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Being Old & Useless??? Not According to the Younger Generations

Problem with Generativity vs. Stagnation, anyone???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The elderly often feel, that they’re “old & useless”, and that, is actually a stereotype.  The most recent survey done by the National Health Agency showed, that compared to the younger generations, the elderly would have the negative preconceived notions of “elderly and frail, without ability to work, becoming the burdens of society”, along with other negative beliefs.

The Citizens’ Health Organization posted the results of the “Factors for Dangerous Behaviors Survey”, and it’d shown that the younger generation who were surveyed don’t believe the elderly are stereotyped because of their age.

The survey found, that sixty-five year olds and older scored higher in the three categories of “Elderly and Frail”, “Becoming a Burden to Children and Society”, and “Elderly Can’t Find Work”, compared to people younger than sixty-five years of age.  Especially the members of the age group from nineteen to twenty-five agreed that “elderly can resolve their own problems” more, and, the sixty-five and older group had scored low.

The director of the National Health Agency, Chiu said, that the younger generations in Taiwan are very supportive of elderly people, “the elderly MUST be brave and reach their hands out to the society too.”, to participate in socialization.

The eighty-five year old retired colonel, Wang, attended the gathering that showed the findings.  Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with depression too, back then, his mother had passed on, his wife and child had a car crash, his wife hurt her spine, and his son had passed away, he was almost beaten by all of these bad things that happened in his life.

“Don’t stay at home all day long to stare at the television or the ceilings and the walls, you MUST step outside.”, Wang, as someone who’d been there, consoled with the elderly population, and because of the community service group of Passing on the Love, he’d finally, slowly, walked out of the gloom; and had used his talent of reciting rhymes, attended the “grandpa, grandma energy shows”, and became a spokesperson of actively aging.

The WHO advocated active aging, Chiu stated that last year, there were over two thousand energy teams, and a TOTAL of over eighty thousand elderly who were involved in the activities, and the leaders of the communities are all younger generations, and this became a cross-generation activity; and plus, elderly who had been diagnosed with long-term illnesses who can attend the functions, will get better more quickly and easily too.

And so, this, is how important it is, to REMAIN active, especially in old age, but, as those elderly people see themselves as “I’m too old”, and, “what’s the USE of learning all of this?  I’m never going to use it in life”, etc., etc., etc., that, was what’s barring them from enjoying their elderly years to the fullest extent.

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