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On of the Last, to Get Onboard

She was, one of the last, to get onboard, out of that town, that she was born in, and then, some arsonist set that huge fire, and burned down the town, as the trains took me away.

One of the last, to get onboard, that, is what had happened, we all rushed away, fighting, to get that one last spot available, on that train, out of town, because the railways won’t come through here again!

One of the last, to get onboard, I’d become, and, as I boarded the flight, a million things are going through my mind, and, everything became too jumbled up, and I just couldn’t see things clear, through the tears that are falling from my eyes, and, the strange thing is, I don’t even feel sad, and so, why am I crying???

One of the last, to get onboard, you were, I stood on the platform, as you left me behind, to chase your dreams, you told me you’d come back some day, but I knew, that it is not true, that you will NOT keep your promise………

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His Death Became a Circus Scene

WELCOME, to this WEIRD kind of C-I-R-C-U-S!!!

Today, we’re gathered together, to MOURN of the loss (yeah, that’s what you think!!!)…

His death became a circus scene, there’s NO dignity, or anything that’s stereotypical of how a normal funeral should BE.  His death became a circus scene, first ones that came out into the center of the ring (the circus???) was his wife and his two kids, followed by HIS whore and HIS illegit, they’re ALL after a HUGE piece of the “pie” he’d left behind, the INHERITANCE, and because he didn’t draft up a living will, and so, everything gets divided now, in the court of law.

His death became a circus scene, except that you can’t hear any children laughing happily, as those clowns tripped on their own feet and fell FLAT on their faces.  His death became a circus scene, and, there’s absolutely NO dignity left, in his final rite of passage at all…

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