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A Man Who Collected Debts Through Violent Means Suddenly Discovered His Parents are Aged

WAKE UP CALL, people, this is, the RETURN, of that PRODIGAL S-O-N, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Hou” who’d looked like a girl, had always been picked on by his classmates, they’d thrown his textbooks into the trash, they’d hidden his lunches.  Back in middle school, in order to protect himself, he’d gotten a tattoo, and started fighting; after he’d run away from his family at age fourteen, he’d done everything, from a car mechanic, to the most ferocious violent debt collecting ring, in the end, he was taken into juvenile hall for selling illegal substances.

Hou’s parents came to visit him, his mother couldn’t stop crying, his father said to him, “You just stay in here for awhile, and don’t make trouble anymore, we will help you with your case.”, and he’d all of a sudden, discovered how beaten his parents looked, and aged too, and he’d gained an understanding, of how his parents had been tortured and suffered for so hard because of him.

Hou would often cry in the nights on the bunk of his juvenile hall bed, thinking about his past, he’d decided to turn his own life around.  Last June, in the assistance of the social workers, he’d found a job as a salesperson, in a glasses company, and had pursued after the girl he had the eyes for back in middle school, and is now, going to high school.

At age nineteen, Hou told, that back when he was working as a “hitter” with the debt collectors, he felt he was a warrior who knew how to fight, he would use weapons to get those who owed the debts to the “company” for the head of the group to beat up, and, he’d earned three million dollars in just four months, which he’d squandered away on drinking, playing pool, going to pubs, and splitting it with the newcomers; selling ketamine for no more than two months, he’d earned over $200,000N.T., but “I’d waited five years of my precious life, I don’t have that many five years to waste anymore, I must take advantage of the time I have, to work hard, and treat my girlfriend and family well.”

And so, that, was what it took, for this young man, to turn HIS life around, seeing how aged his parents got because of worries for him, and, that, was enough, for him, to turn HIS life around, another SUCCESS story here!!!

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In the Three Years in Juvenile Hall, He’d Read Thirty-Thousand Books, and Managed, to Help Those Who Were Just Like Him See

Turned HIS life around, through reading, the POWER of those words!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-three year old Yung, when he was in middle school, in order to help his mother pay up her debts, he’d robbed so many places and was sent to juvenile hall; he hated his mother who was a drunk, and a drug abuser for many years, four years ago, she’d passed away, and, after he’d lost the person he’d hated the most, he’d started, rethinking his own life.  In the three years he was in the juvenile halls, he’d read over thirty thousand volumes of books, last year in August, he was released, and is doing well, made getting into college, opening up a clothes store, and marrying and having children.

“Everybody, think hard, don’t be like me, getting jailed for six, seven years, then, seen that alternative sky opening up.”  Yung followed the Taiwan Youth Care Group to share his own life experiences with those in juvenile detention and youth jails, and would often end the speeches with that statement, and advised to those who came to hear his speeches, NOT blame it on fate.

Yong’s mother works as a bar girl, he has an older half-brother, an older half-sister, and a younger half-sister from his mother; he’d lived with his younger sister and his mother from when he was a child, but she’d gotten drunk, used drugs, and whenever she felt bad, she’d taken it out on them.  Yong’s birth father is in prison for organized crimes, possession of guns and cannons, when he was seven, his father was released, and moved in with his mother, him and his sister.

“The life with my father around was the best time of my life, not only would he cook for us, give us allowances, help with the household chores, my mom no longer gotten drunk, or hit us anymore.”  Yong told, that when he was eleven, his father died of illness, and, his mother returned to her old, drug-using, alcohol-abusing self, and, when he was a second year student in middle school, he’d struck out on his own.

He’d set up stands at the night markets, and would give his mother $15,000N.T. for her living expenses per month, but his mother turned to him for help, because she’d owed $800,000N.T. in gambling debts, back then, he was just fifteen, he’d robbed a casino, betel nut stands, with his friends, to help his mother paid up her debts.

In 2006, Yong was arrested, and sentenced to eight years in juvenile hall, he was sent, to Mingyang Middle School Juvenile Hall in Kaohsiung, and he’d hated his mother, for not giving him a complete family, started getting into fights every single day, and was sent to isolation so many times.  Until three years later, he’d gotten an express mail, stating that his mother died, then, he felt that his life is a total blank.

And the only connection with the world for Yong was gone now, he couldn’t even sleep at night; he’d set himself free for half a year, later, he’d learned to dance, learned Chigong, and guitar too, and took an interests in these activities; Yong had taken the advice of his school instructors, in the three years’ time, he’d managed to read the complete over thirty thousand volumes of books in the library, from a “regular” in the isolation rooms, to the head of his class.

After Yong was released from “prison”, whenever he’d gone to the juvenile detention halls to perform or to lecture, he’d always shared his story with those younger generation, he’d asked everybody what kind of a life they’d wanted for themselves?  Whether or not they’d wanted to end back in jails again, to be separated from their loved ones, to miss out on their children’s growths…………

And so, this man, used his own experiences, to help try to reform those who were just like him when he was younger, and he’d turned his own life around, and, books had played an important role, because they’d encouraged him to do good, to be better, to improve himself as much as he can.










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