough

Look at those big sycamores in the park

Living right next to the noisy streets

Their beards had already grown to the ground now

And they’d still tilted their heads toward the heavens

Wouldn’t believe, and kept touching that slow moving old bull that’s tilling up the land

Whose hairs had thinned out around the neck, from wearing the tilling equipments

And its teeth, other than chewing on some freshly grown grass

Were still staring into space, and it still didn’t feel bored

Just kept dreaming that it was a butterfly that could fly away

That had once kept guard over the dawn, as it’d been through the ups and downs, the highs and lows of its own life

And that man, who’s an elderly, had finally been returned, BACK to his childhood state

Drank down on that aged alcohol that’s too spicy for him to handle, and still puts on a smile, to greet all who came

Even though, he getting murdered little by little by the passing seconds of time

And, there are a TON of bullet holes on the outside of his physique

All those ancient buildings that had weathered through the years

Still stood tall and proud, without an inkling of fear

And that, is how one should FACE old age, with bravery, knowing that death is coming close, but still doesn’t waver or scare, and that, is truly, aging with grace.

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