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After He’d Had His Coffee, the Doctoral Student from Politics University Jumped from the Sixteenth Floor

I wonder, WHAT, is it, that made this doctoral student take that final leap to his own death…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A doctoral student, Huang went to the Multiple Usage building of Politics University alone at the noon hours, went up to the sixteenth floor, wandered on for a short bit, then, took the leap, to his death; back then, when the members of the public found him lying on the ground, they’d immediately notified the police, and, after the fire department had rushed him to the hospital, he’d still died.  The doctoral student didn’t leave a note, and the family didn’t want to pursue the matter any further, after the D.A. and the coroner examined the body, they’d returned the body back to the family.

The manager of the student affairs of Political University, Ko last night stated, that the doctoral student, Huang had just passed his qualifying exam, the results were not yet posted, and he didn’t show any abnormal behaviors either, behaved normally regularly, and didn’t leave a note, was without any medical records of being treated for mental illnesses, that they couldn’t know, if his death was a suicide or an accident; the school found Huang’s documents by the window of the 16th floor of the building, and, the window can only be pushed outward, to a thirty-degree angle, and you must work hard, to squeeze through it, to get out of it, so, chances of him wanting to catch the views then accidentally fall to his death was quite unlikely.

The doctoral student Huang (age 38) had worked for the media from before, entered into the party affiliated positions this year, he was married last year, his wife was also working on her doctorate in Political University.  Yesterday, as Huang’s mother and his wife heard the news of his death, they both shook in disbelief, they’d cried so hard.  Huang’s mother told the D.A., that Huang had just passed his doctoral exam, and they were just discussing where they’re going to celebrate the occasion, that he and his wife are getting along very well, with no pressures of the economics, that there’s NO signs of him being suicidal.

Because Huang didn’t leave a note, the investigative officers asked the families if they could provide the passcodes for his cell phone, so they could clarify the reasons of his suicide; both the mother and the wife said it wasn’t necessary, that they have NO comment toward the cause of death.  After the officers learned of the families’ wishes, they’d returned Huang’s things and his body, and his cell phone, back to his families.

Based off of understanding, yesterday at around eleven in the morning, Huang had a cup of coffee, as he’d climbed up to the sixteenth floor of the multiple activities building, he’d wandered for a short bit, after he’d finished his coffee, left his wallet, with just his student I.D., the coffee, and his cell phone, climbed out the window, and, jumped to his death.  Shortly after he hit the ground, the members of the public who were out for a stroll close to the school saw, and immediately called it in, as the paramedics got to the scene, he was already dead, and, after an hour’s worth of emergency resuscitation, he was pronounced dead.

So, we can only speculate WHAT, had caused this doctoral student to commit suicide, but, nobody can and will be able to know for sure, because the only one who can answer those questions is already gone.

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