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Helping Me Through the Empty Nest

What we need, is a pinch of hobbies, a dash of interest classes, and, hanging out with friends, that should take care of it!!!  Translated…

As I closed in on sixty, I was about to start to enjoy a life of leisure when the three men of my house in a year’s time, “separated” from me, and all of a sudden, I became a person, living all alone on my own.

My husband got transferred elsewhere to work, my eldest son went to Japan as a foreign exchange student, my younger son went to the middle strips to study, and I’m starting to panic, facing this empty house, with nobody ELSE but me, and, the happiest time of my day is having webcam conference with these three favorite men of my life.

Day after day, life got harder and harder for me.  On a certain holiday, my husband who loved to read returned back north, he checked out a few books by well-known essayists, and a book named, “Essays Writing Classroom”, wanted me to read them, and encouraged me to better my writing skills, to pick up my pen once more.

After my two sons were born, I’d focused wholeheartedly on raising them, and passed the day in the busyness.  Even though, in the year 1991, the two essays I’d sent in got published, but ever since, I’d hung up my pen.

In this past year, in order to get rid of my blues and helping me pass the time, I’d read the United Daily News on a day to day basis.  And when I felt like it, I’d written on matters I’d read up on.  And, from time to time, I’d cooked with the instructions of the cookbooks, and share it with my friends and relatives, it’d boosted my level of confidence, as I’d gotten commends from them.  And now, when inspirations hit me, I’d pick up my pen and start writing, and from before I was a retard when it came to computers, I can now, send in my articles via the web.  And I’m no longer blue all day long, now, I’m living a fulfilled life.

Last year, two of my articles got published by the United Daily News, and my long-time-no-see college classmate had even made a call to congratulate me, it’d boosted my self-confidence even more.  Reading, writing and submitting my articles to the papers had helped me pass the lonely time of my empty nest.

So, you just needed a H-O-B-B-Y, to help you with all the time you have on your hands, and, once you got into doing whatever it is you “picked up”, you’ll find that the days would FLY right by, as compared to before when you’re watching the clock, and, each and every second seemed to tick-tocked away, even more slowly…

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