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Toward the End

This, IS the FINAL stage!!!

Toward the end, you were too ill, you were too drugged, because you needed the medicines, to kill the pains from your cancer, and, you were sleeping, ALL the time…

Toward the end, you still have NO right to C-H-O-O-S-E, HOW you will “go”, after all, it is still, NOT up to you to decide, it’s all in fate’s hands now.  Toward the end, but H-O-W?  How can we “reach” the end so quickly?  Toward the end, if you’re still NOT ready to deal, BOO-HOO-HOO for you, as time, had been “cut” short, and, you just got NO more time.

Toward the end, there’s NOTHING you can do, to lessen the impact of death on your lives.  Toward the end, did you get everything “in” before you die?  Did you make ALL the wrongs you’d done right, best as you could again?  If so, congrats, on NOT leaving A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G behind, if not, that’s WAY too B-A-D.  As the “buzzer” just went OFF on your life!!!









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