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Lived in a World of Her Nightmares

She had, lived in a world of her nightmares, and, she’s surrounded by those nightmares, 24/7, and, even when she pinched herself until she bruised, she still couldn’t wake UP!

Lived in a world of her nightmares, I had, because she’d had it hard as a child, she’d passed that SHIT she’d lived through, onto me, her child, and, she would always kiss the bruises that her nightmares gave to me too.  Lived in a world of her nightmares, that, was how I was raised up, and, I’d heard nothing BUT those silent screams, you know, the very high-pitched, screeching sounds of pain?

Lived in a world of her nightmares, I will continue to, until she dies, then, I’m finally free, and, chances will be, that I will, pass this world of nightmares that I’d got, down to my own offspring, because although I realized that this, was NOT the right way to raise someone up, I had NO idea of how to make changes, so the same things don’t happen to my own offspring.

Lived in a world of her nightmares, we were all made to, and, she didn’t even know, that her nightmares, had become ours.  Up to the moment she died, she still doesn’t realize what she’d done to us was wrong, but, we do, and, we vowed, to NEVER put our own young through what she’d put us, her young through.

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