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My Father Who’s Demented Still Remembered His Specialties


A car wreck, had, caused my father to lose his memories, forgot whether or not he’d eaten yet, forgot whether or not he’d slept at night or not, forgot who his families were.  It was, as if, someone had taken an eraser, and wiped everything from his life, the only thing that he’d still remembered, was a martial arts set of moves that he’d picked up when he was younger, and, he’d performed it at the house, daily.

Based off of what he’d told us when he was still alive, he’d learned his specialty martial arts during the war times when Japan took over Taiwan, back then, he was sent, to dig the trenches in the warzones, he’d bent all day long, and, dug up trenches, after trenches, the life back then was extremely boring, a group of them, young and energetic men, in order to spend some of their energies, started practicing martial arts, to stretch out their legs and arms, and my father had, made up a set of martial arts routine on his own, when he’d fought for practice with his pals, nobody could beat him.

Afterwards, the Japanese lost, my father took off his armor, and returned back home, as the eldest, he’d chosen to take up farming.  With his specialties, when he had the spare time, he’d still loved, practice his fighting techniques with his friends, when the local gangsters challenged him, they’d gotten beaten and run away scatter.

Back then, my father’s fighting abilities had gained him a ton of applauses in front of his cohort who were mostly farmers, but, in my grandfather’s eyes, being able to do this is absolutely nothing at all, and, as we, the children watched him practice the moves, we’d felt ashamed, fearing that others might think that he was stupid.

Until after he was diagnosed with dementia, did we start looking at his martial arts seriously.  Turns out, he didn’t do nothing in his life at all, the only thing he can show off was his made-up, specialty martial arts fighting techniques, he couldn’t even forget it.  At this time, we’d all watch him perform, because only through this, can we get, our father back, in his most real state of mind and being.

And so, even AS someone becomes demented, some things still STUCK, like for this man, his made-up fighting moves, and, that, is quite normal, because the things that the elderly recalled after dementia sets in are all significant to her/him, and, it may look like some unimportant matter in someone else’s views, but, because the things remembered had played such an important role in the person’s life, how can the person forget it?

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