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A Sixth Grade Boy Fell Out of a Thirteenth Story Window and Died, His Five Playmates Were Too Shocked to Describe to the Police Exact What Had Happened

You’d think that kids at THAT age would know better, right???  WRONG!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixth grade boy last night, fell from the thirteenth floor, the TOPMOST level of his home, to his death, the police investigated and found that he was playing with his five other classmates, and, afterwards, the five classmates were too dumbfounded to tell the police WHY their friend had fallen off.  The police already reported this, and are now, checking into exactly W-H-Y he’d fallen off.

The subprecinct in Taoyuan investigated that yesterday at 5:40 in the afternoon, the fire departments got a call, that there was a boy, lying, on the pavement in front of his building; as the firefighters arrived at the scene, the little boy had NO sign of life, and, after they’d rushed him to the hospitals, he was already gone.

The security guard looking over the building told the firefighters, that the little boy who’d died was NOT a resident, the patrol officers had found five other little boys at the topmost floor, and found that the one who fell off was their classmate, that they were horse-playing together, but the five kids couldn’t stop shaking, and couldn’t tell exactly how the tragic accident had occurred.

The police notified the child’s parents, and after the parents heard, they’d rushed to the hospital, and found, that their son was JUST at his friend’s house playing, and now, he’s a DEAD body, they were too emotionally distraught, and couldn’t accept it, kept asking, “What the HELL happened?”, hoping that the police can get to the cause of their son’s death.

The police pointed out, that they’d already taken the other little boys into the precinct for questioning, and had called their legal guardians or their parents, but the five kids all told that they’re “unclear of what’d happened”, or that they “didn’t see anything.”

The preliminary inquiries found, that the boy who’d fallen off is around 4’6, and that the wall was just a little BIT shorter, and that it could be possible, that he might’ve flipped over the walls, while horse playing.

And so, these boys are still OLDER, and, it was still, JUST an accident, after all, parents still can’t keep TABS on their children 24/7, and plus, the parents had to work, and, so, NO supervisions, that, is why and HOW this had occurred, and yeah, it could’ve been avoided, but why wasn’t it???

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