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Deaf Ears

Trapped, in the Cycle of Abuse

Teela Hart

Crying Crying

I called to wish you a happy birthday today and the words “I love you” fell on deaf ears.

The bruises I took for you.

The rants I endured for you.

The hundreds of times I defended you.

The hours I held your hand when you gave birth to your son; my grandson.

The hours I spent defending the hateful accusations hurled at you.

The agony I feel as he plays his games with you.

The pain in my heart will never leave me

Until I hear “I love you too”

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I’ll Take You Out……a Volunteer Raped Thirty Young Men

Bad behaviors, gaining someone’s trust, then, you’d RAPED them?  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A thirty-two year old male, Jeng, worked as a social worker once, and had used his times for home visits to offer the young men room and board, then, lured the youths to have sex with him, the D.A. in Hsinchu used the fact that Jeng may be a repeated offender, to ask the courts for custody, which was granted, and they’re looking deep into the stories.

Jeng claimed, that back in high school, he was raped by his girlfriend’s older brother, and ever since, he’d developed a strong and consistent interest in people of the same gender; but the D.A. still needed to verify the facts of his claims.

The D.A. investigations found, that Jeng used his opportunity as volunteer, and gotten to know a LOT of youths whose families don’t function properly, “picked” the young men he liked, and then, he’d called himself a “big brother”, offered them room and board, and had even taken the youths out to travel, then to have sex with them, along with taking down sexually illicit photographs, and threatened them not to tell.

The D.A. stated, that Jeng had been doing this for five years, until mid-August, a victim was transferred to a correctional facility, and disclosed how he was raped by Jeng, and the court appointed guardian notified the youth and women’s specialist squad, and that, was how the whole thing blew open.

The police originally thought, that there were only just four to five victims, after arresting Jeng, Jeng believed, that “Nobody will rat on me”, after the police returned the evidence he’d tried to destroy on his computer, they’d discovered that there were more than TEN different youths, and found each and every last one of them, and confirmed that there were over thirty victims.

Based off of understanding, Jeng used the name of being a “protector”, when the victims ran from the schools, Jeng had even told the school officials, that “I’ll find them back”, to lower the suspicions of the school officials.  Jeng had even told the victims, “Sex is okay with different genders, but, when there are no girls, boys will do too.”

A victim told the police, that Jeng had told him, “You must have sex with me, to become my younger brother”, there were victims who thought that Jeng’s behaviors were SICK, and there are victims who thought that it wasn’t a “big deal”, and they’d shown deranged beliefs already.

And so, we still MUST keep a STRICT background check on people who work with children, don’t we?  But, do we?  Really, have the time, to sort through the history of ALL the applicants for volunteers?  Naturally N-O-T, and besides, we hold the assumptions (which still turns us ALL into ASSholes!!!) that those who offered to assist have a good heart, when it isn’t necessarily so.

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A Woman Responsible for Operating a Halfway House Was Found to Abuse Children

What’s that again?  Oh, it’s H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y, calling my name out loud!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The branch manager of “Taiwan Shi-an Mountain Hope Association”, Chou, was suspected of having beaten up two young boys she took in a total of nine times, causing them to have multiple contusions on their bodies, the district attorney’s office in Taoyuan had prosecuted her, and suggested to the judge to give her a harsher punishment.

The forty-seven year old Chao, three years ago, set up the foundation, to call for shelters for the families, and called out to single mothers from broken homes, to become family units together, she’d disclosed that she was a victim of domestic violence when she was growing up, and now, she was indicted for charges of domestic violence.

Chao went public to the press yesterday, said, “My name had been blackened”, claimed that the little boy’s wounds, his bruises and bumps, were caused by another boy, hitting him with a wooden stick, after she’d told the social services, the social workers placed the child who hit the other boy, “Said that I’d hit him with a wooden bat, it was very distraught and I’m really unhappy about it”, she will work hard, to prove her innocence.

The domestic violence prevention center in Taoyuan said, that the foundation was NOT a shelter program approved by the government, that the people there are single parents, who brought their kids, after the child abuse case, the social services already placed the children elsewhere, hoping, that they will get returned to their families of origin.

The indictment stated, that the little boy who was beaten up was disabled, after the parents divorced, the father handed him over to Chaio to look after and to discipline.

Last year in May, the special ed teacher in his elementary school noticed how the child’s arms swelled up, that there are bruises over his face, along with his limbs, after the instructor learned of the reasons, she’d called the social services.

On April eight of this year, there was another boy, who was under Chiao’s custody that was found to have been beaten with a wooden bat on the back, and the social services was once again, called, and this little boy too, had parents who divorced, and the mother handed him over to Chiao.

As the D.A. investigated, Chiao denied having beaten anybody with a wooden bat.  The doctor who did the examinations testified, that the boys’ bodily injuries should’ve been caused by thin strips of sorts, unlike bumping into the walls.  The D.A. prosecuted Chiao based off of damages, and, because there had been nine separate cases, the D.A. had asked the courts to punish her more severely, based off of the Children and Teens protect act.

The Shi-An Mountain Hope Association’s neighbors didn’t know what the organization was about, and their impressions of Chiao was that “she was easy going, very religious, and would head to churches for the Sunday sermons”.

And so here, we still have a wolf in sheep’s skin, and, because this woman was abused when she was growing up, she set up the foundation, to help those who had been hurt like she did, but, she’d still passed the abuse she received down to those under her watch, another H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E we have here!!!

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